Chapter 629: Fifth-level Heaven’s Mandate

A bizarre noise came out from the coffin sounding like the devils’ howls in hell.

Feiyun on the other side felt a chill freezing his blood and bones after hearing the voice.

‘There’s… someone alive in this ancient coffin?’

He couldn’t move at all while being stuck to the coffin’s side. Everything seemed to be melting; his body seemed to be controlled by an invisible force. The Yama’s spine on his back released endless death energy from the marrows.

It turned his spine into a black dragon. A hoarse and dark scream came from the depth of the spine, causing the coffin to calm down.

Feiyun regained control of his body and could sense the powerful force coming from the spine earlier.

He felt that “Yama” should have been a peak Nirvana at best when the guy was alive. He no longer had this belief.

Prior to this, the power he borrowed from the spine only came from the very surface. The force just now from the marrows in the spine was monstrous. It only came out for a split second and receded like the tides.

Yama must have been an incredible master in the past. Though the body has been separated by the great powers, the person might not have died off completely. A string of aura has been hiding deep in the back.

However, Feiyun had no time to dwell on Yama’s identity. Being reckless earlier almost ended with him inside the coffin.

He dropped it on the ground. The gap was only the size of a finger.  A faint fog was still oozing out. One could see blood around the opening area with a severed pair of scaled claws.

The rest of the Corpse King was nowhere to be found.

‘The corpse got pulled inside already?’ Feiyun recalled the experience and carefully pushed the lid back in place before recalling the coffin into his spatial stone. He didn’t dare to open it again until he reached a certain level. Doing it too early would result in him being devoured as well.

This was an evil coffin, not something as simple as Wo Longsheng’s description. Perhaps a half-dead being was actually inside.

He swept his divine intents around and noticed Bu Tian escaping. The guy had made it to the surface, clearly frightened by the aura of the coffin earlier, and was fortunate enough to escape from being too far away.

Feiyun didn’t give chase. The guy was still a late-level half-step Giant who only ran away because of the coffin. Dealing with him was still difficult with Feiyun’s current cultivation.

“Let’s break through first.” Feiyun sat down in the meditative pose.

The weapon essence turned into a rain of swords surrounding him for protection. He held beast cores in both hands and focused on reaching the fifth level.

Meanwhile, Bu Tian finally made it out of the miasma and got on a cliff. He still couldn’t calm down.

Though he was very far away, he could still sense when that coffin opened. A massive power was dragging him in. If he hadn’t run away with full speed, he would be captured right now just like his Corpse King.

Everyone wanted to know the result of the fight so they gathered around Bu Tian.

“Young Noble, where is our clan’s lady right now?” Beiming Gong landed next to the guy, feeling very nervous.

Bu Tian obviously couldn’t say that she was caught in a rockslide started by him. He coldly replied instead: “Feiyun killed your lady.”

Everyone clamored after hearing this.

Beiming Gong’s expression changed: “Impossible. Our lady is a seventh-level Heaven’s Mandate while Feiyu is only at the fourth level. Even if he has the number one constitution in the world, he still can’t beat our lady.”

Bu Tian pointed at the changed in terrains near the cliff: “Feng Feiyun is treacherous and deceitful. He has trained in treasure-seeking skills, allowing him to change the momentum of the world. He led your lady into his trap and used these arts to collapse the underground rock ceiling, crushing her to death down there. Even my Corpse King was killed.”

Everyone believed Bu Tian so their expression shifted.

Feiyun could already kill a Giant and a Corpse King at the fourth level? That’s damn heaven-defying.

A few people nodded: “He’s treacherous instead, even the Beiming Clan Lord who is world-renowned for his strategies was killed by him. It makes sense that he can take down just one Giant.”

Bu Tian added: “There is a Violetsea Spirit Vein underground, he’s trying to break through using it right now. If he were to succeed and given his personality, no one will leave this place alive.”

“He will not!” Beiming Gong had an ugly grimace. He led a group of experts from the Beiming and climbed down the cliff.

Bu Tian smirked ever so slightly.

“There is really a Violetsea Spirit Vein down there?” A half-step asked.

“Yes.” Bu Tian replied.

More than ten figures jumped down after hearing this.


Meanwhile, purple energy erupted happily in the spirit vein. They gathered to form a maelstrom with Feiyun at the center. He almost reached full saturation in his dantian, only one step away from the next level.

Suddenly, a flying sword crossed through the ocean of energy in a blinding manner. This sharp force felt like a ferocious bird.

“Die, Feng Feiyun!” 

This was a crucial moment for Feiyun so he couldn’t go all out. He sent his Infinite Spirit Ring out instead.

The power of a third-ranked treasure erupted with five hovering diagrams. They turned into five vast worlds to stop the sword.

Beiming Gong arrived and grabbed his sword. He saw Feiyun meditating but not Consort Beiming. He sent out his sword again with triple the energy, penetrating one of the diagrams.

He was at the intermediate half-step level and was stronger than Bu Tian in terms of raw power.

Feiyun couldn’t change his seating pose and used energy to move himself back. He could only assign one strand of divine intent to control the ring.

There was no other way. He needed to gamble that he could break through before Beiming Gong makes it by his defense. At that point, he’ll reverse the situation completely.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!” Another ten members of the Beiming have arrived and began attacking Feiyun.

One sharp sword energy managed to get by the ring and grazed his neck, leaving a tiny wound.

This was due to Feiyun’s incredible physique. Otherwise, the sword energy could have decapitated him.

“It is really a Violetsea Spirit Vein, a very rare type. If this news were to spread, many big powers will come running.”

“This information will fetch a high price.”

More and more people were entering the spirit vein.

“Pluff! Pluff!” Two murderous rays killed these two cultivators; their heart pierced by an unknown item.

No one saw who did it.

Their death caused a panic. One cultivator said: “These two rays came from the voi-...”

This person couldn’t finish his sentence before another ray penetrated him as well, causing him to fall into the spirit vein.

They realized that this spirit vein already has a master, a true expert. They have learned something they shouldn’t and wouldn’t be able to leave this place alive so they were filled with regrets now.

Only the cultivators from the Beiming continued to attack Feiyun, pushing him into a corner.

“Go all out, kill him before he reaches the next level!” Beiming Gong had a ferocious expression.

Suddenly, a loud blast emanated from Feiyun. Energy shockwaves rushed out and only Beiming Gong could withstand it. The other members of the Beiming were blown away.

“Raaaaa!” Myriad beasts roared at the same time.

Beiming Gong only saw a purple gown flying straight for him. In the next second, his head exploded and blood gushed from his neck stump.

Feiyun threw his body away. At this moment, there was a purple ocean in his dantian with loud splashing waves.

He has reached the fifth level. His slightly devious eyes glanced around as he released ten thousand beast souls.

Each of them had a purple glow now and became even more ferocious. They killed the Beiming members in a split second and spat out mangled flesh everywhere.

He then recalled them back into his body and took a deep breath. He looked towards the collapsed area earlier, wondering about the consort’s fate.

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