Chapter 63: Person Coming Out of the Ancient Well

Dragon Lake spanning three thousand miles, white jade represents the Yin Gou!

The iron order on Dongfang Jingyue’s waist was made from refined royal jade and carved into a silver hook, proving her noble identity. As long as she carried this order around Violet Firmament Ancient City, all cultivators would have to kneel down to greet her.

Even the heaven-defying geniuses of the big families or elders and protectors were no exceptions!

This was the power of the Yin Gou Clan, one of the four grand families of the Jin Dynasty. In their eyes, a big clan like the Feng Clan could only be considered a local lord.

Although Feng Zhizi’s age had exceeded 60, because he practiced a particular cultivation method, he seemed younger than other practitioners at the same age — who had white hair and a face covered with ravines.

However, his body appeared to be very strong, just like a young military general.

Feng Feiyun, seeing his grandpa limping over, initially made him want to help the old man, but at this moment, there were also two other middle-aged men with him; they were both half-kneeling on the ground.


All three of them were kneeling on one knee and they respectfully clapped their hands together:

“The three protectors of the Feng Clan respectfully greet Grand Character from the Yin Gou Clan; we beseech you to help us escape from this place.”

The three were all seniors from the Feng Clan, but at this moment, they were half-kneeling before Dongfang Jingyue with a very reverent expression.

Feng Feiyun wanted to help Feng Zhizi, but seeing his grandpa kneeling… If he walked forward, wouldn’t it be Feng Zhizi kneeling right in front of him?

This lack of filial piety, Feng Feiyun naturally couldn’t do.

Dongfang Jingyue was already deeply wounded so she essentially didn’t care for this sort of thing, but after hearing that these three were seniors from the Feng Clan, she suddenly became interested. These are the Feng elders, ah! Interesting, very interesting, hahaha!

“Dongfang Jingyue, you dare to accept their reverence? Are you not afraid of shortening your lifespan? Hurry up and tell the three seniors to stand up!”

Feng Feiyun gravely said.

Dongfang Jingyue smilingly replied:

“They’re just some small characters from the Feng Clan, why would I not dare to accept?”

Her mind was very meticulous and saw Feng Feiyun’s strange expression, so she said:

“Feng Feiyun, why are you so worked up? Maybe…”

“Not maybe anything!”

Feng Feiyun said.

Dongfang Jingyue removed the silver Yin Gou order from her waist and held it in her hand, like a supreme ruler of this world, and raised her voice:

“Three protectors from the Feng Clan, hear my order: this junior, Feng Feiyun of the Feng’s fifth generation, saw this seat yet he didn’t kneel down, what offense is this?”

Feng Feiyun didn’t expect this damned grandma Dongfang Jingyue to resort to this method. If these were different seniors from the Feng Clan then he definitely wouldn’t care, but this time, one of the three was his grandpa. Could he only lay down his hands and await his own death from her teasing?

“Feng Feiyun?”

Feng Zhizi lifted his head and glanced again, then he saw that the person standing behind Dongfang Jingyue was his blood grandson, Feng Feiyun.

Not mentioning the crimes this little bastard committed at Spirit State City — with the power of the Feng Clan, they could completely take care of it — but today, if he offended a grand character from the Yin Gou Clan, if this wasn’t taken care of in a satisfactory manner, then the whole Feng Clan could be negatively impacted.

“Evil creature, hurry and kneel down and pay your respects to the grand character of the Yin Gou Clan.”

Feng Zhizi loudly yelled with an expression filled with anger.

On the other hand, the other two protectors were two extremely powerful experts of the Feng’s fourth generation; they were also uncles of Feng Feiyun. At this time, they were also quite frightened. If the grand character of the Yin Gou Clan, because of Feng Feiyun, would also punish the clan, then the consequences would be disastrous.

If they didn’t tread carefully, they risk the calamity of a clan’s annihilation!

Feng Feiyun naturally wouldn’t kneel down, and he said:

“Grandpa, stand up, the Yin Gou Clan isn’t anything special. I only kneel down to the heavens and to elders, I will never kneel in front of a woman.”


Feng Zhizi withdrew his gaze and turned to Dongfang Jingyue with a bow, then he quickly said:

“Respectable Fairy, my grandson does not know how to speak. I humbly ask you to let it go, and don’t be angry with him. Today, hand him over to me; I will definitely punish him heavily. If he didn’t lose a layer of skin, then his legs would be broken into three pieces. Today, I will definitely perform a grand gesture to you and make him kneel down in front and accept his faults.”

Even though Feng Zhizi was speaking very ruthlessly, he only wanted to keep Feng Feiyun’s life. If he had to hand Feng Feiyun over to the Yin Gou Clan, then his death would be without a doubt.

Flesh and blood’s love was thicker than water!


Dongfang Jingyue asked.

“Correct, this evil creature is the grandson of this old man. This old man has three sons, but only one grandson; I beg Immortal Fairy to spare him his life.”

Feng Zhizi said.

After hearing these words, Dongfang Jingyue was ecstatic. She was heavily wounded and at the moment, she had no way of suppressing Feng Feiyun. She didn’t expect the heaven to help her by bringing Feng Feiyun’s grandpa in front of her.

Feng Feiyun ah Feng Feiyun! I want to see whether you will behave and listen or not!

