Chapter 610: Yellow-level Warping Formation

Feiyun came over toward Wu Qinghua’s cage and sneered: “Her cultivation is too high so don’t let her out to avoid any needless complication. I’ll just pick one of the young ones.”

The heretics naturally knew the difficulties in dealing with Qinghua so they didn’t want to take the risk either. They happily nodded after hearing Feiyun actively making this choice.

“You then.” Feiyun pointed at Chan Ling’er.

She was the prettiest and strongest among the three geniuses with a transcending physical appearance. Long figure and a face out of this world on top of possessing a pure aura. The choice was rather obvious.

The old hunchback came over and released the seal on her cage and threw her out.

In her white Buddhist robe, she looked beautiful and extraordinary; perfect curves and long brows. 

The moment she got out, she raised her finger and condensed a white energy sword - aiming it straight at Feng Feiyun.

Because of her long and thin legs, she looked like a dancer despite her murderous intent.

“Boom!” Feiyun punched straight at her sword and crushed it. He then reached forward and grabbed her delicate hand, pulling her into his embrace.

She struggled and used her other hand to attack but Feiyun grabbed it as well, dislocating the wrist resulting in unspeakable pain.

He laughed wildly before embracing her completely and taking her into the inner chamber, ignoring her weak punches and cursing. 

“Feng Feiyun, you animal! You won’t die a good death!” Chi Yao fiercely shook the cage bars.

“I pray to the great Buddha, am willing to pay any price as long as Feng Feiyun goes to hell.” Ningxiang felt a sharp pain while watching the whole thing, fully aware of the unsavory things that will happen inside.

The heretics also laughed. It was a shame that Feiyun didn’t take care of her on the spot so that they could look at her wondrous body too.

Qian Qiusheng remained vigilant and discretely signaled an order with his eyes. Several heretics came out of the hall and acted as patrolling sentries.

Though Feiyun has always acted evil, this wasn’t enough for Qiusheng to drop his guard completely.


“Feng Feiyun, you can’t be like this, have you forgotten Nangong Hongyan, you’re letting her down.” Ling’er couldn’t get out of his iron grip.

“Boom!” He directly threw her on the ground and said flatly: “Take off your dudou.”

Having said that, he crouched down and bit his fingertip, using his blood to draw on the ground.

Ling’er got up and reconnected her dislocated wrist. She shuddered while asking: “What do you want…?”

“Just do when I tell you, stop blabbering.” Feiyun coldly responded while still drawing runes.

How could the shy girl actually take off her undergarment? She turned red and didn’t do anything.

It didn’t take long before Feiyun finished drawing a runic circle with a one-meter diameter. He took out nine True Mysterious Spirit Stones and engraved them on the circle. The formation started flowing with lights.

He stood up and frowned after seeing her: “Why haven’t you taken it out?”

The light shined on her red face, causing it to look sparkling. She gritted her teeth: “What are you doing?”

“This is a yellow-level Warping Formation. My current divine intent can only handle this lowest level of teleportation, taking someone with similar cultivation as me ten miles away. I have carved another formation right outside the hill before coming here.” Feiyun said with a serious expression.

After being knocked down by Qinghua earlier, he started carving an array so that he could run, expecting something like this to happen. Unfortunately, he didn’t think the heretics would have so many experts here so he needed to change his plan.

Ling’er became ecstatic like a drowning woman finding a vine to hold on to. Her eyes became gentle with admiration. ‘We wouldn’t be in this situation if we had listened to him from the start.’

Feiyun could see her thoughts and said: “Don’t think I’m being kind and will save people for no reason. I’m infected by that old nun’s centipede so I have no other choice.”

Nevertheless, Ling’er still looked at him in a friendly manner. This demon’s son was certainly evil, but at the very least, he still had some conscience left.

“But what about the supreme and the girls?” She asked.

Feiyun said: “This weak formation can only send you outside. You need to run as fast as possible to Beastmaster and get Monk Jiu Rou here. Everyone else is useless, he’s the only one who can save us from this den.”

“What about you?” She said with surprise.

“I’ll stay back to buy time or your supreme and the two girls will be raped and killed, oh, and roasted too.” Feiyun said: “As you can see, that Life Walker is a monster, I don’t know if I can beat him in the upcoming rounds…”

“I got it, I will go as fast as possible to invite Monk Jiu Rou and all the masters to save you.” She said with determination, having matured from this painful encounter. This was more fruitful to her than spending ten years in the secular world.

Feiyun continued: “If Monk Jiu Rou doesn’t want to go, go find Nalan Xuejian and tell her to talk to the monk.”

He understood this monk. If the monk knew that there were strong characters like the Life Walker here on top of other heretical experts, he might turn a blind eye.

No one could force him to do anything. This was a strange character who doesn’t give a damn about his reputation or worldly convention. Only Nalan Xuejian could convince him.

Ling’er nodded and entered the formation. However, Feiyun pulled her back: “Take it off already.”

As she stood there frozen, he directly tore her dress and took out her dudou. She didn’t expect this at all and shouted in response.

“You can leave now.” He sniffed her light blue dudou, the wonderful smell of a virgin.

Ling’er covered her breasts and stared at him with a complicated gaze. She then entered the formation and it activated right away, connecting to the worldly momentum and heavenly orders. She instantly disappeared and the formation crumbled. The nine stones turned to white powders.

Feiyun stood there for a long time, thinking, before coming out to the main hall with the dudou in his hand. He laughed heartily: “Damn, that felt good! I didn’t expect riding that girl to feel this good, such a supple and soft body, especially her legs. I’ll do her again after she wakes up.”

The ones outside also heard clothes being ripped and her cry. A heretic with red eyes and purple hair smiled: “Where is that slut now?”

“Obviously unconscious, no strength to walk now.” Feiyun smirked before putting on a serious face: “Did you try to spy on us with your divine intent?”

“Of course not, Your Excellency. Your bestowing favor upon the girl is a holy matter. We heretics have our own codes. Seeing something we shouldn’t would result in losing our eyes.” Several heretics came back inside, no longer patrolling the place.

They flattered Feiyun and didn’t dare to offend him. After all, this guy had two monsters as his backers - the ancestor of the Feng and the unrivaled demonic man.

This was one of the reasons why they wanted to recruit him.

Qiusheng didn’t feel the same way since he felt a flight fluctuation in the worldly momentum earlier: “Men, take Miss Ling’er out here. If His Excellency is fully done with her, then she’s worthless now. Everyone can enjoy her.”

With that, two heretics with a perverted grin headed for the inner chamber.

“Hmph!” Feiyun loudly snorted and coldly said: “Since I’ve slept with her, she’s my woman. I’ll take your lives if you dare to touch her. She’s naked inside now, so yeah, go ahead and take a look, if you dare.”

In the past, those who have touched Feiyun’s women paid a terrible price. Beauty’s Smile was destroyed in one night. The Grand Chancellor and the crown prince were both dead now.

Feiyun could make a girl hate him for a lifetime but he could also murder a million for the sake of one.

His cold voice made the heretics stop in their tracks, not daring to take another step forward.

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