Chapter 612: Buddhas' Convergence

The sounds of Buddhism echoed across the entire shrine.

‘Monk Jiu Rou got here already?’ Feiyun was still fighting against Qian Qiusheng.

His battle intents turned into forty Heaven Battle Altars. They spun around like disks at the center of the hall.

“Boom!” Another massive detonation occurred.

Two heretics smashed through the walls from the outside and fell to the ground. Their clothes tattered as they vomited blood: “Venerable Walker, a young monk came with frightening Buddhist arts and freed the monks in the cages.”

“Hmph, how strong can he be?” The Death Walker, Shi Taluo, glared at the two with his frightening, green eyes.

The two heretics felt their insides becoming cold.

“He has two golden avatars with him and other Buddhas as his attendants, looking very similar to a young Buddhist Saint in the legends.”

The Death Walker sneered: “What a joke, the state of Buddhas as attendants only exist in tales. Where are the ten protector elders? Let them come take care of him, don’t tell me you want me to personally do it?!”

“The ten elders… three of them have been defeated already.”

“Goddamn monk…” The Death Walker’s expression soured. His wings flapped as he leaped upward, wanting to see this “incredible” monk.

“Amitabha.” Formless was still making his way inside. Handsome and gallant, bright eyes and vigorous. His Buddhist affinity was insanely strong.

He placed his hands together and held a string of golden beads, walking straight for the walker.

Anyone else would tremble with trepidation after seeing him. Even the brave would be intimidated by his aura, unable to stand straight. Alas, Formless seemed nonchalant and unaffected.

“Keke! Not bad at all, to actually make it here by yourself. Try this on!” The Death Walker’s gray hair turned into three thousand rays and thrust forward.

His hair looked like dragons with a peerless explosion of power. Each strand could penetrate a mountain.

Even Wu Qinghua had lost to him; this walker was clearly powerful.

Formless didn’t move at all and continued chanting. Two golden brilliance came from the two avatars behind him. They towered at a hundred feet, looking quite stately.

One avatar had eight hands and rode a white dragon.

The other consisted of two twins, yin and yang, riding a divine tiger.

These were not images made from Buddhist arts but two actual physical statues. They have come back to life, same with their howling mounts.

“The coming of a Buddhist Saint… served by myriad Buddhas…” The Death Walker was shocked.

This was a rare phenomenon in the world, virtually only exist in legends. 

It stated that the saint of the Buddhist doctrine had supreme talents. Just one thought of his could control any Buddha statue and borrow its power to subdue evil. Even other Buddhas would want to be his servant.

One might not come out in every ten thousand years. But once they appeared, it would herald a golden age of Buddhism - widespread propagation and enlightenment.

“So what? You’re still not at your prime, I’m not afraid of you!” The Death Walker’s will to battle surged.

His hair continued to surround Formless, wishing to devour him. The two avatars managed to stop everything, issuing metallic noises like the gongs.

Formless’ brilliance intensified to the level of a sun. Half of the sky became golden.

Magical fluctuations happened all around. Inside one hall, a Buddha with ten thousand hands came back to life. Its hands started glowing as it got up and jumped down from the altar to suppress the heretics nearby.

The other statues began to move as well and attacked with their golden palms to the horror of the crowd.

A while ago, the place consisted of “chaos and devils”. Now, the Buddhist brilliance illuminated the scene with converging Buddhas.

“Just how much Buddhist cultivation is required to connect to the intent and the will of these statues, making them come back to life?” Chi Yao was astonished. The changes in the shrine greatly affected her heart.

Buddhists like them could feel the power of Formless. Despite his young age, his attainment in Buddhism far exceeded the ten supremes of Beastmaster combined.

Wu Qinghua couldn’t stay calm either. They stared at Formless as if he was a saint already.

Seniority didn’t matter in Buddhism, the more enlightened will be the masters.

Feiyun and Qiusheng were still stuck in their fight and couldn’t stop. However, they still sent a strand of intent and saw everything unraveling in the shrine.


