Chapter 602: Using A Wolf To Deal With A Tiger

The girl pondered. After all, Feiyun was quite famous for putting an end to the Grand Chancellor. This news had shocked the entire world.

Though his cultivation was sealed, the guy was still powerful. Ordinary people wouldn’t dare to challenge him.

Wu Qinghua said: “Chi Yao, get back, you’re not a match for this devil.”

The girl was stubborn. Her white sword floated above her head like a star with nine white butterfly shadows circulating around it along with sword runes. She said: “Supreme, I will definitely defeat Feng Feiyun.”

“You can’t beat him even when his cultivation is sealed.” Qinghua emphatically replied.

Even she nearly lost to Feiyun, let alone these inexperienced girls. This was for Chi Yao’s own protection.

These girls couldn’t handle his treacherous and lowly schemes and would only lose in the end.

Chi Yao finally backed down.

Feiyun became disappointed and smirked towards Chi Yao in a provocative manner. He was going to taste a swan but it managed to fly away.

An old nun came forward with a serious expression: “Supreme, the Golden Silkworm Scripture is a sacred text of ours, we can’t lose it and must send experts to get it back.”

A different nun added: “It will herald a murderous contest in the secular world. Many sects will join in, perhaps the court as well.”

“But most importantly, if people were to find out that the real version is located at our sect, we’ll be pushed to the front of the waves. Heretical monsters and hermits will show up and try to seize it.”

These seniors in the pagoda had an ominous feeling as if a calamity was about to descend to their sect.

Feiyun wasn’t interested at all: “Wu Qinghua, isn’t it time to release me since I’m not the culprit?”

Wu Qinghua’s hair looked like a waterfall draping to the ground. Her eyes turned cold: “Release you? Feng Feiyun, your evil affinity is uncontrollable. Ambushing me is already a crime deserving of death, you think I will forgive you?”

“Haha! Wu Qinghua, don’t tell me you’re holding a grudge because I…” Feiyun suddenly stopped speaking as if the words were stuck in his throat.

She had sent out a cold energy to freeze his mouth, completely encasing it in frost. She was naturally afraid of him snitching about what had happened earlier - her almost losing her virginity to him.

All in all, this was a disaster for the camp. Even the camp master left her peak with her actual body.

She looked like a flawless immortal, too holy for this world. The girls here all felt inadequate as they lowered their head to greet her.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh…”

Rays from all directions landed on the island.

The ten supremes and the high elders from the second generation have received an order from the camp master to come to Qinghua’s pagoda.

Qingsu and Qinghua belonged to the third generation. The majority of the second generation were nuns that have lived for more than five hundred years, earning the title of high elders. They were the strongest old women in this sect.

The crowd trembled after seeing this group; the young ones weren’t qualified to participate in this deliberation about how to get the missing scripture back.

Of course, there was one exception - Feng Feiyun who was still tied to the pillar.

“Camp Master, let me go take it back and cut that villain to pieces.” The seventh supreme hated evil. Her body was as straight as a sword, looking quite heroic.

Tan Qingsu was very calm. She sat on her lotus platform and spoke with an elegant tone: “We don’t know who our enemy is so how can we give chase?”

The seventh supreme sighed - this was indeed an unfavorable situation.

The pagoda has closed its doors. The women stood in there among the flow of spirit energy resembling a starry sky.

Yu Lao was still inside, leaning against a wall. Her eyes were glazed, seemingly immersed in her own world. Nothing else mattered to her anymore, not even the sword inching against her neck.

Tan Qingsu spoke: “There is another problem, even if we know who it is, who can actually handle him? Like Feiyun has said, this person could travel freely in our camp, so he must be quite strong. Moreover, he just needed one night to win Yu Lao over completely, so he’s a master of romance; we can’t compare to him either. Powerful and intelligence, quite a tough match.”

An 800-year-old nun full of wrinkles with a body looking like a dried branch spoke with a hoarse voice: “Listening to you makes me think of another dreadful danger, Camp Master.”

“Senior Aunt, you mean...?” Qingsu could faintly guess the nun’s intention.

The old nun nodded: “The majority of our disciples grew up in our sect with such an innocent heart. Of course, this is amazing for cultivation but they do not know the treachery in others and the danger outside. If we don’t let them go out and train, their future will be full of perils.”

A different nun lamented: “Yu Lao got tricked because of her innocence and kindness, on top of being very foolish, sigh.”

Qinghua joined in: “I have brought up this matter long ago. Our young generation consists of several beautiful girls. Chan Ling’er and Chi Yao can rank among the top ten of beauties in Jin. If they don’t gain some experience, men will trick them in the future and this might bring about trouble for the sect too.”

“I agreed. We’ve let Ling’er experience the mortal coil a while ago. Her cultivation is strong but she still got into dangerous situations several times. It’s fortunate that we had high elders protecting her.”

The loss of the scripture made another long-existing crisis in the sect apparent.

“Are we just going to watch as the danger looms over our sect? We’re old now and the worst that can happen to us is death in battle, but as for these young ones… their fate won’t be as lucky…” Another nun sighed.

“We need to take the scripture back now or calamity will truly descend upon us.”

The atmosphere in the pagoda was quite solemn. Everyone was deep in thoughts but couldn’t come up with a countermeasure.

Tan Qingsu has been sitting there calmly the whole time. She said: “I have a plan, but I’m not sure if it is actually feasible.”

“You have a way to solve this crisis, Camp Master?”

Qingsu elaborated: “Feng Feiyun is a sinner with untamable evil affinity. However, he is also famous for his treachery and deceit. Thus, he understands the evil heart far more than us. Why not use a wolf to fight a tiger?”

“I don’t believe that this is a good plan, the wolf might bite us instead.” Qinghua hated Feiyun and said with a cold glint in her eyes: “I propose that we kill him right now in order to avoid needless complication in the future.”

The oldest nun contemplated for a while before jumping in: “I feel that the camp master’s method is doable. But first, we need to control this devil so he can’t bite back.”

She searched in her chest pocket before taking out a black pill. She smiled, revealing jagged teeth: “I found this inside a cave during a trip at Northern Frontier, a pill with a hundred-legged insect. Just let him eat this and he’ll be as docile as a child.”

Feiyun felt as if the old woman had taken off some mud from her own body and kneaded it into the shape of a pill.

The old woman shuffled over like a witch before placing the pill into his mouth. It rolled down his throat and suddenly grew legs and climbed deeper down his body.

Qinghua said: “Feiyun, you have three days to take the scripture back or you’ll be a dead man.”

Feiyun felt his throat drying up but he still sneered: “You think you can force me to work for you with a single pill? So naive.”

“Then what do you want?!” Qinghua stood up and slammed the table.

He laughed in response: “I want you to come with me. Otherwise, kill me all you want and I still won’t help.”

She recalled the scene of him ripping her clothes off and shuddered: “In your dream.”

Feiyun ignored her and continued on: “I can make demands because I’m certain about getting it back. I know just where to look?”

“Lies.” She gritted her teeth.

Feiyun smiled: “That man must know that we have figured it out by now and the camp will send experts after him. He’ll surely take the initiative to spread the news of the avatar to the world. At that point, many people will come running, sigh, the consequences will be unimaginable…”

Qinghua’s expression changed. The guy made a lot of sense. She clenched her fists and said: “If you are sure that you can find him, I’ll go with you.”

Feiyun smirked: “You must also swear before Buddha that you will obey any and all of my orders. Agree to this and we can move on. Keke, Buddhist Supreme Wu, you understand?”

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