Chapter 625: Stone Coffin

“It’s him.” Among the audience on the other side were members of the Beiming who have seen Feiyun back in the capital before.

They were sent here to talk about alliance-forming with the powerful tribes because the government was pursuing them.

Thus, they took the guise of a trader guild named Northern Water, specializing in fierce mounts.

They didn’t pay attention to Feiyun before until the battle on the other side started. That’s when they realized it was him.

The greatest feud existed between the two sides. After Beiming Moshou was killed, the clan suffered a fierce backlash from the government.

They have lost the political fight and became wanted. The glorious past was no more and they needed to hide in the shadows now - all of this was thanks to Feiyun.

There were two leaders in the guild. One was an old man looking around seventy years of age, gray hair but still youthful-looking. He had a sword with a dragon-shaped blade, looking like an immortal. His name was Beiming Gong, a member of the main branch. He was originally training in a sect but returned after hearing about the disaster at the clan.

The other member was dressed in black with her face hidden completely. Her identity was clearly a big deal and couldn’t be revealed. However, the loose cloak still couldn’t hide the curves. When the wind blew the cloak back, it fully outlined the tempting curves.

Beiming Gong was very respectful towards this mysterious person: “Lady, the purpose of this trip is to form an alliance with the Heaven Worship Division so we should avoid problems. There will be other chances to kill Feng Feiyun.”

“No! Feng Feiyun must die.” The woman’s voice filled with hatred and murderous intent, causing the cultivators nearby to sense a primal dread.

Beiming Gong also shut his mouth.

The mountains on the other side were shaking from the roars of beasts. One powerful beast knocked down a tree that has been growing for several hundred years.

This repeated several times as more beasts stampeded and flattened the mountains.

Feiyun used his Swift Samsara and turned into a meteor, crushing the corpse that was trying to climb out of the ground. Next, his thrust aimed straight for Bu Tian’s shoulder.

Bu Tian narrowed his eyes. His bell became larger and acted as s shield.

The collision made sparks fly everywhere along with a ringing noise. The spear pierced through the bell, causing a tiny, purple piece of crystal bronze of the yin affinity to fall down.

“So sharp!” Bu Tian quickly recalled his bell while backing off. He ordered the Corpse King to fight Feiyun.

“Raa!” The king had engraved runes on each piece of scales. It glowed like an unbeatable armor. Each palm strike released the force of seven dragon-tigers.

This was the power of a Giant.

Feiyun leaped one hundred meters into the sky and avoided the attacks before rushing down with meteoric speed.

His stomp crushed the peak below the king, issuing a massive blast.

Smoke and debris blinded the area as boulders rolled down the cliff. Numerous beasts and the old corpse earlier were destroyed as a result; their bodies were blown away.

The Corpse King had a sliver of intelligence and managed to dodge the stomp. It stood under the starlight with a yin aura. It lifted a rock taller than thirty meters and mustered its strength with a roar before throwing it at Feiyun.

It knew that Feiyun’s weapon essence couldn’t be touched for it was sharp enough to penetrate its scales. That’s why it chose to use a long-range attack.

“Boom!” Feiyun channeled his energy, resulting in a huge pit beneath him. He sprung into action with his hands ablaze, full of beast energy.

He thrust through the boulder then raised the spear up high for a vertical slash straight at the corpse.

It turned into a gigantic fiery hatchet, rough yet heavy. This power was truly shocking.

“Boom!” However, the corpse managed to block it with both hands.

The force of impact concentrated down on its feet, causing the area nearby to cave down by three meters. Cracks were everywhere.

This was the power of a Corpse King.

“Quite strong but it’s still too stiff, it must be a new one without ample battle experience.” The hatchet turned into a large saber and slipped off the corpse’s grip, making a clean connect on its head.

It kept on grinding down and made sparks splatter everywhere.

He broke through one layer of scales on the corpse’s forehead. A black miasma oozed out while the corpse spewed out a bloody sword, aiming straight for Feiyun’s heart.

He quickly retreated and turned the saber into a white shield to stop the sword. He violently trembled from the impact, feeling as if both of his arms were about to break while being pushed back, leaving two deep trails on the ground.

“Feng Feiyun, the power gap is too great. Your low cultivation can’t defeat the corpse despite wielding a great weapon.” Bu Tian landed next to the corpse king and placed a bloody talisman on its forehead to heal the wound.

The corpse’s aura intensified since it was angered by him. Its corpse energy erupted and materialized into black fog. It instantly shifted before Feiyun and clawed at his head.

“Raa!” An eight-meter-tall black wolf with sharp fangs swallowed the corpse whole before it could hit Feiyun.

This was a Gluttonous Wolf that has cultivated for nine hundred years, almost becoming a spirit beast. It was one of the lords in this area.

Jaws dropped to the ground after seeing this ferocious beast. The level of this battle exceeded their expectations. If this wolf were on this side, so many people would turn into meals.

Suddenly, the wolf howled in pain while bleeding. Its black fur slowly turned red.

“Boom!” The corpse broke out from the wolf’s head, still gnawing on a piece of bone. Its scales were standing up now with blood dripping down.

It went straight for him again and ripped off a portion of his sleeve on top of destroying the great willow tree behind them.

Feiyun landed on another tree and slightly frowned while looking at his tattered sleeve.

“Damn! That’s just an early Corpse King but so powerful already. Just how terrorizing would a real thing be?”

“Violetsea Corpse Cave is an ancient lineage with unfathomable roots. It has plenty of Corpse Kings, some that can match Enlightened Beings too.”

“No wonder why they are so arrogant and unbridled, wanting to take over the world.”

“I heard a great being there is scheming to use their ancient treasure to capture the Evil Woman, turning her into the ultimate corpse.”

“She is the strongest Corpse Evil that has appeared in the last few thousand years, that’s why all these caves want to capture her. They’ve been planning for a long time now.”

“They’re quite ambitious, but I guess one can’t predict them from a conventional perspective. Just one Corpse King can cause… wait, what’s going on, I feel a chill deep in my heart… it’s like something from hell…”

Everyone suddenly felt a chilling presence causing their scalp to tingle as if they have fallen into a glacier crack.

This extreme yin energy actually emanated from Feiyun and started spreading.

He was now holding a yellow-stone coffin in front of him. Who knows how old it was? Its outer layer has started cracking. Many of the engraved runes have become indistinct and illegible.

Even the Corpse King felt fear and staggered backward after seeing the coffin.

Feng Mo used a leg bone of Yama to trade for this coffin with Destruction Corpse Cave. This was an item representing their alliance. Feiyun hasn’t returned to the Feng yet to give it back.

Wo Longsheng told him that it is the coffin meant for tribal leaders back in the Stone Age. Inside buried an Enlightened Being, but because so much time has passed, even this corpse has turned into nothingness.

Nevertheless, it contained a mysterious power on top of this Enlightened Being’s remnant laws and dao.

Feiyun believed that Feng Mo wanted to use this coffin to suppress the Evil Woman in order to unify Grand Southern Prefecture.

If he were to be right, then it shows the coffin's ability to suppress Corpse Evils. If the Evil Woman herself could be affected, then this new Corpse King would be no problem.

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