“Shit? How could there be such a powerful Buddhist intent?” Monk Jiu Rou put on his red robe, still holding a large wine jar. He stared towards Ancient Path Shrine and saw the blinding brilliance piercing the nine firmaments.

The image of one Buddhist meditating in the air could be seen from several hundred miles away since it towered for thousands of feet.

The mortals beneath the mountain began to prostrate.

“Monk, what are you waiting for?!” Nalan Xuajian knocked on his bald head.

The reason he got prepared so quickly was thanks to Chan Ling’er. The moment she got out of Ancient Path Shrine, she sent a messaging talisman.

Xuejian received it and knew that Feiyun was in trouble so she instantly started crying and begging for the monk to go.

Given the monk’s cultivation, traveling six thousand miles was no problem.

Chan Ling’er was also there with the two. The young monk she met along the way popped up in her mind, ‘It’s him?’

The monk’s great robe was fluttering. He started shouting and blew away the clouds: “I am here, all evil retreat before my presence!”

“I am here, all evil retreat before my presence!”

“I am here, all evil retreat before my presence!”

His message echoed a hundred times and eventually caused a great golden bell to materialize. It was massive in size and covered the entire shrine.

“Boom!” The shrine and its peak were pushed several hundred meters away.

The heretics were blown flying from his voice alone. Their heads almost exploded and their eardrums ruptured.

Only a few powerful heretics could stand up again.

This monk’s divine intents were something else. His soundwave only affected the heretics and not the other monks inside.

The Life and Death Walker were affected by this attack too.

The powerful monk forced these two monsters back till they hit a wall. Of course, they were strong enough to not be wounded due to their defensive arts.

Qiusheng’s eyes turned into two black holes and shot out dark rays, piercing through several hundred miles to look at the monk.

However, the monk spotted him and laughed: “Haha! Wuliang Zi had died for more than a thousand years but another heretic has finally finished cultivating the forbidden law, Heaven-devouring Eyes.”

Wuliang Zi was a Life Walker before the disappearance of the Beacon King and the division of Senluo. The four walkers back then were terrifying and even sect masters ran at their sight.

Heaven-devouring Eyes was Wuliang Zi’s technique. As long as his eyes were still there, he could annihilate all he wanted.

However, after the disappearance of the Beacon King, the four walkers disappeared as well.

After two thousand years, fewer people knew their names. The forbidden Heaven-devouring Eyes became a legend in the ancient scrolls.

“Boom!” Monk Jiu Rou raised his hand and directly crushed the dual eyes.

Qiusheng back in the shrine turned pale, suffering from internal damage. This monk was insanely strong. Qiusheng even thought that the guy could kill a half-step Enlightened Being easily.

A while later, he connected the dots: “This isn’t good, he's Monk Jiu Rou, one of the ten masters.”

“Monk Jiu Rou.” The Death Walker’s expression changed as well.

Though the two of them could dominate the cultivation world and force various sect masters to submit, they were only considered juniors before Monk Jiu Rou. This monk had lived for more than 1,800 years. They didn’t expect to meet a monster like this here.

“Gotta run then!”

“We won’t make it!” Qiusheng leaped through the ceiling and landed on the roof. He fixed his attire and turned towards the monk’s direction: “So it is the great Monk Jiu Rou, please excuse this junior for offending you.”

“Fuck you!” The monk cursed right away.

Qiusheng remained calm in response: “You are a venerable senior, my status and position are no match for yours so I’m not qualified to have a conversation with you. I will report this to his Excellency, the Beacon King. He will answer to you instead, Senior.”

The moment the words “Beacon King” came out, the Buddhist light in the area suddenly dimmed down.


Author’s message: Several great experts have shown up now. The Evil Woman after her sanctification, Jin Emperor, Monk Jiu Rou, Congee Daoist, Feng Mo, the demonic man, the mysterious existence from Mount Potala, and the incoming Beacon King. Who is the strongest?

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