Chapter 607: Party Of Fiends

The winds made the trees and leaves rustle on top of gently pricking the skin.

Suddenly, an explosion made the entire mountain tremble.

Rhino looked up and darted its big eyes around: “I heard a loud blast earlier, maybe a landslide too.”

The broken bone on Feiyun’s neck had healed so he could move his hands now. He took out a third-ranked pill resembling a cornelian and ate it.

His body became shrouded in spirit energy as he stood up. He looked towards the peak and furrowed his brows: “The girls are completely defeated, we must leave now.”

He ran for the base in a hurry. Rhino got up and wanted to stop him but suddenly, a phantom that looked like dark mists landed on a tree branch nearby.

A cold voice came from within: “The Young Heretical King sends you an invitation to the shrine, Your Excellency.”

Several more gales came about. Strange people came out of nowhere with a harsh aura, stopping Feiyun’s path.

He smirked in response: “Who the hell is the Young Heretical King? Why should I go see him?”

“Such impudence, little brat, you dare to be disrespectful towards the young lord? I’ll cripple your arm first.” A bald man wearing a blood-shaded loose robe reached for Feiyun’s right arm. His fingers were as tough as diamonds with drill-like fingernails.

The move was ferocious in power. Just the momentum alone from his leap destroyed more than ten steps.

Though Feiyun’s movement was restricted by the iron chain, he was still faster than this bald man.

“Clank!” He unleashed a palm strike straight at the man’s head, resulting in a clunking noise as if he had just struck a bronze bell.

The man was blown backward, akin to being hit by a heavy hammer. He smashed and destroyed several hundred steps before barely stabilizing his body. One could see just how strong the palm strike was.

Feiyun had his cultivation sealed on top of the iron chain slowing him down. Otherwise, the palm strike could have pushed the bald man’s head into his stomach.

Nevertheless, the baldy was still quite strong. This move could have grievously wounded a fifth-level Heaven’s Mandate but it didn’t leave any wound behind on his head.

“Motherfucker!” The guy rushed again and opened his mouth to spew out a black liquid with a terrible stench. This frightening appearance of his could make others tremble on the ground.

“You deserve death for being disrespectful towards His Excellency.” A decayed hand stretched out from the black mist floating on the branch. A black ray shot out from the fingertip and pierced the bald man’s forehead.

Just one ray of energy had enough power to pierce through an entire mountain.

The area around the wound started turning black. Next, the bald man’s body rotted into a mushy pile in front of Feiyun, not even a single bone remained.

The heretics smiled, seemingly used to this scene. They thought that Feiyun would be scared but unfortunately, he also had a smirk on his face the entire time as if he was watching a beauty dancing.

He was indeed the demon that had killed several million lives in Central Royal for the sake of his lover.

They stopped looking down on him. After all, he had killed more than all of them combined, why would he be afraid of a little scene like this?

Feiyun said: “I’ve changed my mind, I’m a bit interested in your young lord now.”

“Your Excellency, you and the young lord are dragons and phoenixes among men, the leaders of the world. The young lord had prepared the most opulent feast for this meeting between you two.”

The black mist dissipated and revealed an extremely old person on the branch. He only had several white strands of hair left; his skin was completely dark and filled with wrinkles just like a walnut.

Due to his age, his body had seriously shrunk so he stood below the waist of Feiyun. He suffered from hunchback; his head nearly touching the ground.

This old man was even older than the nun that only had three days of life left from Beastmaster.

“You’re, you’re really going in?” Rhino felt a terrible evil emanating from the old man. This was definitely a monstrous master. It couldn’t move at all.

“I can guarantee you that if you try to run, I can still turn you into a pulp of meat from a thousand miles away.” The old man revealed a dark smile.

He then rubbed the beast’s thigh twice and it lost its beastly instinct, becoming as tamed as a domesticated dog. It followed behind quietly.

Feiyun entered the shrine occupied by the heretics now. The monks were imprisoned in bamboo cages just like animals.

The powerful monks could still meditate and chant in order to combat their fear. The young ones were completely paled and paralyzed.

“You, you monsters will have to face karmic judgment… Buddha will send you to hell…” Another monk was skewered by wooden rod and left to roast above the fire. In the beginning, he was still alive and shouting.

It didn’t take long before the smell of roasted human flesh wafted in the air.

An ordinary person would be scared to death from this hellish scene. Even cultivators would vomit but Feiyun was impervious. He walked with an evil aura and a faint smirk.

“Your Excellency, have you tasted human flesh before?” The old hunchback leading the way asked.

Feiyun said: “Plenty of meats in this world but human flesh is the worst.”

“This is a man-eats-man world. If you don’t eat them, they will come and devour you. If one doesn’t have the courage to eat flesh, they will only become animals or food in the end, just like them.” The man pointed at the monks in the cages with his wrinkly hand. He licked his lips, issuing a ghastly noise.

He continued: “In order to rise to the top, one must have the courage to eat human flesh. If they aren’t courageous enough to do so, they’ll be doomed to a life of servitude.”

There was a food chain - slaves, the weak, experts, masters. The weak feasts on slaves; experts eat the weak, and masters devour exerts.

One must reach the top in order to avoid this fate.

Feiyun smiled and said: “Your method is too crude and has been abandoned since the primitive ages. Instead of eating the rotten, mortal shell, why not eat their energy, vitality, and soul?”

Feiyun saw four iron cages in the hall. Wu Qinghua and three girls were imprisoned; the fourth girl’s whereabout was unknown.

They no longer had the same pride and brilliance as before, akin to a swan falling into a pool of mud.

Wu Qinghua was seriously injured and bloodied. Who knows the person strong enough to defeat her. Though she was arrogant, her cultivation backed it up or she wouldn’t have been able to crush Feiyun’s bone with a single finger strike.

They naturally heard him. Chi Yao grabbed the bars and coldly said: “Devil, you are so familiar with these monsters, looks like you conspired with them and purposely led us to this hell.”

“Slap her mouth for disrespecting the Divine King.” The old hunchback scowled. 

A brutish man towering at three meters walked towards the cage with a smile and an iron bar weighing several thousand pounds.

If she were to be hit by this bar, her flesh would still burst open despite her strong cultivation. The girl turned pale since she saw this man ate a human arm earlier.

“Let me handle it.” Feiyun stepped forward instead.

The old man signaled with his eyes and the brutish man retreated.

Feiyun crouched down next to Chi Yao’s cage and reached inside, grabbing her chin to raise her beautiful face. He smiled deviously: “Miss Chi, you should know that I am a devil so working with me is like playing with a tiger. Although I have no interest in eating your flesh, I’m very interested in you… keke…”

His hand then moved into her dress and groped her towering, snow-white breast. This made her shout in horror before quietly whimpering.

The old hunchback watched quietly with a cruel smile on his face, thinking that this Feng Feiyun was just like the rumors. The half-demonic blood in his veins made him crazily lustful and wouldn’t be able to hold back before beauties.

‘Keke, that demon’s son is evil, one of us. Looks like we can work together.’

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