Chapter 618: Bu Tian

Violetsea Corpse Cave and Feiyun had prior conflicts. But now, Feiyun’s evil affinity has been suppressed and he didn’t wish to kill more people, provided that they didn’t push him further.

The supreme elder was an early half-step Giant, a senior from the last generation. However, his battle potential was only on the same level as the three corpses earlier even with the help of various talismans. He calculated and found the odds against him so he chose to answer honestly.

“We’ve received news about the emergence of the Heretical King, and that the ten halls shall unite again. A while ago, the tenth, eighth, seventh, and fifth hall have been conquered by the young Heretical Lord. Some chose to yield right away while others fiercely resisted. For example, the tenth hall put up the greatest resistance but they still lost in the end. Even the tenth hall lord was killed.”

“The third hall lord was also capable and ambitious. His cultivation was incredible at the ninth level and wouldn’t submit after receiving an official decree. Unfortunately, this city fell within one day with thirty-percent of its inhabitants dead. The rest is captured and brought back to the main branch of Senluo.”

This elder spoke with admiration: “The four walkers of Senluo have appeared again, real monsters. I witnessed the fight between the third lord and the Death Walker. They broke ten mountains and filled three lakes. In the end, the lord was defeated and captured too.”

A half-step like him was a big shot and could reign an entire region. However, he wasn’t much compared to the real masters.

Feiyun already knew about this but not Ruxue. She became surprised: “The Heretical King? Are you talking about Beacon King who has been missing for nearly two thousand years?”

“Indeed.” The corpse controllers’ expression changed after hearing this title.

Normally, no one would remember the title of a person who has been missing for two thousand years. Alas, this king’s prestige remained.

‘So it’s that young lord.’ Feiyun contemplated.

The ten halls of Senluo were quite strong. An individual branch might not be on the same level as the four great clans in Jin, but definitely stronger than a marquis’ faction.

Three halls combined were on the same level as one great clan, but the young lord must have caught them off guard. He had five halls under his control now on top of the first hall, so six in total.

If all ten halls were to unite again, then they might be even stronger compared to the past. The government would become the underdog.

“So Bi Xianxian and the other demonesses are also brought to the main branch?” Feiyun didn’t care for the girls, only the blood drops in their bracelets.

“Let’s go.” He jumped back on the tiger and Bai Ruxue naturally followed him. He slapped the beast’s back and its gigantic body leaped into the clouds.

The old men heaved a sigh of relief before becoming serious with murderous intent.

“We need to report to the cave lord right away about Feiyun’s appearance. It’s best to kill him before he makes it back to the capital.”

“Yes, he’s strong now but there are no winds beneath his wings. As long as the Divine King’s faction isn’t aiding him, he’s nothing. We just need to mobilize enough experts to kill him.”

“He’s clearly looking for someone from the third hall and will be heading for the main branch, so he’ll be passing certain checkpoints. We can ambush him along those routes.”

“Go!” The supreme elder ordered people to put the qualified corpses into stone coffins before leaving this city, heading westward. They traveled the entire night and spent three days to leave this mountain range.

Their destination was another big city located in the outer edge of Heaven’s Equal Mountain Range, not back to Western Prefecture.

This city of death resided in the shared border of Central Royal, Grand Southern, and Ancient Jiang. This was an important strategic location and Violetsea has temporarily set up their command post here. 

“Ancestor Lu, wait, why is everyone wounded? What about the rest?” A young disciple came to greet them and immediately helped the most injured old man.

Their supreme elder directly entered an ominous palace with a yin aura to see their cave lord, Violetsea King.

“Feng Feiyun might be a brat but we need to be proactive.” The king was lying in a pool of blood. The liquid acted like tentacles and continued to enter his body.

“He has some grudges with us, especially when Yama’s blood almost killed him. He’s not strong enough now and won’t retaliate, but given his talents, it’ll be less than thirty years until he reaches the top echelon of masters, not to mention his imperial faction. We’ll be the first to taste his wrath.” The ancestor said.

The king’s eyes were closed. He had a smirk on his face: “His imperial faction? Jin might not even exist in thirty years, let alone the Divine King’s branch. However, he is indeed a big threat. Eliminating him early will spare us from unnecessary problems later. Bu Tian.”

A gust of wind appeared in the palace and condensed into a pale man. His yin affinity was extremely dense as he answered: “Here.”

The ancestor looked at the man and felt a chill as if he was trapped in a glacier’s crevice. Could this be the First Disciple of the cave lord, Bu Tian?

The man stood in the center and acted respectfully towards Violetsea King. His entire left sleeve was fluttering to the light breeze. The guy only had one arm.

“Has your battle corpse reach the Corpse King level?” His master asked.

Bu Tian nodded: “Yes, early level. It still needs battle experience to truly have the battle potential of a Corpse King.”

He waved his hand and a scaly being jumped into the hall. The scales were made from Black Tortoise Steel with engraved runes. Bu Tian himself prepared them. Even a spirit treasure might not be able to penetrate this defensive layer.

The corpse roared and spewed out nether energy from its decayed mouth.

“Very well, here is an opportunity for you to train your corpse. Haven’t you been waiting for a battle to become famous? Go kill this person and your name will be heard across the world.” The king said.

“Who?” Bu Tian calmly answered, shrouded in a chilling aura.

“Feng Feiyun. He is heading for the main branch of Senluo. Eliminate Feiyun and you will be even more famous than him…”

Bu Tian disappeared from the hall before the king could even finish. The scaly corpse naturally followed him.

“Cave Lord, Feiyun is known for his treachery, should we order several masters to follow him just to be safe?” The supreme elder asked.

“No need, Bu Tian alone guarantees success.” 


Senluo Temple was archaic with many legends about its inception in the heretical world. 

Its main branch’s location was highly debated as well. Some said that it was located within the marsh of Ancient Jiang. Others said that it was somewhere among the vast plain of Heaven Heart Prefecture or right in Bronze Cauldron Mountain.

Few actually knew its real location.

“Head east until you reach the end of Heaven’s Equal Mountain Range and enter Ancient Jiang Prefecture. The main branch of Senluo is within that mountainous area named Endless Land.” Bai Ruxue has only heard of its location from her senior.

This area belonged to the first hall and had a prestigious and sacred status among the heretics.

‘So it’s actually in Ancient Jiang.’ Feiyun thought.

This prefecture was the most desolate region in Jin with pristine forests and mountains. There existed a powerful race. Its members were over three-meter tall with unnatural strength at birth. They were simple and lived like early barbarians.

There were plenty of tribes in this prefecture. The three strongest were mighty with millions of capable warriors.

The best among them were five to six meters in height, able to lift a large mountain with one hand or intimidate millenium spirit beasts with a single battle cry.

Central Royal was considered the biggest prefecture in other statistics but in terms of size alone, Ancient Jiang was more impressive. It spanned across the border of Jin for 100,000 miles within Endless Land and all the way eastward for another 800,000 miles until the territory of another dynasty, Qian.

The 800,000 miles between these two dynasties were desolate - the land of beasts. Humans rarely set foot in this place. 

Ordinary cultivator rarely set foot in Ancient Jiang because the people there were xenophobic; some tribes were cannibalistic. Only the real master would enter Endless Land in search of dao enlightenment and precious longevity herbs.

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