Chapter 603: Clues

Wu Qinghua agreed without hesitation: “As long as your demands aren’t out of line, I will listen to you.”

She obviously knew that he wasn’t a good person but out of confidence for her cultivation, she thought that being overly cautious would be enough to stop his trickeries.

“Really?” Feiyun smiled.

“We’ll find out.” Her eyes turned cold and flashed brilliantly. She was more experienced than the young girls after living or several hundred years.

Tan Qingsu wanted to say something but Qinghua has already beaten Feiyun. Plus, he was only a fourth level while she was a Super Giant at the eighth level. Feiyun wouldn’t be able to do much with just scheming.

The three chains were taken off him. Each link weighed more than ten thousand pounds with empowering runes on them. They were meant for sealing experts at the Giant level.

“Wu Qinghua, get me a cup of tea.” Feiyun swung his arms around and felt quite good so he had a smirk on his face.

This smile was wiped off when he felt a sharp pain in his stomach causing him to drop to the ground.

“Shit! Damn nun! You actually fed me a poisonous insect?!” He thought the nun was only scaring him but he could feel a centipede crawling in his blood right now.

The white-haired and muddled-eyed nun with no teeth to speak of smiled at him in a kind manner: “Young friend, grandma will give you the antidote as long as you bring back the scripture within three days.”

Having said that, she walked with her black wooden stick and tottered out of the pagoda. She was so old that death could come at any moment.

“Why three days?” Feiyun tried to overcome the pain and stood up with his fists clenched, really wanting to beat up the old nun.

Wu Qinghua was as beautiful as ever with a bright glow around her fair skin: “Because Senior Aunt only has three days left to live and she’s the only one with an antidote for the hundred-legged centipede. If you can’t bring it back on time, just get ready for death!”

The pain dissipated but his expression was quite ugly. He felt that this nun could die even sooner than that.

Tan Qingsu and the other supremes and high elders have left, leaving behind him and Wu Qinghua. 

She tied an iron chain around both of his wrists.

“What are you doing?” Feiyun slightly moved his hands to pull the chain, realizing that it weighed ten thousand pounds. Just slight friction caused sparks to go.

She replied: “So that you can’t cause trouble. You said you had some clues, what are they?”

She couldn’t see any hints and thought that he was lying.

Feiyun smirked, revealing his perfect teeth with a touch of evil affinity in his eyes. He walked over towards Yu Lao and crouched down: “Little Miss, I’ll start asking questions and you answer, okay?”

Qinghua said with disdain: “So this is what you’re talking about? She won’t tell you anything.”

“Release my seal and I will use my divine intents to read her memories.”

“Stop acting cool, there are no arts in this world that can take others’ memories.” She ignored him: “And as for opening your seal? Don’t even dream about it.”

“Ignorant woman.” He chuckled and raised Yu Lao’s chin: “Yu Lao, the truth is that I know who he is even if you don’t tell me.”

Her eyes flashed ever so slightly before becoming muddled again.

He continued: “The guy is very handsome, and young too.”

She stared at his evil face before trembling backward.

“He must be a master of Buddhism and life. The moment you saw him, it was akin to seeing a Buddha descending from above. He taught you mantras and heavenly dao; his knowledge is boundless like the ocean.”

The girl clenched her fists and became quite tense. She shook her head repeatedly, no longer looking at his eyes.

Feiyun laughed and stood up: “Alright, next stop.”

Qinghua looked at Yu Lao before looking at the departing Feiyun. She caught up and asked: “How do you know so much?”

“Just a guess.” Feiyun said: “A girl who grew up here has never seen a man before. Seeing a male stranger could frighten her to the point of fainting, so she naturally wouldn’t fall in love in just one night.”

Qinghua added: “So there is only one possibility, the man is a monk - a very handsome and profound one.”

Feiyun paused: “And he knows the weakness of the human heart as well. Perhaps he’s not a monk, just pretending to be one. Of course, this is still all speculations.”

“Where is the next stop?” Qinghua felt that the guy was a little bit clever.

He said: “The real question is how did he enter the camp? After figuring this out, we’ll know who he is.”

“There is only one way to get here, Calmwind Pass. but there are dozens of disciples on patrol on top of numerous formations prepared by my Junior Aunts. Even an Enlightened Being can’t come inside unnoticed. There’s no way.” She said.

Feiyun chuckled: “Well, but he did it. Our next stop is Calmwind Pass indeed.”

“What are you trying to do?” Qinghua coldly said.

“If that man could take advantage of Yu Lao for the scripture, why couldn’t he have seduced other disciples to enter the camp?” Feiyun said.

Qinghua’s voice became serious: “My Junior Aunt has lived for four hundred years, her mind is as bright as a mirror with great mental fortitude. No man can trick her.”

Feiyun left the pagoda and headed for the pass, no time to argue with Qinghua. In his opinion, Qinghua wasn’t smarter than the other female disciples at all. He only had three days so he couldn’t afford to waste a single second.

“Mooo!” A rhinoceros towering at eight meters with a spear-like horn and a cold aura landed in front of Feiyun. It had eyes as large as water basins and looked just like a tiny hill. Mud went flying everywhere.

It spoke: “The camp master ordered me to keep on watching you. I won’t let you poison me again.”

Feiyun jumped and landed on its back while the chain on his wrists issued clanking noise: “Then I will need to thank her for giving me a mount.”

Rhino stomped on the ground and became furious: “I am a rare species of a white Qilin Rhinoceros! Even the camp master doesn’t treat me as a mount, you dare to stand on my back...?!”

Suddenly, the gigantic beast shuddered; its eyes narrowed as it clenched its butt tightly, stricken with fear.

Wu Qinghua has just floated over with her robe fluttering in the wind. She landed on the tip of a tall blade of grass with a serious expression.

Just a glance from her nearly made Rhino drop to the ground. Despite being immensely powerful, it was traumatized by her and started shaking on sight.

Four girls were behind Qinghua; each was blessed by the heavens - full of spirituality and incredible beauty. They were the top talents of this generation in Beastmaster.

Chan Ling’er - thin figure with an impeccable complexion. She was shrouded in mist while standing on top of a large, white wolf. Faint Buddhist runes floated behind her.

Chi Yao - a white sword floated above her head. She rode a seventh-ranked lotus flower just like an Buddhist immortal from the Jade Lake on Mount Kunlun.

Last name Huaji, first name Ningxiang - only behind Chan Ling’er in terms of talents. She was born with a lofty and unyielding personality - an alchemist at heart. She rode an icy bird with brilliant colors and a cold aura.

“Ninth Sister” was a young girl, only around twelve or thirteen years of age. She had a faint glow around her with eyes like two jewels. Dozens of beasts and birds accompanied her as if she was the moon surrounded by the stars.

Feiyun’s expression soured: “What are you doing?”

Qinghua said: “They are the four top disciples of the camp in this generation and will be going with us for training.”

“Training?” Feiyun stared at her as if he was staring at a madman: “Do you think this is a game? The enemy is far more difficult to deal with than your imagination. One wrong move and your disciples that your camp has spent so much effort on will be annihilated.”

“You don’t need to worry, I can guarantee their safety.” Qinghua was very confident.

The truth was that she could back it up. Even the big shots in the cultivation world might not be able to take her on.

Chi Yao added: “Feng Feiyun, we’re not weaker than you and can handle any situation.”

Huaji Ningxiang added: “We’ll be capturing that villain and take back the scripture. You can just hide to the side, Rhino will protect you.”

These girls were amazingly talented and beautiful, so naturally, they were prideful as well. Due to their inexperience, Wu Qinghua wanted to broaden their horizon to the outside world.

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