Chapter 613: Jadeite Buddhist Beads Suppressing Evil

The chants lasted for a long while in the mountains, changing from pure to comforting then profound. The mortals below thought that multiple Buddhas have arrived and became emotional. Some started burning incense outside of their house.

The chants had a similar effect to mortals as the name Beacon King did to cultivators.

This heretical king was brilliant. Though the person has been missing for nearly two thousand years, this title still scared the seniors in the present.

No one thought that he was still alive but one needed to give Qiusheng the benefits of the doubt. It was better to believe than otherwise.

“Idiot, you think you can scare me by bringing up the Beacon King? That I won’t beat the crap out of you?” Monk Jiu Rou wasn’t undeterred and slapped Qiusheng’s face, knocking the guy flying.

Few in this realm weren’t afraid of the Beacon King; Monk Jiu Rou was one of them.

He was as strong as an ox and made Qiusheng fly for dozens of miles, losing a section of teeth and nearly crushed the guy’s face.

Qiusheng was no longer able to maintain his scholarly appearance and groaned quietly. Alas, he didn’t dare to retaliate or even utter a single word of dissatisfaction or today would be his end. The only way to survive was by letting the monk beat him up and hoping that he would take the Beacon King into consideration.

Shi Taluo got taken care of as well. The monk grabbed him by the ankle and started swinging him around before throwing him straight into a peak, head first.

The two got a good beating before the monk took a break to drink his wine: “Not bad at all, decent cultivation, worthy of being walkers of Senluo, pretty much on the same level as your predecessors, surviving for so long.”

The two of them struggled to get up. One-third of Qiusheng’s ribs were broken. Taluo got two wings ripped off half-way. The two of them had the worst expression but didn’t dare to say anything.

Qiusheng said: “Senior, thank you for showing mercy or we wouldn’t have a single bone left now.”

“This junior didn’t know you were here, please forgive us out of consideration for the Beacon King.” Taluo staggered over.

They obviously knew that they were still alive thanks to the Beacon King.

The monk posed coolly with his hands on his waist, revealing his tattoos - a green dragon to the left and a white tiger to the right with a big mouse in the middle. He looked like a bald butcher at the market: “In this world, the evil has the heretical path, cultivators have their ways, Buddhists have Buddhism. I am not like those old obstinate daoists. I do not care for justice or slaying evil. However, if you motherfuckers provoke me, then don’t blame me for beating you up till your mothers can’t recognize you.”

This guy was an enlightened senior? His foul mouth left Qiusheng and Taluo speechless while glancing at each other.

Taluo said: “His Excellency, the Beacon King, has told us many things. Senluo Temple can look down at the rest of the world, but you are an exception, Monk Jiu Rou.”

These words were clearly lies, just conversational flatteries. 

Nevertheless, the monk enjoyed it: “The Beacon King said that?”


Qiusheng added: “His Excellency also said that your Buddhist affinity is boundless. If we are blind enough to provoke you, then we deserve death. Not even immortals can save us.”

The monk coughed twice and asked: “Where is your Beacon King? I’ll go ask him about the crappy job he has been doing teaching his followers.”

Anyone else would burst out in laughter if they were to hear this, but certainly not when it came from Monk Jiu Rou.

Qiusheng said: “His Excellency has recently obtained an ancient sacred artifact of the heretical dao from Bronze Cauldron Mountain so he is in isolated cultivation right now. I’m sure he’ll come out soon enough and will personally prepare a banquet for you. Our young lord is in charge at the moment.”

“I don’t care for your temple’s bullshit, hand over the Golden Silkworm Scripture right now and I’ll spare you. Otherwise, I’ll cross all of you over to the other side today.” The monk said.

Qiusheng exchanged a glance with Taluo again. This was a tough position for them to be in but after seeing the monk’s muscular arms, they nodded begrudgingly.

Qiusheng said: “The scripture is with the young lord right now, I’ll ask him and will bring it back to Beastmaster Camp within three days, of course, there will also be an apologetic token.”

