Chapter 598: Pregnant Disciple

“That’s a Buddhist cultivator for you, so selfless. Very well, as you wish.” Feiyun smiled deviously and traced his finger down the back of her jade neck - lower and lower down her back.

He grabbed her pale blue undergarment and pulled down, revealing her plump and seductive breasts like large bowls.

Wu Qinghua, a supreme comparable to the camp master, was bare naked before Feiyun. This goddess from above had met a devil and he would show no mercy.

No one could bear to watch such a beautiful woman being ravaged.

Her cultivation far exceeded his but the treacherous scheme was successful, turning her into his prisoner.

“Feng Feiyun, let’s talk, I can give you a top spirit treasure… Ah!” She let out a soft moan, feeling a large and rough hand kneading her left breast.

This place was unexplored until now… ‘You monster…’

She seemed to be struck by thunder, twitching. She eventually closed her eyes; her eyebrows trembled slightly, not wanting to watch this scene.

“Spirit treasure? Ten of them aren’t comparable to your body. Riding a Buddhist Supreme and ravaging her however I want? Going to feel real good once I let everyone knows.” Feiyun coldly said while continuing to knead her breast into all shapes and forms, leaving behind marks - clearly being too rough.

“What… you want to tell people?” She opened her eyes, revealing a resolute flash.

She could handle being raped by him but would never let anything harm the reputation of Beastmaster Camp. If he were to run outside and brag about this, even her committing suicide wasn’t enough to clear this stain.

Other people would think if he had slept with the Buddhist Supreme, how many other female disciples have he slept with?

Just this thought terrified her. She would never let this happen!

“Boom!” The flash in her eyes intensified and ignited into a fire. Two seven-ranked lotus platforms flew out, each with a pagoda growing on the center.

These two pagodas were actually sealed in her eyes. One flame was black while the other white. Numerous beast souls were imprisoned and screaming within.

“This is… a forbidden technique of the heretical sect, Yin Yang Dual-chromatic Pagoda.” Feiyun was astonished. A supreme of this sect was actually cultivating a forbidden heretical technique?

He tried to retreat but it was too late. The pagodas turned gigantic and suppressed him. He tried to lift them up but it was impossible. His body continued being pushed down by these two extremely heavy mountains.

“This is the source of that technique, a great artifact. Those heretical merit laws were derived from it in a crooked manner with dual-cultivation. It had no essence of the real thing.” Despite being naked, she was still as holy as an immortal. It was as if there was a moon hidden in her body.

She risked her life just now to use this treasure. After suppressing Feiyun, she meditated and placed her palms together to heal.

Her master obtained it from Bronze Cauldron Mountain, an ancient site. This person used an incredible method to take it out. Before dying, she expended all of her cultivation and planted it into Qinghua’s eyes.

Even with Qinghua’s cultivation right now, she still had trouble controlling them. This was her first time using them.

After an hour, she stood up, still as flawless as ever, and put on a white robe. However, her hair was still a mess and the pink has yet to leave her complexion. 

Being groped and undressed by that monster left her full of rage and hate.

Feiyun was still all-smiles: “You look much better naked.”

Given her appearance right now, if someone were to come in, they would think that Feiyun had slept with her.

“Your disciple, Yu Jing, has an important matter to report.” A girl outside the pagoda urgently asked. 

Qinghua’s expression slightly changed. She shifted and turned into a cloud of white smoke, landing back on the lotus floating in the sky. The fog rendered her ethereal and impossible to see through.

Feiyun sneered in his mind. This woman was afraid of being seen by her own disciple right now and needed to hide. She cared too much about her reputation.

The door to the pagoda opened. Yu Jing came in and saw the broken statue and broken walls.

Her mouth was agape, not expecting the training place of the supreme to turn to this mess.

“Supreme… what…” She kneeled on the ground, full of questions in her mind.

“Feng Feiyun infiltrated the pagoda with the intention of ambushing me. I have subdued him.” Qinghua’s voice sounded like a great Buddha.

The girl looked back and saw Feiyun being tied to a pillar. The guy smiled sinisterly at her, frightening her into looking away.

‘So that’s the devil Feng Feiyun that no crime is too heinous for. Can’t believe he dared to ambush the supreme. Looks like he was easily subdued.’ She had heard of Feiyun’s infamy before and no longer dared to look at him again.

She said: “Supreme, I have an important matter to report.”

“What?” Qinghua looked down from her lotus.

Yu Jing hesitated: “Earlier, I passed by Yu Mo and Yu Lao’s place and accidentally heard them talking about Yu Lao… She’s…”

“Speak, a Buddhist disciple does not mumble as if hiding something.” Qinghua coldly said.

Yu Jing was afraid and quickly responded: “Yu Lao has been pregnant for two months!”

This was a shocking response, stunning not only Qinghua but also Feiyun.

Qinghua was furious and sent a mental transmission, ordering eight inner disciples of Thousand Island to bring Yu Lao here.

Yu Lao was her maid, only fifteen years of age. She grew up here and was as pure as a piece of white paper. How could she be pregnant? Who was the father?

A man was definitely behind this but men weren’t allowed here.

Feiyun was ecstatic about the fun show. Another man had snuck into this place as well, a capable one too, actually impregnating Qinghua’s maid. It wasn’t easy to seduce a woman from this place, and actually having sex with her? This guy must be incredible. Feiyun was very, very impressed.

It didn’t take long before a pretty girl was brought to the pagoda. After seeing Qinghua, she immediately prostrated and sobbed: “I have let you down, Supreme, and ruined the reputation of Beastmaster Camp, please grant me death!”

Qinghua had tied up her hair; her robe looked especially clean. She stood at the center of the pagoda and coldly said: “You obviously deserve death.”

The tied-up Feiyun interrupted with loud laughter: “You can’t kill her, you can’t, that’s two lives we’re talking about.”

Yu Lao’s hair was a mess; tears dripped all over her face. She was on the ground, grabbing Qinghua’s robe and started to beg: “I deserve death but the baby is innocent, please spare him, Supreme. After I give birth, I will end myself before you.”

Qinghua scowled: “This demon spawn must die as well since it’ll be the shame of Beastmaster Camp.”

Yu Lao seemed to have lost her will to live after hearing this. She gently touched her stomach as tears dripped loudly onto the ground.

Feiyun sighed and said: “So inhumane! The child is innocent.”

“Feng Feiyun!” Qinghua shouted as the air around her turned cold: “You’re the only man in Beastmaster Camp! You are utterly heartless, infecting our disciple with your evil. This child is clearly yours so that’s why you want it alive. The two of them will die because of you, it has nothing to do with me.”

“Hey now, I only left Skyhigh yesterday. She’s pregnant for two months already so don’t blame this on me. But if you got pregnant tomorrow and blame it on me, I guess… I’ll take responsibility for that.” He smirked.

Qinghua’s expression darkened as she gritted her teeth. She gathered energy in her palm in the shape of a sword, wanting to cut off his tongue.

Suddenly, an old woman flew in and said seriously: “Supreme, two months ago, Yu Lao came to the Golden Library to ask for the Golden Silkworm Scripture and said that you asked for it. It still hasn't been returned and I’ve just heard that she was two-month pregnant, could it be…”

Qinghua’s expression was not pretty right now.

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