Chapter 606: One Step To Hell

Feng Feiyun’s seal was left behind by Tan Qingsu - a total of three layers.

First, his dantian.

Second, the spine of Yama.

Third, the evil and demonic blood in his veins.

Feiyun intended on breaking them using his vigor and battle intent. No one wanted to be subdued by another; he felt the same way.

Only by controlling his own power would he be able to face any trial with full confidence.

One step took him up dozens of steps. He soared to the peak with this great speed.

“That devil wants to break his seals!” Qinghua was quick to catch on. Her body accelerated like a shooting star. The white Buddhist robe clearly accentuated her perfect curves while in motion.

Though her cultivation was impressive, she wasn’t a master of reading qi images so she couldn’t see the massive visual phenomenon going on at the top - billowing and raging.

Feiyun became faster and faster and quickly made it to the ridge, breaking many steps along the way. The remnant pebbles fell down the cliffs. His aura intensified like a primordial beast, causing leaves from the pine trees to fly out like blades.

“Boom!” The golden avatar inside the prison made out of one hundred black dragons slowly opened its eyes. It raised its palm and unleashed a golden energy to break the seal of the dragons, resembling a Buddhist Lord.

The golden wave of energy came crashing down.

Feiyun could sense this frightening energy and took his battle stance - widening his legs while making two fists.

“Feiyun, get down here!” Qinghua touched the back of his neck with a finger. A tiny sound of bone-breaking came about. Feiyun seemed to be struck by lightning and his soul nearly dispersed.

A light came from her fingertip and traced down his spine. Feiyun lost all energy and dropped face-first to the ground.

“Boom!” Dust scattered everywhere.

“Damn… you… hag…” Feiyun nearly broke his seals just now but at the very last second, Qinghua shattered his gathered energy back to square one. He couldn’t channel the slightest sliver of energy right now.

She was the real deal, an eighth-level Heaven’s Mandate. She could be among the top five of Beastmaster even with the older generations included. Even if Feiyun’s cultivation wasn’t sealed, he wouldn’t be able to take her on anyway.

He was able to kill the Grand Chancellor thanks to the energy from the blood left behind by the Evil Woman. That source of power was gone now so he couldn’t take on a Super Giant.

“You wish to die?” Qinghua turned towards the crimson gate at the top. She definitely felt a monstrous pressure coming down but after taking Feiyun down, this pressure disappeared without a trace.

The contest between Feiyun and the other man earlier wasn’t an actual fight. It seemed that the enemy had unleashed a monstrous palm strike but outsiders wouldn’t be able to see anything - only feeling a certain pressure.

“Rhino, watch the brat, don’t let him cause trouble. The four of you follow me into this shrine.” Qinghua noticed something strange about the quiet shrine before leading the girls up the steps.

It was indeed very strange here at Ancient Path. More than ten thousand disciples trained in this place but from the base to the top, they haven’t met a single disciple. Anyone could tell that something was amiss right now.

Due to the broken bone in his neck, Feiyun couldn’t move at all, not to mention the iron chains on his wrist. He said feebly: “Brother Rhino, I have ten Spirit Condensation Pills on me, could you feed me one right now?”

“Brat, I won’t fall for your trap again, keep on lying there and wait for them to come back. We’ll take you back to Beastmaster then.” Rhino learned a lesson from last time and didn’t want to be tricked again.

Feiyun smiled: “They won’t come out, the opponent is stronger than your imagination. Wu Qinghua isn’t smart enough and will only be bringing the girls into despair.”

“Hmph, Feng Feiyun, you far underestimate the Buddhist Supreme. Her talents are exceptional and she had trained with the Golden Silkworm Scripture. Only the leading magnates could match her right now. Schemes and trickeries are useless before absolute power. For example, you just got taken down by a single finger strike from her.” The beast feared Qinghua deeply and couldn’t help but shudder when talking about her.

