Chapter 61: Accidentally Rushed into the Temple

The outside of the Haotian Spirit Mirror was covered with a layer of white light; this was its spirit awakening through a formation within the spirit treasure!

This dazzling light radiating from the mirror was truly majestic; it carried the seal of an ancient beast’s claw, and it ferociously attacked towards Feng Feiyun’s direction.

Rumor has it that there was a fierce beast sealed inside the Haotian Spirit Mirror even though only a claw was revealed, at this moment; however, it was enough to intimidate others.


A destructive force came about, rattling Feng Feiyun until he couldn’t stand still; he had to take three steps back to regain his balance.

Even though Dongfang Jingyue’s cultivation suffered great loss, with the spirit treasure in her hand, her battle prowess was still formidable. If Feng Feiyun didn’t have a spirit treasure ranked weapon, then he would definitely die under this blow without a trace of his remains.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun was also hesitating without end; only the Infinite Spirit Ring could compete with the Haotian Spirit Mirror. Both the spirit treasures were activated, and their spirits — along with formations — were both released to the outside.

The Infinite Spirit Ring flew out from his thumb, and it was in rapid rotation; because the formation inside was activated, the ring became ten times larger. Each ancient rune engraving began to move, accompanied by a black aura.

The Infinite Spirit Ring broke past the Haotian Spirit Mirror’s spirit circle, and they suddenly crashed into each other.


The collision of the two spirit treasures was extremely shocking and radiated waves and waves of blinding brilliances. It caused the blood of Feng Feiyun and Dongfang Jingyue to churn, almost having to vomit immortal blood.

“You… Someone like you also has a spirit treasure!”

Dongfang Jingyue was not without astonishment.

“Don’t make a move, this place is extremely dangerous!”

Feng Feiyun turned around and he saw that the ancient monk corpses in the underground temple were aware of the changes; their dead eyes were all staring towards this direction.

Clearly, they were alarmed by the sound just now!

Although Dongfang Jingyue’s cultivation was higher than Feng Feiyun, she didn’t have the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze spirit technique; thus, she naturally couldn’t see the changes in the shadows. She gravely said:

“Even if you carry a spirit treasure, it absolutely cannot be compared to the Haotian Spirit Mirror. We will fight again.”

With the mirror in her hand, she created a crescent moon. Her slender and graceful body flew upward, and she directly aimed straight for Feng Feiyun’s head, intending to quell him.

‘It’s over, it’s finished. If I keep fighting with this crazy woman, it would definitely lead the monk corpses out here from the temple; then there would truly be no escape!’

Even though there was something imprisoning the ancient monk corpses in the temple, they weren’t completely without a way to escape. The three ancient monk corpses that were chasing Dongfang Jingyue were the perfect proof of that.

If the two kept on using the spirit treasures offensively, then surely it would cause the heavens to fall and the earth to crumble. A true calamity would arrive once the imprisonment of the temple was broken.

Feng Feiyun had no choice, and he could only recall the Infinite Spirit Ring; he used his bare hands to attack Dongfang Jingyue.


Feng Feiyun’s body was like a swimming fish, shuttling between the gaps of the spirit energies, and he went in front of Dongfang Jingyue, suddenly catching her waist.

Even though Dongfang Jingyue’s face was still calm, her heart was lamenting the unfavorable situation. She knew that Feng Feiyun’s tricks were truly shameless, and she thought that he would commit some low life actions. She immediately channeled all of her spirit energy, just like a roaring river, and she used it to directly strike him.


The power of the spirit energy was extremely powerful, like a mountain of qi traversing the sky, and she directly knocked Feng Feiyun away.

The internal organs of Feng Feiyun were violently shaken, and he was extremely uncomfortable; however, he gritted his teeth and he didn’t let go with his hands. He continued to hold her waist, causing her to fly alongside him as well.

“Let go of your hands!”

“I won’t!”

The two of them exchanged some moves in the air before they fell onto the ground.


The two of them crashed into the ancient broken temple, into an empty dried well, causing the broken debris on the ground to turn into dust.

Chilling bleak air permeated the temple along with black markings on the ground, like dried blood.

“Not good, this is big trouble now!”

Feng Feiyun crawled up from the ground, and he stared at the vicissitudes of the temple. In the far distances were buddhist chambers. Inside were dusty buddhist statues along with buddhist lamps as well as the ferocious looking monks.

Fortunately, the two of them fell down in the most remote corner of the godly temple without any ancient monk corpses nearby. Otherwise, at this moment, they would have been nibbled away without a trace of bones left.

“Where… where is this place? A godly temple underground? The ominous mine?”

Dongfang Jingyue also slowly crawled up from the ground. Even though the fall was not light, her presence was not affected; she was still ethereal and elegant, like a rose falling onto a wall.

