Chapter 627: Divine Consort Beiming

Outside of Spirit Domain was a mess, akin to a drop of water entering a hot pot of oil.

“So that’s Feng Feiyun, Feng Feiyun… this demon’s son has been gone for more a year… he’s back now.” A fat merchant’s eyes almost left their sockets.

The weaker cultivators were shocked. After all, Feiyun was too famous and his status was something else. Just being the current Divine King alone could scare many people.

On the other hand, the powerful ones had a different expression. Their eyes lit up while treating Feiyun like an immortal ore.

The ones in the inn were ferocious and courageous. As long as there were enough benefits, they could even attack the current empress of Jin.

Virtually everyone knew that Feiyun had a monstrous amount of money on him, more than enough to start a great sect.

“Looks like I’m about to be rich.” The five-meter-tall Jiang wearing leather laughed, revealing a large yellow tooth.

However, no one made a move and decided to wait instead. Two top experts were already fighting Feng Feiyun.

A fourth party could face opposition on all sides instead of gaining any benefit.

Feiyun flew towards the black sky on top of his winged elephant. 

The stars were bright tonight, allowing one to see the mountains and plains a hundred miles away.

Feiyun looked back at the woman in black and smiled: “This is a fight between me and Bu Tian. Outsiders shouldn’t get involved.”

The woman had an amazing figure. Even the loose robe couldn’t hide her sexiness at all. Her voice was extremely cold. Her pretty eyes flashed from the gap of her veil: “Feng Feiyun, we have an irreconcilable grievance. One of us will die tonight!”

She moved as fast as a phantom and crossed through the sky, instantly appearing in front of Feiyun.

Her snow-white hand stretched out of the black sleeve and formed a claw. Her fingernails were long and resembled five ghastly sabers.

Her aura was massive, almost rendering him out of breath.

Feiyun quickly retreated with his Swift Samsara and turned into a ray moving in a random pattern before leaping all the way up in the sky.

“Pluff!” The winged elephant bellowed since it was struck by the woman’s attack. Its long wings were severed as blood rained down.

Its gigantic body fell down a valley.

Both the winged elephant and the black wolf have cultivated for nine hundred years. They were the lords of this area but both were dead now.

The woman gave chase like a serpent demoness darting through the night. It didn’t take long before she caught up to Feiyun.

‘So fast, she must at least be at the intermediate Giant level on top of cultivating a high-grade scripture, surely stronger than Guo Dahai.’ Feiyun with his Swift Samsara was forty times faster than an ordinary fourth-level Heaven’s Mandate. However, he was only a little bit faster than the woman and couldn’t lose her.

He sensed something dangerous - a murderous art condensed by the woman as she placed her palms together.

A white ray resembling a heaven-splitting slash aimed straight for his head.

He changed his stepping pattern and abruptly shifted his body to dodge the fatal blow.

A lightning bolt erupted in front of him, creating a sea of currents destroying everything within a mile radius. The ground became scorched with smoke everywhere; the vegetation turned to black ashes.

This was the power of a Giant - truly frightening.

The woman was ready to kill. Her porcelain hands looked delicate and gentle. She made a palm and shot out thirteen lightning bolts.

They looked like they were thirteen lightning dragons, extremely powerful.

The spectators felt suffocated and thought the world was being torn asunder.

The air nearby has been absorbed and Feiyun lost control of his body. He was slightly surprised: ‘This is the royal clan’s supreme technique - Divine Lightning Seal. Why does she have this technique?’

Feiyun has seen it back at the royal sacred ground. This technique was created by a great sage from the royal clan.

Feiyun wasn’t an idiot and thought, ‘She’s Consort Beiming?’

He has thought of this possibility before since she was one of the few women who would risk it all to kill him.

Her father and son were both killed by him. This was definitely an irreconcilable feud. If it wasn’t for Feiyun, she would be the Empress Dowager, not Divine Consort Hua. How could she not hate him?

He wasn’t sure before because after Long Luofu took the throne, all of the previous emperor’s consorts were sent to the royal sacred ground with the exception of her mother. Divine Consort Beiming should have been one of them.

Why didn’t she go? The Beiming Clan has failed and was subjected to a death order from the government, but the consort wasn’t a target.

‘She dodged going to the royal sacred ground to get revenge on me?’

Feiyun’s eyes turned cold after confirming her identity. She hated him but he also hated the Beiming as well.

Long Shenya led Hongyan into the fire formation and killed her while he could only watch helplessly. That torture made him crazy so he swore to take down any member of the Beiming.

The mother must pay for her son’s crime!

‘You’re courting death by not escaping to the royal sacred ground.’ He put on the Nine Doves Gown and Invisible Cloak. His eyes turned red with evil runes surfacing on his face again.

His blood started boiling as he activated all 360 meridians to increase the rate of spirit absorption.

Rage could break through the last part of his bottleneck. This was the chance for him to reach the next level of cultivation.

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