‘I can’t waste time speaking to this idiotic and cowardly rhinoceros.’ Feiyun calmed down and struggled to get up. He finally got into the meditative position with both hands still low on the ground and began drawing.

Rhino saw that the youth had stopped speaking and crouched down too.


The five ladies made it through the red entrance but the rich scent of incense and monks were nowhere to be found. Only a creepy, bizarre silence was left behind.

“Feng Feiyun said that the man might be the mysterious number one on the upper historical list.” Ling’er exercised prudence as her spirited eyes darted everywhere. The white wolf behind her felt the same anxiety.

“Be careful, everyone.” Qinghua felt something ominous as well.

“I smell meat.” Ninth Sister sniffed.

The smell of meat coming from a shrine? It was becoming heavier too. They followed the scent into the garden and saw something they would never forget for the rest of their lives.

Numerous nefarious characters occupied this place. They used sharp branches to skewer some white-robed monks and burned them over bonfires. Some have finished roasting and were being eaten.

The stench of meat came from human flesh.

There were hundreds of open fires burning the monks. Some were still alive and screaming - a scene of hell.

“Amitabha… you monsters… eating people like this… you will suffer in hell…” This old monk was tied up by iron chains and skewed above the fire. His skin was either falling off or charring by this point.

“Haha! We cultivate the heretical dao anyway and will feast on you all to absorb the Buddhist energy in your flesh, changing it to our own power. You’re not bad, eating you will save me thirty years.”

“Don’t, don’t eat me, I’ve only become a disciple of Ancient Path recently… I don’t have any Buddhist affinity in my body…” A fifteen-year-old monk pissed in his pants, paralyzed on the ground.

“How foul! You’re ruining my appetite!” A man with purple skin sighed and unleashed a wave of energy, killing the youth. He then threw the corpse into a dying fire, rekindling it once more.

Qinghua felt as if she had just walked from a Buddhist shrine straight to hell with a single step.

The cultivation ground of Buddhist has been taken over by the heretics for who knows how long now? Their mean and ferocious expression along with their terrorizing laughters scared the girls.

The four turned pale, nearly vomiting and no longer dared to look forward. They felt a chill stopping them from channeling spirit energy.

That devil Feng Feiyun? He was cute compared to these men.

“Haha! A Buddhist Supreme from Beastmaster is here, we’ll have softer and more flavorful meat on the menu, boys.” An old man with three black wings growing on his back stood up.

The wings were more than ten meters long. His hair was completely silver. His eyes were pushed deep into the decrepit sockets with two green lights shooting out, just like an asura from hell.

Qinghua could face these people calmly and said: “White hair and black wings, you cultivate the Nether Devil Wings Art and Nine Firmaments White Hair Law, two of the twelve ultimate heretical laws of the Senuo. Only a Death Walker in each generation could learn two heretical laws at the same time.”

The old man laughed, carrying death and coarseness in his inflection: “Quite knowledgeable, worthy of being a Buddhist Supreme! Yes, I am Shi Taluo, the Death Walker of this generation.”

Senluo Temple used to be the strongest heretical sect, even stronger than the current Mount Potala.

Below the Heretical King were four walkers - Life, Aging, Sickness, Death. Even the sect masters back then would shudder after hearing about these beings.

However, when the previous Heretical King disappeared, Senluo was divided into ten halls. The four walkers disappeared with him.

Qinghua was certainly alarmed seeing one of them right now.

She emphatically responded: “Senluo is no longer the same as before, plagued with constant internal conflicts in the ten halls. You aren’t a real Death Walker even though you cultivate two ultimate heretical laws.”

“Keke! The ten halls shall become one again, our young lord, the future Heretical King, will unite us and the heretical factions. We’ll devour everything under the heavens and it will be our world then! Jin? Sacred Spirit Palace? All will be ashes.”

His hands seemed to be made out of metals. When his fingers rubbed together, fiery sparks came out: “If you think I’m not worthy of the Death Walker title, then please, withstand ten moves from me. If you win, I will kneel and call you grandma every time I see you in the future.”

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