Of course, she also felt the danger and evil presence around, and she didn’t make a move against Feng Feiyun, afraid of alarming the corpses’ souls.

When her gaze fell upon the rotted monks that were still walking normally in the distance, her eyes couldn’t help but widen. No matter how unfazed she was in the past, she couldn’t suppress the fear in her heart.

“A godly temple sank underground, and ancient monks were forever trapped inside! This is not the Mortal Life Cavern; why is it more like the ominous mine?”

Dongfang Jingyue muttered to herself.

Feng Feiyun spoke in a serious manner:

“Essentially, it is the same place! This is not a place to stay for long. If we can’t leave within an hour, then the monks will notice our presence. Leaving this place is the main concern.”

The two knew that this was not the time to act upon their emotions. If they didn’t work together, then both of them could die here.

Dongfang Jingyue, at the moment, very much wanted to slap Feng Feiyun to death; however, if Feng Feiyun died, then she most likely wouldn’t be able to survive either. She could only restrain her emotions.

The wall of the ancient temple was broken by the two, creating a gap, and they planned to escape to the outside using this hole.

When Dongfang Jingyue’s foot had just stepped to the outside, the ground gave birth to a blood spring surging upward in a spiral manner towards this direction, pulling her leg into the ground.

It was as if there was a skeletal ghost hand underneath the ground!


She quickly pulled back her foot and the bloody spring from the ground disappeared in a blink of an eye; the pulling force was no longer there.

“This temple is actually prepped with the Sea of Blood Formation and Bewilder Grand Formation from the high ancient era!”

Feng Feiyun said.

At this moment, Dongfang Jingyue didn’t dare to carelessly take another step; her heart was still trembling when she asked:

“How do you know this?”

“Earlier, if you didn’t pull back your foot, you would have been dragged into the sea of blood by the formation, becoming liquid blood. Also, even if you could take another step, there would be no chance of escaping the temple; you most definitely would have been taken to another forbidden ground.”

Feng Feiyun furrowed his brows, and he continued:

“I finally understand why the ancient monk corpses can’t leave this temple; it turns out to be the Bewilder Grand Formation. No, this isn’t right, these monks are all super powerful experts; just the Bewilder Grand Formation alone couldn’t imprison them forever. Inside this godly temple must exist another formation from the high ancient era.”

The temple was extremely desolate, and this corner was even more lone. There was only a yellow stone ancient well and three ancient trees, that had died an unknown amount of years ago, and there was also an old mill with a radius of one zhang.

A few thousand years ago, this place must have been the backyard of this godly temple. At that moment, this temple had not sunken into the ground. The blue sky with fresh sunlight was probably enjoyed by white-robed monks smiling happily and carrying water from the well, with a donkey rotating the mill to make fresh soybean milk. Everything was so peaceful, but one day, they encountered a huge change and all of the monks died. Even the temple sunk into the ground.

Originally a holy land of the Buddhist faith yet it became a frightening forbidden ground.

The formations in this temple were not few, plus each of these formations couldn’t be created by an ordinary person. Under these circumstances, it was clear that the monks in this temple all died within one night.

“Without my instruction, you are not allowed to take even one step.”

Feng Feiyun said with an utmost serious expression.

Naturally, Dongfang Jingyue replied with a contemptuous glance, but she didn’t dare to mess around. After all, it was her first time experiencing a dangerous situation like earlier.

“Is it finished yet?”

She asked.

Feng Feiyun was squatting on the ground, and his finger drew a lotus on the ground; however, the shape was not like a lotus flower, it was more like someone’s footprint.

A bright light expanded and the lotus flower suddenly emitted a bright green light; it was as if an immortal was sitting at this location.


Feng Feiyun smiled.

“What are you doing?”

Dongfang Jingyue felt that Feng Feiyun was doing strange actions; it was essentially not like the methods of humans, they were more like the methods of the primitive demon races.

“Crossing Lotus Seat Formation! As long as the engraver has enough power, this formation could control the lotus to cross any rivers in this world!”

Feng Feiyun proudly smiled.

Dongfang Jingyue almost burst out in laughter. This person was too good at bragging. There were so many formations in this world; there were some that were simple as well as ones that were complex. They were also separated into different categories such as killing, offense, and defense; plus, they were classified into nine different ranks.

The formations in this godly temple — at the very least — reached the third rank; even channeling a spirit treasure wouldn’t be enough to break through. By only relying on this lotus seat and using their feet to move it, would it be enough to cross the Sea of Blood Formation and Bewildering Grand Formation from the high ancient era?

Dongfang Jingyue’s knowledge was boundlessly broad, and she had cultivated at the Godly Spirit Palace for a period of time. She definitely didn’t hear anything like a Crossing Lotus Seat Formation, so she naturally didn’t believe in the shameless and nonsensical words of this Feng Feiyun.

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