Chapter 605: Number One On The Upper List

Wu Qinghua and the four ladies certainly didn’t like Feng Feiyun but they still followed him. 

After all, he was right each step of the way, clearly better at reading people than them.

“Why is this devil so sure that the opponent is a monk on top of hiding in a shrine nearby?” The girl called Ninth Sister was very curious. She was quite bold despite being young, daring to call him devil.

“He’s just lucky. If he can’t find the scripture within three days, he’ll be done for.”

The powerful girls shrouded in their own auras flew below the clouds right behind Feiyun.

It didn’t take long before Rhino landed on the ground.

The six thousand miles in these mountains would take a lifetime to cross for a mortal but for a millennium spirit beast? Less than two hours.

A rugged mountain road made by green limestones and decorated by pine thickets appeared before them. These trees have grown for more than five hundred years.

Because the path was too old, there were potholes everywhere. Occasionally, inscriptions from previous travelers showed up.

“Ring! Ring! Ring!” The Buddhist bell at the peak resounded in a melodious and loud manner.

This was the way to Ancient Path Shrine - rumored to be built by a monk using his entire life and consisted of 38,000 steps. The path was more famous than the shrine itself up at the peak.

The girls had a heavy heart after seeing the death of their ancestor. They didn’t say anything along the way since their pride has suffered a strong blow.

Only Wu Qinghua had a strong enough mental fortitude to talk with Feiyun: “This shrine has been around for more than 2,400 years. Its founding monk has deep ties with Beastmaster. For generations now, the disciples here are friendly with us. I feel that this man can’t be from here.”

“My Venerable Buddhist Supreme, I don’t need you to tell me what to do.” Feiyun walked while issuing metallic clanking due to his iron chains. He suddenly crouched down by a cliff next to the path. He saw a faint footprint and pointed towards it with a nefarious smirk: “Half a day ago.”

He was following the aura of the previous ones and made it here. He only found one every dozen miles or so - not an easy task.  This was an identical footprint but the aura was no longer the same.

‘What’s going on? Did he got that much stronger after two months?’

His smile disappeared as he became serious, ‘Hmm, the last footprint at the camp was from two months ago when he was leaving. But this one is from half a day ago, could it be that he had comprehended the scripture in just two months and left?’

If that’s the case, maybe Wu Qinghua herself isn’t a match for him. 

Feiyun felt that the man must be a genius of the young generation so no matter how strong he might be, he would only be able to fight against a half-step genius at beast. After all, if he were strong enough, he wouldn’t need to fool Yu Lao or be afraid of the four supreme elders protecting the scripture.

But if his talents were good enough to learn the scripture in just two months on top of storing his aura inside the footprint completely now, then his cultivation might be ten times stronger than before.

This was a terrible sign.

“Feng Feiyun, what are you looking at?” One of the girls came forward.

Feiyun knew that her name was Huaji Ningxiang, a fourth-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivator versed in Buddhism.

He stood up and chuckled: “Didn’t you say you want to deal with that man? Here’s a chance to prove yourself. If you can erase this footstep, I will stop thinking of you as a flower vase.”

“Feng Feiyun, stop looking down on people. I refuse to do such a humiliating thing.” Ningxiang spoke; her hair as black as ink with lustrous skin.

“Haha! Any of you can try. I’ll give ten third-ranked Spirit Condensation Pill to the person who can erase this footprint.” Feiyun felt much better after finding the hiding spot of his frightening opponent and wanted to play with these girls since he was tired of their arrogance. It was time for them to know the immensity of the heaven and earth.

Sure enough, he took out ten pills that resembled dazzling cornelians and placed it on a plate.

The girls were tempted. These pills were extremely rare yet Feiyun took out ten of them. Nevertheless, their mind was strong enough to not be swayed by ten pills.

The most important reason was still their curiosity. If Feiyun dared to make this bet, it showed that the footprint was extraordinary. There must be something about it.

Wu Qinghua’s eyes shot out waves of light to stare at the footprint. Her pupils enlarged, clearly noticing something.

Her cultivation and knowledge far exceeded the girls. In the cultivation world, those with great comprehension of the heavenly dao could potentially leave behind marks containing their dao that are virtually indestructible - lasting for millenniums.

Ningxiang was the first. She waved her sleeve and shot out a white ray causing specks of dust to go flying. The footprint was still there after the strike.

“Oh?” The girls were surprised.

She went again with ninety-percent of her power. She gathered a five-meter-long palm and slowly pressed it down on the ground.

However, the footprint remained; the ground around it didn’t cave down at all.

“How can this be?” She quickly recalled her technique. Not only did she fail to remove the footprint, she nearly got hurt by the backlash from her own palm strike.

Chi Yao took out a white spirit sword with nine butterflies floating around it. With a straight slash, it severed a large portion of the cliff nearby yet still failed to destroy anything around the footprint. The power of a heavenly dao seemed to be protecting it.

The other two girls wanted to try but Wu Qinghua stopped them: “A master has used the laws of the heavenly dao to weave into this footprint. Your techniques will be useless, only your dao will be able to destroy it. Feiyun tricked you all.”

“Haha!” Feiyun laughed and put away his pills before heading for the shrine at the top.

“Who does it belong to?” Ling’er chased after him. She had just used her dao to destroy it but still failed like the rest and nearly got wounded.

She was the most talented among the four and had trained in the secular world before. Thus, she didn’t hate Feiyun as much. In fact, there was a hint of admiration.

“The person we’re trying to find.”

This answer shocked her.

Feiyun suddenly stopped and looked up at the peak. Though his cultivation has been sealed, he could still observe qi images.

A murderous energy occupied the peak. One hundred gigantic black dragons coiled around a prison with a golden Buddhist platform inside with a meditating avatar towering at three hundred meters.

This magnificent qi image took up half of the sky, a truly frightening spectacle.

Any cultivator who could see this would be shocked beyond imagination.

“Hundred Dragons Imprisoning Buddha.” Feiyun took a deep breath. 

This was a rarer qi image than Dongfang Jingshui’s Regal Supreme. However, his own murderous energy oozed out as he became competitive and smiled.

The Rhino was keen on spiritual changes and could sense something: “Feng Feiyun, you can see qi images? What is it?”

Ling’er was close to him. She looked like a perfect immortal grass with her delicate figure standing on top of the silver wolf. She could sense his competitiveness as well: “The ones who can see qi images are wisdom masters or people extremely attuned to the heavenly dao. Feng Feiyun, you can see something we can’t?”

The evil runes on his face became clearer; same with the redness in his eyes. He smiled: “I think I know who he is now.”

“Who?” She asked.

“A qi image like this in Jin? Someone I haven’t met before too? There is only one left - the number one of the upper historical list. Even the scholar couldn’t calculate and divine his identity, only the word, void.”

He started walking towards the peak, leaping over dozens of steps in one go. His momentum and aura surged with each jump.

He wanted to use this qi image to break the seal on his body so his battle intent and evil energy intensified at a rapid rate.

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