Chapter 622: Divine Commander Guo

Jin has always been a dynasty for humans; the demons have been successfully banished from the land. 

Six thousand years ago was the last great battle between the two races. The first emperor of Jin with the four great clans and numerous other sects defeated the demons.

Of course, Feiyun knew that they only managed to defeat insignificant demons with impure blood, not the great demons from the ancient lineages in the demonic lands.

Demons were much more diverse compared to humans. Their territory was far larger as well. A truly powerful demonic tribe far exceeded a single dynasty.

However, to see a demonic aura in this place was a big deal. This could cause a stir in the entire dynasty.

Of course, ordinary people couldn’t sense it. Only Enlightened Beings of the Daoist and Buddhist doctrine could sense this when they’re nearby. If a demon was strong enough and skilled in arts of concealment, these beings wouldn’t be able to spot it either.

A demon was hiding in this inn!

“Feng Feiyun, the opponent’s cultivation is mighty, you…” Ruxue naturally hated Feiyun although she hid it quite well.

However, this inn was full of villains. If Feiyun were to die, a beauty like her would become a contested prey for them.

She was a lamb imprisoned by the wolf - Feiyun. Moreover, other fierce beasts waited in the vicinity. If the wolf were to die, then she was next. Everyone would want a bite.

Although being next to this wolf wasn’t a good thing, it wasn’t hungry right now and has yet to taste her. On the other hand, the beasts nearby showed greed in their eyes and wanted nothing more than to devour her.

This was especially true for the gigantic Jiang dressed in leather with a smirk on his face. His eyes occasionally fell on her body, wanting to see through her clothes.

Half of the reasons why he taunted Feiyun was so that the guy would die to Bu Tian, then he could have a taste of her sweet honey.

Plus, she wasn’t that confident in Feiyun either.

Bu Tian was at the late stage of a half-step on top of having a Corpse King. Moreover, he was a genius as well so he could take on an early Giant.

On the other hand, Feiyun was only at the fourth level of Heaven’s Mandate. He was indeed a king among the young generation, but these guys have cultivated for decades now.

Feiyun remained calm with a determined gaze and a casual smile.

Bu Tian sat there and said: “Even your woman has no confidence in you. Kneel and beg then hand your woman over for one night and I might spare your life.”

Bu Tian naturally knew that the guy wouldn’t back down. He only wanted to egg the guy into a fight to the death.

The gray-robed old man nearby said: “Young man, your talents are incredible, show restraints now to stay alive then you can have your revenge in the future. Even saints have kneeled before, let alone normal people like us. Conceding doesn’t mean that you’re a coward. This humiliation will be a driving force for you to excel in the future and defeat all obstacles.”

The cultivators in the inn were extraordinary. This old man was clearly a master as well. He saw that Feiyun was an excellent talent and didn’t want him to lose his life so early.

Bu Tian nodded and laughed: “You are correct, Senior, isn’t it just kneeling down? That’s a good deal, of course, that beauty will only sleep with me for one night. You can come to my room and take her back the next day.”

They didn’t try to keep quiet. Even the cultivators outside of the inn were spying, wanting to know Feiyun’s decision.

Feiyun touched Ruxue’s cheek with a smirk on his face. He asked: “What’s your name?”

He naturally wasn’t asking Ruxue.

“Bu Tian.” 

“Time to fight then.” Feiyun calmly said.

“Boom!” Suddenly, the stone door of the inn was pushed open. A series of clanking from armors and weapons resounded in an annoying manner.

Next, an impressive-looking man in black armor and a purple waistband walked in. He had a saber as wide as a door. He stomped on the ground with his heavy sabaton, issuing a loud blast causing the entire hall to shake as if a gigantic beast has just turned over.

“Who said they wanted to fight here?” Divine Commander Guo rubbed his thick beard with a deafening voice. He looked around the hall and said: “Don’t you know that fighting here means offending me, Guo Dahai?! This is my territory! Cause trouble here and you’ll be antagonizing the martial army and all of Jin!”

“Boom!” He thrust his saber down in the center of the hall. The blade emitted a chilling aura. The bottom of the hilt was decorated with a tiger head as big as a fist, looking quite fierce.

A middle-aged man wearing a scholar hat stood behind the commander. He had a long and thin mustache aiming downward - clearly a strategist of sorts. He repeated: “Which idiot asked for a fight earlier? Scram out here right now and apologize to the commander before he orders the three million troops to get here!”

Six more capable combatants walked in with a chilling aura; adorned with black armor and shiny spears. Their eyes had a look of disdain.

Feiyun looked at their uniform and could see that they were generals. Each had 100,000 troops under their command.

They were clearly Guo Dahai’s followers, relatively powerful.

Guo Dahai dragged over a big chair and sat in front of Bu Tian: “Looks like all of you don’t want to give me any face, fine! You’re forcing me to do this. Lu Tao, fire a flare and order all of the troops to come here right now! I’m gonna make blood flow like the rivers tonight!”

“Please don’t, Sir Guo. The army will cause a mess here and we’ll have to close.” The attendant walked over and poured good wine into a cup for Dahai with a charming smile on her face.

Dahai accepted the cup and took a sip: “Attendant, I’m only keeping the peace around here, look at those people, none of them are law-abiding citizens, what if Yaoyao gets hurt because of their battle? My heart won’t be able to take it.”

The attendant was speechless but she still maintained her smile: “But you’re here, Sir Guo! No one is blind enough to cause trouble now.”

Dahai felt quite good after hearing that: “Attendant, then get me a Heaven room so I can guard this place for Yaoyao. I’ll sing her a song too, expressing how much I love and miss her each day.”

“I’m sorry, Sir Guo, but a guest has reserved all the empty rooms.” The attendant put on an awkward expression.

“Bam!” Dahai unhappily slammed on the table causing cups and dishes to go flying: “Who has that much money? Tell him to come here so I can check the origin of his stones.”

The strategist next to him said: “A caravan from the Yin Gou got attacked not long ago and a large number of spirit stones has been lost. We are investigating this, so I hope everyone will cooperate with the army.”

The attendant slightly glanced over at Feiyun but chose against revealing this. She thought that this youth was too unlucky. Being chased by an enemy to the edge on top of meeting this eccentric commander today. Looks like a battle is inevitable.

Guo Dahai seemed like an uneducated and useless brute on the outside, but how could such a character become the commander of Jiang Pass?

He was a real Giant, one of the strongest Divine Commanders under the Tiger Marquis. There was a layer of intelligence beneath the impulsiveness. He had successfully guarded the pass against several invasions in the past.

Jiang Pass has stood strong for several hundred years. This was indicative of his abilities.

Feiyun leaned on a pillar and smiled: “The experts from Yin Gou will deal with that, and even if the government wants to get involved, that’s under the jurisdiction of the governor in Ancient Jiang. You, a Divine Commander, want to help others find their lost caravan instead of focusing on guarding the border? How much money have you taken from the Yin Gou?”

This response scared the crowd, especially those standing outside.

This youth was courting death, daring to criticize Guo Dahai. Keep in mind that he was virtually a tyrant in this region. His army consisted of battle-hardened elites.

Even the sect masters and heretical monsters didn’t want to offend this guy while passing by.

Sure enough, Guo Dahai’s eyebrows raised upward. He lifted his saber up from the ground and pointed at Feiyun: “The land might be vast but it is all under the control of the empress. Brat, you dare to disrespect the martial army? That’s the same as disrespecting the entire dynasty. Keke, chaos ravages the land with villains and bandits roaming free. The empress has been wanting to severely punish the traitors. You must be one of them, men, capture him.”

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