Chapter 628: Violetcloud Spirit Vein

Feng Feiyun didn’t use these two garments before this because he was facing Bu Tian. He wanted to use the guy to stimulate his body to the limit in order to reach the door of the fifth level.

However, this was no longer the case. He was facing Divine Consort Beiming, an intermediate Giant.

After putting on the gown, Feiyun’s aura became ferocious. The runes on the gown traveled like divine doves and took up nine different positions. The cloak allowed him to disappear from sight as well.

“Where’s Feng Feiyun? I just saw him put on the Nine Doves Gown earlier. Is the Invisible Cloak also in his possession?”

“It makes sense because Nangong Hongyan is dead. It’s an incredible treasure. Even a Giant can’t spot him.”

Bu Tian and the consort had a serious expression. They activated their divine intents to the limit on top of taking out their soulbound artifact for protection, afraid of a sneak-attack.

Bu Tian called his Corpse King back and threw out dozens of talismans. They turned into rotten corpses and surrounded him.

“The spirit energy in this area is moving. Feiyun is clearly trying to break through so he’s absorbing a large amount of energy. I just need to find the vortex to get him.” The consort made a mudra with both hands and shot out a lightning bolt.

“Boom!” A tiny smoke manifested as a strand of hair was cut. This was Feiyun’s hair.

“That’s a Giant for you, such awareness.” Feiyun didn’t want to attack right away since he rather moves up a level first. After all, who knows when another good opportunity will happen? There was no way he would miss it.

He took out an essence pill and placed it in his mouth. He then took out a core of a spirit beast as well and crazily absorbed this energy. Next, he landed and moved towards the bottomless depth.

The core had pure and thick energy but it took too long to absorb. Using it alone would require three days of uninterrupted meditation.

He clearly couldn’t wait that long and the other two wouldn’t give him this much time either.

He had no choice but to use the Violetsea Spirit Vein underground. This would let him increase his absorption speed tenfold, so just several hours to reach the fifth level.

“He’s heading for the cliff.” The consort spotted the flow of energy and rushed for the bottom.

“You’re not getting away, Feng Feiyun!” Bu Tian jumped on his Corpse King and started the descend.

The cliff ten miles away from the inn was bottomless, shrouded by black miasma all year long. Normally, birds that were affected by this miasma would rot right away and fell to the ground.

Feiyun wasn’t afraid of it and made it to the bottom. Even the soil and stones here had a faint purple glow.

He didn’t stop and turned his weapon essence into a spear to drill down.

“Whoosh!” The consort made it here as well. The spiritual glow around her nullified the miasma.

“He’s going underground.” The consort didn’t hesitate at all. Two identical green swords flew out of her eyes. Both were spirit treasures.

She formed a sword seal and the two swords flew into the hole after Feiyun.

Bu Tian also landed safely. He spent his time around the cemeteries so this miasma didn’t do anything to him either.

“Go!” As a corpse controller, he had a great advantage underground. He knew many arts relating to this domain and could even control the corpses that have been down there for thousands of years to fight for him.

The mud became increasingly purple. After crossing another layer, Feiyun fell on an underground river. The spirit energy here was unique and fast-flowing.

“This Violetsea Vein is only one-tenth the size of the dragon vein back at the capital. It’s not even ten thousand miles long but this energy is flowing three times as fast in comparison.”

It was a strange type of spirit vein, quite rare as well.

Feiyun once speculated that there were nearly thirty spirit veins or so in Jin. They were taken by the top sects and clans, allowing these powers to prosper.

This type of spirit vein shouldn’t be here in Jin. Someone must have used a great technique to lead it here.

He finally found some clues about the mastermind while being here.

“Not bad, this Spirit Domain Inn is not simple at all. This is an incredible technique to hide the vein.” Feiyun flew around and tried to find a good spot to cultivate.

The other veins would have beasts inside but not this violet one. Someone has cleared them all, making this place very suitable for cultivation.

The sound of wind-breaking came from behind. The consort has caught up!

Despite being invisible, violet energy was still pouring towards him. The consort could easily find his hiding spot when she gets there.

Alas, he couldn’t stop the channeling since it would be given up on this opportunity. He needed to risk it all.

He put away the Invisible Cloak since it was useless right now - might as well fight in the open.

“Feng Feiyun, you’re not getting away today!” She looked like a black phantom floating on the spirit river.

“Don’t think I don’t know who you are, Consort Beiming. Take off your cloak!” Feiyun raised his spear; his hair fluttered with runes appearing on his face.

“Feiyun, if you know who I am, then you should know that you're not leaving alive.” The consort didn’t deny.

Feiyun opened all 360 meridians and continued his absorption. One could see the purple energy turning into 360 purple strands of mist and entering his body.

Feiyun said: “You’re too stubborn, Consort. Should have just play your role at the royal clan instead of rebelling. Now you’re a wanted criminal, was it worth it?”

She knew he was buying time.

“I will kill you!” She decisively shot out another lightning bolt.

He dodged, not wanting a direct confrontation. His speed was just a tiny sliver above her. However, Swift Samsara was agile and unpredictable. He navigated her torrential attacks like a leaf fluttering back and forth to the wind, expertly dodging each time.

She was a prime case of having big breasts and small brains, completely triggered by him and attacked without any plan.

Alas, the difference in cultivation was still too great so Feiyun got struck several times by the bolts. He would have been grievously wounded if it wasn’t for his garment.

Feiyun had a bad feeling about this whole thing because Bu Tian still hasn’t shown up. What was he doing?

Right in this split second, the area above the river collapsed at a rapid pace as if the sky was falling.

Feiyun’s awareness was exceptional and quickly shifted away the moment he felt this danger.

The consort wasn’t as lucky and got caught by the underground landslide. Her fate remained unknown.

‘What’s going on? This area is stabilized by a master so it shouldn’t collapse so easily.’ Feiyun looked up and became prudent. 

He noticed something was wrong again and leaped backward. Twenty miles of rocks above him collapsed once more.

The spirit vein wasn’t severed. It permeated through the cracks of the debris and started connecting once more.

‘A forbidden art changing the terrain from a corpse controller. Bu Tian is changing the makeup of the earth to cause these collapses.’ He continued moving around the veins as ten more areas collapsed.

His absorption speed only increased in the meantime. The central palace of his dantian has turned into a purple ocean, nearly reaching full saturation.

“Corpse King. go all out!”  Bu Tian on the upper side became anxious. He had the terrain advantage on top of being stronger than Feiyun by two full levels yet still couldn’t kill him right now. It would be impossible to do so after a breakthrough.

Feiyun put another essence pill in his mouth. The medicinal property coursed through his body and into his central palace as preparation. 

The corpse broke through the upper layer and lunged for him.

“Come in then!” Feiyun opened his eyes, revealing the flames inside. He summoned the yellow coffin and pushed the lid, creating a gap.

An ancient aura oozed out. The gap was boundless, looking like a universe of stars.

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