Monk Jiu Rou didn’t say anything so the two got even more scared. Qiusheng hurriedly added: “Given your great cultivation, I won’t be able to escape even if I reach the edge of the world.”

“Fine, so be it, if you don’t bring the scripture back to Beastmaster in three days, I will capture and torture you a thousand times.” This monk had an eccentric personality, certainly not a character on the side of justice. His voice resembled thunderous detonations, causing Qiusheng to become temporarily deaf. 

The poor guy kept on bowing while walking backward. He and Taluo ran away with the remaining heretics.

Nalan Xuejian rushed into the main hall; her hair fluttering in the wind. Her Nalan Buddhist Robe was glowing, causing others to think that she was the daughter of Buddha. She quickly found Feiyun and saw that he was doing just fine.

She heaved a sigh of relief before pouting coquettishly: “Look at you now, Devil Feng, just sitting here and drinking all by yourself. Don’t you know how worried I was, thinking that you might be missing an arm or a leg?”

Feiyun continued to drink out of the bronze cup. The red in his eyes and evil affinity have receded by quite a bit. He smiled: “How is that any of your business?”

For some reason, whenever she was around, the evil affinity in his Yama’s spine would be suppressed, same with his demonic blood.

“If you lose an arm or a leg, then I’ll have to take care of you forever, washing your clothes and making food for you, cleaning your face, oh, and your smelly socks too…” Xuejian glared at him before knocking his head.

“Ugh!” He spat a mouthful of blood into the cup and his hand and started coughing violently.

He was wounded during the mental fight earlier with Qiusheng but needed to stay strong. Now that the heretics have left, he finally spat the blood gathered in his chest outside and felt much better.

“I’m sorry, sorry, don’t scare me…” Xuejian was scared out of her mind, thinking that she had knocked his head too hard and started blaming herself.

She quickly took out her Jadeite Buddhist Beads with a gentle glow. She held it in one hand and held his hand tightly with the other.

The beads emitted the purest form of Buddhist energy as if she was holding stars. This energy poured into Feiyun’s body.

Feiyun initially wanted to tell her that he was fine and didn’t need her to use the beads on him. However, a calm sound of Buddhism rang in his head, purifying his desires and dark thoughts.

The evil affinity in the spine was pushed back into the bone marrow and sealed by a faint green glow.

This green glow continued to flow in his veins, soothing his demonic blood. Even the blood left by the Evil Woman dimmed down from the purification process.

The two of them maintained this position, surrounded by numerous Buddhist lights.

Her gaze full of love as her eyebrows slightly quivered. Beautiful and holy like a Buddhist saintess; she had a white halo above her head, perfect and freed from impurities. Her delicate fingers held his hand tightly.

She stared at the cup full of blood, overwhelmed with sadness, and wished that she could suffer instead.

‘It’s because I’m so useless, he has always like to show off and thinks he’s all that since youth because his mother wasn’t around and grandmother didn’t love him, yet I couldn’t do anything about it, why am I so useless…’ The girl kept on blaming herself.

More than half of his evil affinity has been suppressed. Even the evil runes on his face have grown weak so his complexion became quite again. There were only a few faint symbols left on his temples. One wouldn’t be able to see them at a glance.

He slowly opened his eyes; they were black again.

After seeing that he was okay, she became relieved and wanted to knock his head again. Alas, her hand froze in the air because she didn’t want to make him vomit blood once more.

She loosened her fist and used her sleeve to wipe away the blood on his lips, her eyes full of worries: “Are you feeling better?”

Feiyun’s eyes flashed deviously while staring at this doll-like girl. He said with a serious tone: “Damn it all… I’m cultivating a physique technique that at grand completion, I’ll have a diamond and indestructible body, but it does have a weak spot… the top of my head… that just got hit by you earlier. My… cultivation is gone now… I’ll never be able to cultivate again…”

Xuejian blamed herself even more, biting her lips as her eyes glistened with tears. She started hitting herself and lamented: “Stupid Xuejian, you can’t do anything right!”

Feiyun put on a sorrowful expression and added: “I don’t blame you… I guess this is just my… fate…”

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