Dongfang Jingyue gestured her hands behind her back and stared at the surroundings, giving off an aura of a peerless expert, then she calmly said:

“Since the beginning of time, the wise teachings of the Jin Dynasty placed filial piety in first place, royalty to the emperor second, teachers and students were next, and then the Dao of husbands and wives was last. Feng Feiyun ah, you wouldn’t even listen to your grandfather’s words? Truly an unfilial grandson. I was going to spare your life but an unfilial person like you, how would you have the face to continue living in this world!”

Of course, Feng Feiyun clearly knew that Dongfang Jingyue didn’t really want him to die; at least, not before escaping this godly temple. These words were only for Feng Zhizi’s ears.

“Dongfang Jingyue, if you don’t stop, then do you think I wouldn’t tell everyone the matter of when you were corpse poisoned? If this matter got out, then it would definitely be more interesting compared to killing an unknown nobody such as myself.”

Feng Feiyun whispered next to her ear. The warm comforting breath caused her ear to gently shiver. Hearing Feng Feiyun’s threat, Dongfang Jingyue’s expression soured and her slender jade fingers tightly clenched — her killing intent ran strong.

Feng Feiyun was aware that she definitely wouldn’t make a move, so he smiled and said:

“Grandpa, and also uncles, all of you stand up. We are all part of one clan, ah! Jing Jing was spoiled when she was younger so she is very naughty — truly disobedient. Earlier, she only wanted to tease the three seniors a little bit, how could she actually let her future grandpa kneel down like this!”

Hearing Feng Feiyun call her “Jing Jing”, Dongfang Jingyue started shivering from anger.

Feng Zhizi and the others didn’t know heads from tails; what was actually happening here?

Feng Feiyun raised his voice, that carried a hint of menace, and told Dongfang Jingyue:

“Jing Jing, hurry and tell the three seniors to get up.”

Dongfang Jingyue’s five fingers were clenched even tighter, and even her teeth were grinding from anger. However, in the end, she couldn’t do anything except to compromise due to Feng Feiyun’s threat, and she said:

“The three seniors, please stand up. Earlier, it was truly just a little joke.”

At this moment, the three finally stood up and anxiously stared at Dongfang Jingyue and Feng Feiyun. They finally discovered some subtle things in this moment.

The grand character of the Yin Gou Clan was nested in Feng Feiyun’s chest, it was easy to tell that their relationship was very close. Could it be that this little brat, Feng Feiyun, was favored by the grand character of the Yin Gou Clan?

Feng Zhizi’s heart was ecstatic. If this was the truth, then Feng Feiyun’s future would be incalculable and even the Feng Clan would gain boundless benefits from this.

“What is the name of Immortal Fairy?”

Even though Feng Zhizi felt that Dongfang Jingyue’s status in the Yin Gou Clan was very high, he still wanted to find out the exact position, so he asked for her name.

“Dongfang Jingyue!”

Dongfang Jingyue mockingly said, aiming at Feng Feiyun.

After hearing this name, Feng Zhizi’s group was shocked and glanced at each other. Their expression became more and more respectful, and they almost fell down kneeling again on the ground.

“Oh, so it is the fourth young miss’ appearance. Please forgive us for the lack of courtesy.”

Feng Zhizi deeply bowed.


Dongfang Jingyue coldly snorted; it was easy to see her dismissive attitude.

The inside of the godly temple was dangerous and menacing, but the yellow muddy ancient well was quiet to the point of horror. There were no ancient monk corpses traveling towards this direction, or any signs of living beings. It seemed as if everything stayed far away from here.

Suddenly, the sound of a bell ringing came from a buddhist pagoda of a distant peak.


Even though the sound was very low, it painfully shook the eardrums. It was not any weaker than the power of the winds and thunders.

The menacing smoke from the ancient well began to come out even more. Even the normal eyes could see a strand of green smoke from the well, just like a corpse well.

However, at the moment, there was a strand of brilliant light within the green smoke. These lights escaped to the outside, just like a buddha or an immortal coming down to the mortal world, giving birth to a godly light that caused others to think that there was a spirit treasure inside the well.


A senior from the Feng Clan was injured and struck flying away because he was intensely staring at the well, becoming heavily injured in the process.

“You cannot stare at this well. Staring for a long time would result in being killed by the taboo existence inside.”

Feng Feiyun reminded.

At this moment, the bell rang a second time, coming from the far buddhist pagoda.


The buddhist bell sound was still low but enough to frighten the souls of people!

The yellow muddy well changed again. The smoke from inside was coming out even more fiercely and suddenly, a person wearing a white robe with disheveled hair slowly emerged from the well.

This weird scene caused Feng Feiyun and the others to take a few steps back in horror.

This person stood on the smoke curtain, standing on top of the ancient well. People could finally see that she was a magnificent woman that was unmatched in her generation. However, her pale expression scared others, as if there was no sign of life in her body.

Spirit auras were still radiating from her body. Even though she had died for several thousand years, her skin was still as bright as jade, as if she just got out from a goat milk bath.

Her hair was long like silk, accompanied by a country topping beauty. Her figure had a holy aura and wore a pure buddhist robe. She slightly lifted her head and looked at the light coming from the buddhist pagoda.

“Even though we have no opportunity to get to know each other, long beads of red lily, spider lily flowers!”

Her lips slightly opened, as if she remembered something, even with her lifeless body.

This was an immortal memory, it was as if she was unwilling to forget something. Even though she had died for many years, she still couldn’t forget the red spider lilies!

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