Chapter 609: Devil; Animal

“And if you were to lose?” Feiyun poured another full cup and held it in two fingers while staring straight at the young lord.

“If I were to lose? What do you want then?” It was as if the young lord had never thought about the possibility of losing.

Feiyun moved the cup close to his lips before laughing: “I want to sleep with them. I’m someone with no interests outside of this, can’t sleep with without some beauties with me.”

Having said that, he finished it in one gulp. The young lord smiled in response.

The girls in the cage cursed Feiyun for taking advantage of the situation. They were the most brilliant disciples of Buddhism; other cultivators all called them fairies. However, he treated them like servants and maids, wanting to sleep with them.

One side wanted to eat them, the other wanted to sleep with them. Both treated them like non-humans so they would rather die than suffer either fate.

“Oh, and what about a draw?” Feiyun casually brought up.

“It’ll be your win in that case.” The young lord was fully confident.

“Alright, let’s begin then.” Feiyun acted quite nonchalant but felt quite anxious.

The hall was dark and cold with only glimpses of light. The shadows of these heretics looked quite menacing.

Ninth Sister has been taken away but the girls in the cages were still mourning. Even the always-arrogant Wu Qinghua has been suppressed by the Death Walker. She couldn’t do naught but watch.

Feiyun tried his best to drink calmly, wanting to accommodate himself to this nefarious atmosphere.

The young lord pondered for a moment before suggesting: “It’s not easy to come up with a competition against a talent like you, Brother Feng. At our level, we can’t resort to barbaric means like fighting and such, that’s too vulgar. How about we go elegant for the first match with questioning.”

“Questioning? Go on.” Feiyun gained some interest.

“We’ll each ask the other a question, if they can answer it, then it’s a loss. If they can’t, then it’s a win.”

“What if both sides can answer?”

“Then it’s your win.”

“What if neither sides can answer?”

“Still your win.”

“Then aren’t you at a disadvantage?” Feiyun said.

“As I have said, it is still considered your win in case of a draw?” The young lord smiled.

Feiyun said: “Then you can start first.”

The girls were very nervous right now since their fate was on the line. Though they thought about dying, who actually wanted to die?

Perhaps Feiyun was only scaring them. Falling into his grasp might not result in losing their virginity and they wouldn’t have to die then.

But if Feiyun were to lose, then they would be roasted on the fire and become food for these heretics.

Thus, they subconsciously wanted Feiyun to win. But could he actually win?

The young lord started: “Brother Feng, please guess who I am.”

The crowd didn’t expect this question. Isn’t he the heretical young lord? Is there a need to guess? Oh right, that’s just his title, not his name. Maybe he had another status outside of being the heretical young lord?

The question sounded simple but it contained many elements within.

Moreover, Feiyun had only met him today and didn’t have a rudimentary understanding of the guy. Imagine a stranger asking if you know who he was. This problem could trouble even fortune-tellers.

Chan Ling’er voiced her disapproval: “That’s not fair, what if Feng Feiyun were to actually come up with the right name but you deny it?”

The old hunchback snorted: “The young lord and His Excellency are magnificent men. Once they have decided on something, there is no cheating. At their level, they dare to try it all without hiding anything.”

She agreed. The evilest people didn’t necessarily follow conventional wisdom so she stopped talking.

The young lord said: “Brother Feng, can you answer this question?”

Feiyun gently shook his head: “It is too difficult.”

The heretics behind the young lord smiled while the girls felt their heart sinking.

“But, I know that you are not the real heretical young lord.” Feiyun continued.

The heretics stopped smiling. Even the youth paused for a moment before speaking: “That’s Feng Feiyun for you, how do you know that I’m not the real young lord?” [1]

Feiyun smiled: “As the heretical senior had said earlier, someone as magnificent as the young heretical lord has no need to hide since he dares to do everything openly. In that case, why would such a character purposely hide his appearance?”

“Well said.” The Buddhist light on the youth’s forehead slowly dimmed down to reveal his face.

He was a middle-aged man, looking quite scholarly - a fair complexion without facial hair. He had a little crow’s feet by his eyes now. If it wasn’t for his flesh-eating habit, others would actually mistake him for a teacher.

“I am the leader of the four walkers. Life Walker, Qian Qiusheng.” His voice became older.

He clearly wasn’t young despite looking around thirty to forty years of age. He must be several hundred years old, at the very least.

A lamp was lit and placed on the table, illuminating the hall again.

“Your Excellency, you are half-correct about this question, your turn.” Qiusheng politely asked again. His eyes were spirited with a flash of wisdom and farsightedness.

Feiyun said: “Then your turn to guess who I am.”

This question surprised the crowd for the second time.

Remember, Feiyun was different from them since he was world-famous. His information has been stored in virtually every sect's database, located in the most important section. Many in the cultivation world knew about his background.

Did he purposely want to lose?

Qiusheng didn’t think so because not only was he a heretical cultivator, he was also a ninth-ranked Wisdom Master - enough to be placed among the top three of Jin. He had tried to divine anything about Feng Feiyun earlier but an invisible power of the dao stopped him.

It showed that Feng Feiyun’s real identity wasn’t as simple as being a disciple from the Feng.

In the end, Qiushheng could only answer that Feiyun was from the Feng. Moreover, everything was in full detail, starting from his birth and everything he has done without missing a beat. He also included the names of Feiyun’s parents, the branch of the Feng he was in. He had clearly memorized everything about Feiyun.

From this, one could see the importance of Feng Feiyun in the eyes of the heretics.

Feiyun smiled and said: “Scholar Qian, you also only got half right.”

The scholar has been staring at his eyes the entire time and knew that he wasn’t lying. However, this only perplexed him even more. What about the other half of his identity? Even his wisdom and intelligence couldn’t figure it out.

“Then you win this round, Your Excellency.” Qiusheng coolly accepted his defeat.

“These girls are the finest, refined and pure, I’ve been wanting them for a long time now, but that bitch Wu Qinghua has been keeping an eye out so I couldn’t do anything. Scholar Qian, will you allow me to pick one right now for some fun?” Feiyun licked his lips like a lust demon.

“You’re being too polite, Your Excellency. They’re already your things after winning, inferior to servants so it is their honor to sleep with you.” Qiusheng initially thought that Feiyun was helping these girls, but after seeing his eagerness to sleep with them, he let down his caution.

As a Buddhist sect, its members considered their purity to be more precious than their lives. By taking their virginity, Feiyun would definitely meet the strongest vengeance from Beastmaster.

That’s what they wanted to see so they were more than willing to let him pick these women as if he were picking livestock.

“Feng Feiyun, you devil, you animal…” Chi Yao gritted her teeth and glared at him.

The girls have lost their final sliver of hope after seeing his attitude.

“Feng Feiyun, I will sleep with you, just let them go.” Wu Qinghua spoke. She has been stripped naked and groped by him in sensitive places so she had no honor left. She wanted to save the girls by sacrificing herself.

The scene quieted down for a bit. After a while, the heretics laughed boisterously. One of them sneered: “So a Buddhist Supreme from Beastmaster is just a slutty bitch.”

“Haha! She hid it quite well. Must have been waiting for a man to satisfy her for a long time now.”

“His Excellency’s nine-dragon pillar will definitely make her scream for her mother and have the time of her life. I can’t wait to hear it.”

They mercilessly trampled on her dignity. Even someone with a strong mental fortitude like her turned pale. Her lips were stained with blood from biting down so hard.

1. Note, the person stopped using polite pronouns here. His “I” and “you” are imperious now

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