Chapter 621: First Trace Of A Demon

A new guest was coming to the inn - a pale, one-armed man with a cold expression; tall and thin. He dressed in a purple robe - the uniform of a corpse controller. He held a purple corpse bell that continuously rang during the night - almost like a soul-stealing call from hell.

The cultivators and merchants outside became alarmed. The chill numbed them.

“A corpse controller from Violetsea.”

“Quite strong too.”

“That’s a Corpse King behind him, does he want to find more powerful corpses at Ancient Jieng?” A knowledgeable old man saw through Bu Tian.

Those accompanied by Corpse Kings were all famous, but they have never heard of a one-armed user before from this sect. How strange.

“Dear customer, how big of a place do you want?” The worker with the jade ruler greeted.

Bu Tian looked towards the inn; his lips moved ever so slightly: “I’m not here for a stay, only to kill someone.”

The worker still had a smile: “No matter who you are, nothing good will come from killing in the inn. Of course, we won’t interfere either outside of the inn. Others’ problems are theirs.”

Bu Tian glared at the worker, emitting nether energy from his skin. It condensed into a fog with a frightening grimace. It flew towards the worker with a chilling presence engulfing the area nearby, seemingly turning it into a realm of ghosts.

The worker seemed accustomed to dealing with ruly guests. He still calmly held the ruler and the lantern even when the fog was right above him.

In this split second, a hoarse cough came from the inn, quaking the entire mountain range and echoed like a bell.

“Boom!” The fog with the ghost grimace turned into puffs of smoke.

Bu Tian was pushed back nine steps, leaving deep prints on the ground. The guy needed one hundred feet before barely stabilizing.

The worker smiled: “Since this is your first time here, we’ll spare your life. Don’t make this stupid mistake again later.”

Blood dripped out of Bu Tian’s mouth. His expression was one of calmness, opposite of the fear inside. 

The opponent only needed a cough to injure him. What kind of experts was hiding in this place?

He wiped the blood away before entering the inn made of rocks. This looked like a shrine but it wasn’t worshipping deities or Buddha. A statue of a fox seemed to be the most important entity here.

Of course, the place had no lack of good wine and food either, and yes, a beautiful attendant. This famous inn didn’t have that many workers, definitely less than ten.

The greeting worker was always referred to by others as “sir”. He didn’t have a name, only a title of "worker" at the inn. His job was to greet the guests and deal with administration. 

The pretty receptionist here was on the same level as the golden daughters of the big clans.

“Spirit Domain has ten Heaven rooms, twenty Earth rooms, and thirty Mortal rooms…” The female attendant had a spirited pair of eyes and a smile as beautiful as flowers. She held a brush with a bronze handle.

Her title was simply “attendant”.

“Give me a Heaven room.” Bu Tian said.

“Not available.”

“Then an Earth.” 

“Also not available.”

Bu Tian’s eyes showed clear dissatisfaction: “There should be a Mortal one available?”

“I’m afraid not.”

“Then why the hell did you blabber so much?” Bu Tian punched the stone wall. If it wasn’t for fear of the expert hiding deep in this place, he would have killed this girl already.

She smiled: “I wanted to let you know that although the top rooms aren’t available, there is still a firewood shed. Hand over five spirit stones and you can sleep there.”

Bu Tian snorted. As the First Disciple of Violetsea Cave Master, he never expected to suffer this humiliation from an attendant. He became murderous with corpse fog gathering in his palm.

Meanwhile, Feiyun was sitting next to a stone pillar with a table filled with different meats - qilin bulls, snow ferret, venison, jade rabbits…

He also had a good gourd of wine in his hand but his attention focused on Bu Tian.

“A corpse controller from Violetsea.” Bai Ruxue said quietly.

Feiyun nodded: “I can feel his murderous intent. Intuition tells me that he’s here to kill me.”

“And you’re still smiling?” She asked.

Feiyun started laughing loudly, purposely attracting everyone’s attention: “Spirit Domain Inn forbids killing, I’m afraid he can’t kill me even if he wants to.”

Bu Tian also heard the guy and recalled his energy. He glared at the attendant before jumping down in front of Feiyun.

He gave the guy a good look and said: “I’ve heard that you’re a madman, seems like this is indeed the case.”

The attendant looked over with curiosity in her eyes. She couldn’t wait to see a fight.

Feiyun smiled: “I can act however I want, knowing that you can’t kill me.”

Bu Tian restrained his murderous intent, knowing that this wasn’t the right place. He sat down next to Feiyun.

This change of attitude showed that he wasn’t an impulsive person.

The Corpse King also sat down in a different spot. The stench made people lose their appetite.

Bai Ruxu frowned, not wanting to be near this corpse. Feiyun could see this so he said: “Let’s return to our room.”

After they left, Bu Tian began eating their meat dishes and drinking their wine. He had a strange smile - one belonging to a winner.

People became disappointed with the lack of a fight. They didn’t expect that one of them would back down like this.

One person sneered: “He fled just like that, what a cowardly loser.”

He wasn’t that loud but Feng Feiyun could still hear him. Feiyun stopped walking and looked back to see a Jiang towering at five meters.

This person wore a leather robe; thick brows and big eyes, long black hair that looks like steel. His big frame resembled that of a gorilla.

On his back was a bone stick with a skull attached to the tip. Who knows what beast this was but it emitted a massive aura, even stronger than a living spirit beast.

“I didn’t want to cause trouble here but someone just had to provoke me.” Feiyun said.

The Jiang answered: “You can’t beat him so you ran, no need for excuses.”

“Which eye of yours saw that I couldn’t beat him?” Feiyun retorted.

The man glared at him with eyes as big as fists: “Your cultivation is only at the fourth level of Heaven’s Mandate while he is at the late stage of half-step Giant on top of having a Corpse King. Anyone with eyes can see that you’re not his match.”

The guy was quite insightful - able to see through Feiyun’s cultivation. Even the Super Giants couldn’t do so.

“Looks can be deceiving.” Feiyun said.

Bu Tian snorted and joined in with his coarse voice: “So you want to fight?”

“That’s just who I am, caring about saving face too much and can’t deal with taunts.” Feiyun smiled at him.

The attendant became very excited: “The inn forbids killing but we are more than happy to see you fight in the forest by that black mountain range.

The forest outside of the inn was next to a rolling mountain range. Inside were numerous dangerous beasts, especially during night time when they let their howls be heard.

“Caring about face brings nothing but trouble. Young man, if you’re not strong enough or have a strong back, it’s better to keep your head low and be flexible. You’ll make it through tonight, at least.” A gray-robed old man advised.

“Violetsea Cave is no joke. It’s useless to be here since you can’t stay forever. The owner of this inn loves money, when you run out of coins for her, she’ll chase you out even if you’re a Giant.” Someone thought that Feiyun had offended the corpse cave and ran here to seek refuge.

This was a reasonable take. If Feiyun actually had a strong backing, then why would he run to this desolate and dangerous location?

Feiyun wasn’t afraid of Bu Tian. The guy and his corpse were strong but this wasn’t enough to kill Feiyun. He had the speed of a top Giant so they could only taste the dust behind him.

He chose to fight not because of the comment from the Jiang member either. He changed his mind because he suddenly felt an all-too-familiar scent - one of a demon.

He sensed it from deeper inside the inn just a while ago.

A demon was actually residing in this place. He became cautious yet excited, wanting to lead this demon outside. That’s why he agreed to this fight with Bu Tian.

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