Chapter 608: The Young Heretical Lord

“That’s a disciple from Beastmaster for you, so pure and innocent, crying after a little grope. Is this the mentality of a fourth-level Heaven’s Mandate?” Feiyun lowered his inflection.

Chi Yao hastily fixed her dress and stopped crying by biting her teeth. Her teary eyes glared at Feiyun, seemingly wanting to kill him.

She swore that if she could ever make it out of this hell, she would train in the sword dao and supreme techniques to kill all the heretics here, especially Feng Feiyun, this pretender. Yes, send him to the eighteen levels of hell.

Chan Ling’er and Huaji Ningxiang bit their lips, trying their best to calm down. They finally realized their lackings. Though their cultivation was at the top of the young generation, they knew too little about the evils of the human heart and treachery.

Ling’er had the strongest mental mindset out of the girls. She sat cross-legged inside the cage like a lotus while holding a white set of Buddhist beads: “Feng Feiyun, you might be a devil but I’ve always thought you were different, living with emotions and a touch of morality, a real man. You have disappointed me.”

She believed that he had conspired with the heretics and led them to this hell. In her eyes, these heretics were beyond saving, completely inhumane. Feiyun was with them so he should be the same case.

Initially, she had some admiration for him but not a sliver remained now. She hated him even more than these heretics at this point.

“I don’t give a damn if you’re disappointed, girl, don’t think you’re a fairy just because you have done some good deeds in the world. I’ll strip you and you’ll be nothing but my little bitch.” Feiyun didn’t hold back at all with his foul language. 

Ling’er closed her eyes and couldn’t respond. Her stainless heart appeared to have been cut, ‘a devil will always be a devil, there’s no saving him.’

The heretics had a smile on their face while watching the show.

“Got enough?” Feiyun coldly said.

They stopped smiling, speechless after seeing his flashing red eyes.

“Brother Feng, no need to lower yourself and argue with these insignificant beings.” A youthful male voice resounded, sounding very friendly and approachable.

Just this voice alone would wipe away any previous animosity.

Feiyun glanced over and saw a man dressed in black sitting there. Despite the tiny frame, the person sat upright. One couldn’t see his face because his forehead was unreasonably brilliant - akin to a Buddhist lamp. [1]

If Feiyun’s cultivation wasn’t sealed, perhaps he could see the guy with his phoenix gaze.

He looked down but the guy’s robe was very long and hid his legs and shoes completely as well. Nevertheless, he could tell that this person was very dangerous.

“You’re their young lord?” Feiyun asked.

“Brother Feng, you prefer to stand and speak rather than sitting down? Or have I not shown enough sincerity?” The young lord calmly spoke; his voice full of charisma like a Buddha explaining the scripture.

This particular hall was quite large, more than enough to accommodate 300 people without being crowded. However, only a single lamp was lit - the light by the young lord’s forehead.

In the darkness, everyone would search for the light - the symbol of hope, life, and the truth. Only the young lord possessed this right now in the entire place.

It was a strange feeling. Everyone couldn’t help but be affected by his light, wanting to get closer to him without any reservation.

Even the girls in the cages were affected. Their breathing and pulse were slowly harmonizing with his. His heart had a beat, theirs would do the same. He took one breath, so did they.

This was a state of possessing a supreme heavenly dao, always affecting those around him and turning them into his vassals and shadows. 

Feiyun sensed this change - even the powerful heretics nearby were affected and resonated with this young lord.

He was the only one unaffected. His heartbeat remained normal since it was a shiny piece of bone right now - almost like a ruby.

He took a deep breath and pulled up the iron chain: “I actually don’t see much sincerity, Young Lord.”

“Death Walker, hurry up and get that chain off Brother Feng.”

The old man with three black wings took out a sharp sword. The air pulsed around the blade after a slight movement.

“Your Excellency, please raise your hands.”

“Hmph, you all actually think this chain can stop me?” Feiyun smiled and gathered power. His arms seemingly turned into two powerful dragons and stretched out the chain. The seals on the chain collapsed from the force.

“Boom!” He forcefully severed a chain that could trap a Giant.

His physical constitution was above a Giant right now.

“Haha, so you were just tricking these nuns, Your Excellency. Excuse me then.” The walker nodded, thinking that the demon’s son lives up to the legends.

Feiyun didn’t hesitate and sat down on the opposite side of the table. People quickly brought fine wine and meat up for them.

The young lord was very elegant even when eating human flesh. He carefully chewed; even this barbaric act was in tune with the dao.

Feiyun took a sip and looked down at the white plate in front of him and chose not to eat: “This is human flesh too?”

“Of course. But it is much better than normal ones.” The young lord responded in a natural manner.

Two men in black lifted a girl inside that has been roasted. Her soft cheeks were missing since they were placed on Feiyun and the young lord’s plates.

Despite her roasted appearance, Feiyun could still recognize her - “Ninth Sister” of Beastmaster.

No wonder why he didn’t see her a while ago. Was she the meeting present?

Though his evil energy was thick, his expression slightly darkened as he clenched his fists. He eventually loosened them and put on a wide smile.

He knew that the young lord was trying to intimidate and take him down a notch.


“Monster…” The girls sobbed and whimpered.

They leaped forward and shook the cage, no longer able to stay calm. They finally understood that Feiyun was telling the truth. They were too arrogant and didn’t realize that this was a man-eat-man world.

Wu Qinghua opened her eyes and shot out a golden sword ray from her fingertip in order to break the cage. Unfortunately, the Death Walker has been keeping an eye on her and laughed.

He landed on top of the cage and unleashed a palm strike straight down, immobilizing her again.

“The meat is very good, why aren’t you eating, Brother Feng?” The young lord turned a blind eye to the commotion and continued eating.

“What game are you playing here?” Feiyun took a sip and smiled.

The young lord finally stopped as if he has been waiting for this question: “The world says that you are the number one genius of Jin, peerless in every aspect. I am capable but still wish to challenge you. If I were lucky enough to win, I would like you to eat the next pieces of meat?”

“Whose?” Feiyun poured more wine into his cup.

“Theirs.” The young lord pointed towards the cages of the girls, treating them like animals.

The three looked like their soul had left their body. If Feiyun were to lose, then one of them would be eaten next.

Moreover, this young lord clearly looked like an incredible prodigy and Feiyun’s cultivation was sealed. How could Feiyun be a match for him? They were about to become meals for these men.

The heretics guffawed after seeing their frightened expressions. Their young lord has never lost before. Not to mention one Feiyun, even ten of him wouldn’t be a match.

They viewed their lord as an unbeatable god.


1. I actually don’t know the color because the word has too many meanings - black; nature's color; green or blue; greenish-black; it should be green or black

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