Chapter 617: Return Of The Demon

A twenty-year-old corpse controller licked his lips, feeling how dried it became from the fire raging within him. His eyes nearly shot out flames.

How could such a seductive woman exist in this world? She knew just how to make people go crazy.

“Don’t… don’t you know what I want? Don’t play coy now.” He smiled, hinting with his expression while gesturing with both hands.

“Oh, I see.” Bai Ruxue blinked and gently leaped off of the scaled tiger in an elegant manner.

The nearby area was still wet with blood but this didn’t affect her pure aura at all. The contrast actually made blood flow faster.

Feiyun didn’t try to stop her.

Ruxue looked like a bewitching white elf so one corpse controller couldn’t stand it any longer. His lower-half couldn’t be any harder but he still took a deep breath: “I’m gonna let you have it, slut!” He leaped forward.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!” Her white hair started floating and created harsh gales like sabers. She cut him into a thousand pieces that eventually fall into a pile of flesh.

 “You asked for it.” She still looked splendid and magnificent like a royal daughter with a bright smile on her face.

This all happened in a split second so the old men nearby couldn’t aid the youth at all.

Killing wasn’t gratifying to most people. First-timers would be traumatized and shocked, but she clearly didn’t belong to this classification.

“Such impudence, daring to kill a member of Violetsea?! What clan are you from?!” One old man coldly uttered.

The old man also stared intensely at her, clearly interested in such an elegant and seductive beauty. However, because of his status, he didn’t do anything previously.

He saw her attack earlier and knew that she was strong but it was still within the realm of acceptability. He could still take her down.

Bai Ruxue winked at Feiyun, wanting to incite more chaos: “I’m his woman, you can talk to him instead.”

“His woman?” The cultivators from Violetsea became aggressive, thinking that the guy was only about twenty. Even if he’s strong, their one supreme elder here could still take care of this brat.

“I’ll take care of the brat and you’ll be my woman, no, our woman.” A second-level Heaven’s Mandate standing ten meters away threw his spear. Lightning surged around the spear in a thick manner, turning it into a lightning dragon.

“These Violetsea controllers can’t change their bad habits.” Feiyun retaliated with a palm strike.

It spanned for ten meters and blew the spear away. It crushed the controller, turning him into a meat paste on top of leaving a two-meter deep print on the ground.

The other controllers took a deep breath because of Feiyun’s power. ‘Is this a young king from a big clan?’

They were surprised but not afraid. After all, Violetsea is still an ancient lineage that didn’t give a damn about the four great clans.

Nevertheless, the old men still became angry after losing two members.

“Pink!” A white-haired elder summoned an energy vortex that spun around like in the air. A corpse red from top to bottom jumped out.

It looked like molten metal. Each step melted the mud with sizzling noises. When it punched, a fiery plume would shoot out as well.

It roared and spewed out nauseating corpse energy.

“Boom!” Feiyun punched with lightning-fast speed, breaking the corpse’s arm. Next, he flicked his finger and penetrated the talisman taped to its forehead.

The corpse fell after the talisman was destroyed and eventually dispersed into specks of dust.

He didn’t wish to waste time speaking with them and took out his weapon essence. A sharp saber energy pulled the corpse controllers inside. Dozens of white dragons shot out.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” This first wave of attack pierced six cultivators, ending their lives. Eight powerful ones were left but seven were grievously wounded. Only the supreme ancestor was untouched.

The survivors were shocked as if they have just been to hell and back. They summoned their corpses for protection, no longer daring to look down on Feiyun.

Bai Ruxue touched her chin while contemplating. She didn’t think Feiyun would be so strong after a year. Just a simple move was so effective. Who among the young generation could take him on now?

“Who the hell are you?” The supreme elder had an ugly expression. He thought that this trip would be smooth sailing but now, this powerful youth had killed half of his group. How could he answer to his sect now?

The other seven were wounded. Earlier, they had a substitution corpse taking the majority of the damage. That energy wave together was unreal, managing to break their defensive treasures with ease. They would be dead right now if it wasn’t for the substitution technique.

Feiyun spoke while holding his weapon essence: “No need to know my name. Tell me who attacked this place and where the survivors are, then I might spare you.”

“Hmph! Brat, you’re too young to be making threats!” The supreme elder waved his sleeve and a plume of black cloud billowed.

Inside were three fierce-looking corpses, fully adorned in silver armors. They had thick hair and red-glowing eyes.

This elder was an early Half-step. These three corpses were comparable to a pseudo-Corpse King.

“Ra!” They have been refined for a long time so their fingernails were as tough as swords; teeth three times longer than normal, much sharper as well. They looked thirsty for blood.

Feiyun leaped to the sky with meteoric speed. The weapon essence turned into a long spear.

He pierced through one of them but it didn’t die and reached for Feiyun. Its corpse energy was quite poisonous.

Ordinary people would die right away after being infected, but Feiyun even dared to drink the tainted blood of Evil Woman, let alone this energy.

“Boom!” The essence turned into a rain of swords and annihilated the corpse.

An early Half-step was a joke to Feiyun now. He didn’t spend any energy before turning it into dust. Its corpse energy dissipated completely.

“What a monster, is it that dual cultivator from the Yin Gou? Or the new leader of the Beiming?” An old man bleeding from the shoulder became even more afraid.

The supreme elder shook his head; his eyes became serious: “I think he resembles the monster that disappeared a year ago.”

“You’re right, it’s him!” A different old man thought of the frightening youth.

Many couldn’t forget the massacre one year ago. More than one million people died; their blood formed a lake in that city.

Corpse controllers naturally weren’t afraid of killing people, but killing one million was something else. Even the evilest person would be mentally affected.

“It can’t be…”

“I sense a powerful murderous intent in him, no one else among the young generation can have it.” The supreme elder had a serious expression.

“I thought he got killed by a master of the Daoist Gate. If this news were to spread, some people are going to lose sleep.”

“Poof!” A second corpse got punched through by Feiyun and exploded into several pieces.

“The dead should act like the dead.” Feiyun decapitated the third one and kicked open a coffin. He threw its head and body inside before closing the lid then stomped on the coffin. It went several dozens of meters to the ground before disappearing from the caving mud and debris.

He stood there and picked up the large spirit stone: “I’ve promised a Buddhist sage to avoid killing, so I do not wish to end all your lives. Don’t force me.”

He glared at the supreme elder; this was the only person who could still fight him. Would he back down?

The other old men were speechless while losing control of their legs. They never thought they would be intimidated by a youth until now.

This monster has just been released! Who would dare to provoke him now?

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