Chapter 624: Violetcloud Spirit Vein

Spirit Domain Inn had this name because it resembled a stone forest shrouded in fog. Its exact size and number of buildings remained unknown.

A palace full of flowers floated ten meters above a peak. Guo Dahai climbed a stairway through the fog into this palace.

This was his first time here. The density of spirit energy right now far exceeded any place he has been to in the past.

‘This must be the depth of the inn, even money can’t get you in.’ Guo Dahai was nervous and excited. The image of an unrestrained beauty appeared in his mind. She looked just like an immortal.

More than one hundred years ago, Dahai entered Endless Land to find a legendary location from six thousand years ago - Myriad Demon Valley. 

Rumor has it that an unreasonably strong demon tribe used to stay here. After the demons were pushed away from Jin, both the valley and the treasures of the tribe sank underground.

Some said that a master in Bronze Cauldron Mountain once saw a valley full of demon corpses along with a dazzling glow of treasures. Spirit treasures were flying around. A pair of eyes from a great demon turned into a moon and sun floating in there.

Guo Dahai was tempted by these legends and led a group of experts into Bronze Cauldron Mountain, a part of Endless Land. Unfortunately, they didn’t even make it halfway to the mythical treasure before nearly being educated by wild beasts in the region.

Dahai shouldn’t have been able to escape. During his moment of despair, the boss of Spirit Domain Inn appeared. She had a white fox-fur coat contrasting with her black hair. Not a speck of dust could be found on her. She landed like an immortal from above.

Strangely enough, the ferocious beasts retreated at the first sight of her as they were her pets.

He followed far behind her; that’s how he was able to escape.

After reaching the inn, he asked the “worker” there and found out that she was the boss of the inn - Yaoyao.

From then on, he would spend one night at the inn during the last day of the month. He ordered his soldiers to protect the inn, not allowing anyone to cause trouble.

“Gou, gou!” A white Pekinese lying on a red flower bed barked at Guo Dahai.

“Divine Commander, you are quite stubborn. It has been 120 years yet you are still keeping it up, spending one hundred spirit stones each month. I’m afraid your entire life saving is spent here.” A young and enchanting voice came from the fog.

Dahai had an awkward expression: “Not to mention my wealth, I don’t even mind using my life to pay the debt.”

“There is something I’m not clear about…” She spoke with a curious voice.

“If it is something I know, I will let you know.” He became afraid.

“Haha.” The girl’s smile was full of temptation: “Divine Commander, why does a hero like you lower your head before that one youth? Who is he?”

This was the reason why the boss called for him. 

Dahai knew that she was talking about Feng Feiyun. This woman had amazing cultivation so she could see what was going on outside. Her curiosity got the best of her.

However, Feiyun’s identity needed to be kept a secret too. This put him in a tough position.

“Sure, I can tell you, Yaoyao. Just please, do not tell anyone else.” He decided.

“Of course.”

He heaved a sigh of relief: “The truth is that he is the son of the demon, Feng Feiyun, the current Divine King.”

“I see.” She found satisfaction in the answer. After a moment of silence, she said: “Attendant, take the Divine Commander out and make sure to give him a good bottle of wine, free of charge.”


A Corpse King posed by the black mountain range, filled with scales from top to bottom with many rotten spots by its mouth. It roared and spewed out a fetid stench. The trees and grass nearby withered at a visible pace.

Feiyun was still ascending on the path filled with leaves. The cold wind made them fly everywhere, spreading a wooden smell. His hair fluttered as well, allowing others to see his cold expression clearly.

He stopped and looked at the starry sky. His body slightly shook before he appeared again on top of a large bluestone boulder.

“Ra!” The beasts inside him roared in unison - dragon, phoenix, lion, leopard, bull, serpent…

They echoed for hundreds of miles, naturally more intimidating than a wolf’s howl.

Even the clouds were pushed away in the sky so the stars could shine clearer. They looked like gems carved on a black canvass, illuminating the area with a shiny layer.

After the roars, noises emanated from the primal thickets. Numerous beasts were running over and incited chaos.

“Rumble!” The noises intensified at a rapid pace as if an army was approaching.

A gigantic wolf with black fur and a ferocious look arrived. A great elephant with wings spanning for dozens of meters flew over from the horizon. One could see it from ten miles away.

Feiyun stood there facing Bu Tian who was standing on another peak.

More and more creatures gathered behind Feiyun. Their green eyes glowed in the night, instilling fear into the spectators.

“You have a Corpse King, I have my beasts. Winner takes all; loser becomes a corpse. I hope this will be the end of your sect’s feud with me.” Feiyun calmly said while taking out his weapon essence.

It turned into an old-styled spear with a white luster - definitely a tool of death.

“This feud won’t end until you die.” Bu Tian held a purple bell while nether winds coiled around him.

A skeletal hand crawled out of the ground, seemingly a creature from hell.

In this split second when the earth cracked, a strange fluctuation came from beneath.

Feiyun closed his eyes and focused to sense the beat of the earth. He found that there was actually a Violetcloud Spirit Vein hiding deep beneath. A great expert has purposely shrouded its presence so Feiyun couldn’t sense it earlier.

But now, Bu Tian called out this old corpse from the ground. It carried a strand of violet energy so Feiyun figured it out.

‘Very well, I’ll use him to reach the fifth level.’ He was at the peak of the fourth level after refining Tan Qingsu’s Buddhist energy.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have a chance to break through until now. The special spirit vein beneath on top of using Heavenly Core Pills would be enough.

“Let’s go!” His battle intent surged as 10,000 beasts soul left his body and formed a unique domain, filling up the entire sky.

He raised his spear and rushed forward.

The actual beasts behind him also roared and raised their fangs, following his march. They trampled through the trees like an all-destroying flood.

This scene was truly shocking.

The merchants and cultivators on the other side of the cliff were astounded by this flood of beasts. The ground kept on shaking with cracks everywhere.

“Just one roar of his could summon these beasts? Is he a powerful beast master?”

“No way. To be able to summon that Gluttonous Wolf and Nightvalley Elephant? Only the ten supremes of Beastmaster can do it. Plus, look, even the non-cultivating wild beasts are under his control. Less than five people in Jin are capable of this.”

“Well, some can easily control both intelligent and wild beasts, but not this easily, and not in this huge quantity either. I feel as if he’s a ... king of beasts.”

The regular merchants and weak martial artists only saw the surface.

The stronger masters could actually see the beast souls coming out of his body. They instantly knew who he was right away.

“So this is the demon’s son. No wonder why Guo Dahai was so respectful towards him.” A black-robed old man stroked his beard, wondering why Feiyun came to this remote and dangerous region.

He had demonic blood flowing through his veins. Could he be here for the legendary treasures inside Bronze Cauldron Mountain?

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