Chapter 601: Who Is That Man?

Monk Jiu Rou who just got here had cold sweat all over: ‘This silly girl is something else!’

He pulled Nalan Xuejian away from Feiyun, thinking that today was going to be a bad day. This was going to be a big problem so he was regretting letting her come here to see the show.

Wu Qinghua slightly nodded towards the monk to show respect. After all, he was very prestigious in the Buddhist sect. Even a Buddhist Supreme like her was only a child before him.

Feng Feiyun didn’t like this monk at all and laughed: “Haha! Wu Qinghua! Didn’t you say that I was the only man here? Is that bald donkey not a man? I’m sure he’s the one who got Yu Lao pregnant, the criminal has finally shown himself!”

Many people suddenly stared at the monk, same with Nalan Xuejian with her blinking eyes.

Shit! The monk’s bell-like eyes became wide open. He placed his palms together and murmured: “Amitabha! Amitabha! I am a Buddhist with no desires, how could I have done something like this?”

“Pah! No desires? You’re a fake monk who eats meat and drinks wine on top of beating people and cursing, the laws of Buddhism are empty before you. It’s actually normal for you to fall into lust too.” Feiyun retorted.

The monk became as red as a tomato after hearing this.

Feiyun went on: “I have been meditating on Skyhigh Peak to expel the evil within and only got down today. The camp master can be my witness, so that baby in her right now can’t be mine! It has to be the bald donkey’s!”

He then shouted: “Tan Qingsu, I know you’re here! Come out and testify for me already.”

The disciples here started chanting in their mind, thinking that Feiyun was really a villain - daring to call out the name of their camp master. They should really banish him to the Ceaseless Pain of hell.

Clouds and mists gathered in the sky and turned into a figure floating in the sky - resembling a transcending immortal. This was Qingsu’s avatar.

Every disciple here bowed to greet her with the exception of Wu Qinghua.

The figure had an ethereal and unworldly voice: “Feng Feiyun truly only left yesterday, I can confirm that the child isn’t his.”

The disciples here naturally believed their camp master. However, this only made the situation more complicated.

Who was the culprit then?

“Haha! Bald donkey, what do you have to say now? Just admit it and hand the scripture over and maybe you can leave with your woman and child to enjoy a family life. Otherwise, Buddhist Supreme Wu and the camp master will let the three of you have it!”

“Amitabha!” The monk only placed his palms together again and chanted.

Wu Qinghua coldly said: “Monk Jiu Rou has an apex mental state and has saved the camp multiple times in the past, he is the Sacred Protector of our sect, so this is not his doing. Yu Lao, who is the man? If you don’t tell me, I will pierce your fetus right now with this sword!”

Yu Lao was cowering and trembling in the corner. She bit her lip and wouldn’t open her mouth.

Feiyun obviously knew that it wasn’t the monk and only wanted to tease him. But who could it be then?

Wu Qinghua was infuriated and thought about killing.

Meanwhile, Nalan Xuejian pitied the girl and came to embrace her: “Buddhist Supreme Wu, Sister Yu Lao is suffering enough, please spare her.”

“Girl, come back here, don’t interfere with this important matter.” The monk shouted.

Xuejian shook her head before speaking to Yu Lao: “Sister, tell the supreme who that jerk is! He’s not bothering to come out and save you right now, proving that he is just a rapacious liar, no need to go against your sect for his sake.”

“I have no intention of going against or betraying the sect, I really don’t, please believe me!” Yu Lao slammed her forehead on the ground until it started bruising and bleeding: “Supreme, he is a good person who only wants to borrow the scripture, he’ll return it in no time after he’s done cultivating it, he’s not a liar, definitely not.”

“I believe you.” Xuejian helped Yu Lao up and wiped the blood off her face: “How long did he say?”

“Only ten days, he said he needed ten days to comprehend it and will return it, then he’ll take me to the outside world, riding spirit beasts and soaring through the countryside to see the flower fields, a worried-free life…” Her eyes became dreamy, completely infatuated with her lover.

Feiyun laughed and said: “Did he return it after ten days?”

The light in her eyes subsided.

“How many ten days has it been then?” Feiyun continued.

Her eyes became increasingly dimmer. Suddenly, she looked up and said with determination: “Something must be slowing him down, that must be it, or he would have returned it already… No… he is stricken with an incurable illness… hoo hoo… he might have died…” She started crying towards the end.

Feiyun laughed again: “He told you that his incurable illness can only be cured by the Golden Silkworm Scripture? That’s why you helped him stole it?”

Yu Lao nodded in astonishment: “How do you know?”

“Because I’m a god!” Feiyun was very amused: “I also know that he told you that he isn’t afraid of death, only afraid of you being lonely after his death. He can’t bear to die knowing that.”

“He did say that, and that he loves me the most in this world, always thinking about my well-being.” Her face became lovestruck again.

Wu Qinghua was speechless and almost threw her spirit sword several times at Yu Lao.

On the other hand, Feiyun was enjoying the situation: “That’s not all, I even know that he taught you how to lie for the scripture.”

She nodded but still defended: “He said that this was his only time tricking people, he has never done it before and never will again.”

The disciples from the camp all wanted to cry. Yu Lao was really too poor, still in love with the guy at this point.

Feiyun smiled: “Young lady, I’m curious about how long you guys were together for you to love him so much, to the point of being willing to die for him.”

Yu Lao said softly: “Just one night. He left on the second day with the scripture.”

She answered so nonchalantly but everyone seemed to be struck by lightning.

“...” The older and powerful nuns thought that they have misheard her.

Just one night was all it took for Yu Lao to give everything to him on top of helping him steal the scripture? Most importantly, she was still confident in his return so she continued to wait at the camp.

Feiyun was surprised too - what a guy, what a guy. Just how charming and charismatic was this man for a girl to sacrifice so much for him?

The female disciples were confused too, unable to accept this fact. Some of the geniuses have murderous flash in their eyes, swearing that they would kill that man in the future.

“Such contempt for our sect members. Buddhist Supreme, please allow me to leave the sect to capture that villain and take back the scripture. I’ll have him suffer a fate worse than death.” A genius rode a misty lotus and descended. She got on one knee outside the pagoda.

She was among the top ten of this generation at Beastmaster.

Feiyun laughed in response: “Haha, little girl, you’re not his match and he’ll have you suffer a fate worse than death. Look at your pretty face and gorgeous body, he’ll definitely enjoy you.”

The girl coldly answered: “I have reached the fourth level of Heaven’s Mandate, comparable to the young kings out in the cultivation world.”

“You’re still nothing but food.” Feiyun said with disdain: “I don’t know who that man is, but if he could travel freely at the camp, he’s definitely exceptional. I myself can’t do it, so he’s superior to me.”

“That’s because you’re not strong enough, or you wouldn’t be tied up here.” The girl’s long hair draped over her shoulder. Her eyes were elegant with a touch of pride.

“Is that so? Then try me on with a bet? You’re still not my opponent even if my cultivation is sealed and if you can’t beat me, how are you going to capture that man?” He taunted.

“What kind of bet?” She said.

“No, I need to know first whether you will carry out your end of the bargain after losing.” His eyes looked evil, accompanied by devilish laughter.

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