Chapter 600: Being Tricked Can Lead To Pregnancy?

“I only want to burn some joss paper for him, please, just let me go?” Her pretty eyes were filled with tears as she pitifully stared at the monk.

The monk mused for a bit: “Well, it doesn’t really matter where you burn the joss money. Beastmasters Camp is located at an illustrious location, looking down on the nine under-realms with the sky right above. How about this? We’ll go to a lake and burn him an entire carriage of joss paper? He can live large for a hundred years down at the eighteenth-level of hell.”

Nalan Xuejian gently bit her lips, finding this monk more annoying by the minute before completely sobbing.

On the path decorated with bamboo trees, a woman with clear skin and beautiful features came over. She had a delicate and feminine figure.

This was a young nun but her eyes were seductive. If she were to come out in the world, she would be a kingdom-toppling beauty, a cause for warfare.

She wore a white Buddhist gown but her skin was even fairer - almost like a snow fairy.

“Why are you crying, Junior Sister?” Bai Ruxue’s voice was elegant and calm just like the streams around the mountain.

Who would have thought that this nun used to be a demoness from the fourth hall of Senluo Temple?

She was subdued by Nangong Hongyan, ordered to stay around Nalan Xuejian in order to steal her Nalan Buddhist Robe. She pretended to be a victim and became Monk Jiu Rou’s disciple.

However, this monk’s cultivation was frightening on top of being very cautious. Despite being quite crafty, she had no opening to do anything.

The threat was gone with Nangong Hongyan’s dead but she still didn’t leave because of two reasons.

First - the robe.

Second - secretly studying the monk’s Buddhist scripture - The People.

“This girl won’t learn The People Scripture and its great dao, only thinking about running away. You’re here on time, go persuade her.” The monk sighed and began drinking again.

He didn’t want to pass the scripture down to Bai Ruxue so she has no choice but to secretly learn it from Nalan Xuejian.

Ruxue’s eyes were as bright as the stars. Her white brows slightly shook as she asked with a smile: “Junior Sister, I’ve heard that something very interesting has happened today at the camp, many sisters are running there to watch.”

“Really?” Xuejian looked up; her hair was a mess but the tears were no longer there. She pulled on Ruxue’s sleeve and asked: “What is it?”

“Alright, don’t pull now, I’ll tell you. Someone said that a disciple is pregnant on Thousand Islands, I don’t have all the details.” Ruxue said.

Even the monk stopped chewing on his large piece of meat. He looked over, feeling quite interested in this rare event. The camp has been too peaceful recently.

“Oh? How did she get pregnant?” Xuejian’s eyes brimmed with curiosity.

Ruxue said: “A man tricked her, or so they said.”

“Tricked by a man?” Xuejian became anxious: “But I’m always tricked by Feng Feiyun back then, why didn’t I get pregnant?”

“...” Ruxue was speechless.

“Ugg…” The meat got stuck inside the monk’s throat. He hastily poured wine down his throat before managing to swallow it down.

During his struggle, Xuejian and Ruxue have already flown towards Thousand Islands, turning into two pretty rays in the sky.

“Slow down, I’m coming too!” The monk raised his robe like a great bird raising its wings to give chase.


No secrets last forever. Though Qinghua forbade her disciples from talking about this, it still traveled across the camp within half a day.

Pretty girls came rushing. The majority of them were young and beautiful with a transcending and pure aura.

The powerful ones had a Buddhist glow and rode lotus flowers with a white halo above their head. Just a slight movement from them could affect nature and vegetation.

“I heard the pregnant girl is Supreme Wu’s maid; she even helped that man steal the Golden Silkworm Scripture.” A girl was standing on a silver wolf’s head. The beast was floating on top of a bamboo tree, swaying with the wind.

This was the camp’s most excellent disciple in this generation - Chan Ling’er. She had entered the secular world to train before, even participating in the name-engraving event at the holy tablet.

However, she kept a low-profile and rarely fought so no one knew her current cultivation.

“How despicable, to do something like that to our camp. If the camp master didn’t take in that monster, this wouldn’t have happened.” Another talented girl stood on top of a lake. Waves emanating from the bottom of her feet, not in a circular shape but in the image of a Buddha.

This was the tenth-ranked disciple of the camp.

Several other beauties gathered and stared angrily at Feiyun, even wanting to kill him.

Chan Ling’er was the leader of these girls. She said softly: “Feng Feiyun might be a heinous criminal but I have met him several times in the past, this person dares to admit what he has done - a monster but not a pretender.”

Meanwhile, Feiyun’s crazed laughter came from the pagoda: “Wu Qinghua, you bitch! I won’t admit to this even if you kill me! I’m not going to cave when the child isn’t mine!”

The girls felt that Feiyun was courting death, cursing at their Supreme like this. Wu Qinghua was famous for being stern and ruthless. They were all afraid of this iron-faced Buddhist.

“Wu Qinghua, keep burning me with this second-level flame! If I ever get out, I’m going to tear your robe off for the second time and push you down till you cry for your mother, gonna get you pregnant too… Haha!”

Despite being burned by the flame, he was still laughing and infuriating Qinghua.

The girls have never heard something so perverted before. They all turned red; the older nuns started covering the little ones’ ears.

Of course, the good listeners heard Feiyun saying, “for the second time”. How could this be, the Supreme has already been stripped once…?

They didn’t dare to imagine this and chanted mental-stabilizing mantras. Nevertheless, they still wondered, ‘No, no way. Feiyun might be a monster but he’s not a match for the Supreme and definitely can’t strip her, his foul mouth must be uttering nonsense… oh no, Amitabha, what am I imagining, Amitabha…’

Qinghua’s eyes turned cold. Her reputation and authority were being challenged in public like this.

She couldn’t kill him right now before finding the missing scripture so she wanted to cut off his annoying tongue first.

The other disciples were afraid of him and didn’t dare to get close so she needed to do it herself.

She raised her hand and created a spirit sword with cold energy oozing from the tip.

This cold energy froze Feiyun’s mouth, covering it with a layer of frost.

Feiyun still managed to speak: “Wu Qinghua! I dare you to kill me! But it won’t solve the problem anyway, that man who snuck in here will continue to do his things, many innocent girls will become mothers!”

“You think I will believe you?” She channeled the sword energy into his mouth.

“Don’t cut off his tongue!” A gust of wind rushed into the pagoda and landed in front of Feiyun. 

Xuejian emerged and tried to take off the chains; tears continued to flow from her eyes. She didn’t think that she would be able to meet him again.

Her fingers lightly caressed his face to see if this was reality. It was indeed, not just another dream of hers.

The bloodshot in his eyes rescinded by quite a bit, same with his evil affinity. He stared at this familiar yet unfamiliar woman. After several years, she has grown up - losing a touch of innocence and became even more beautiful.

“Xuejian…?” He opened his dried lips.

She nodded repeatedly and cutely said: “Why are you alive?”

Feiyun said: “Ahem, it’s a long story… Ow! Why did you stomp my feet, my toes are about to break!”

“Hmph! It’s your fault for tricking other women, you should only be tricking me!” She stomped on his foot again before grabbing his ear: “You tricked Yu Lao and got her pregnant, so why am I not pregnant when you tricked me all the time? Were you tricking me about tricking me?!” [1]

The girls nearby were stunned - what the heck is going on here?

1. I hope this last sentence makes sense, trying to preserve the absurdity

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