Chapter 597: Two Choices

Infiltrating this island required passing through several dangerous areas consisting of incredible formations and arrays. Feiyun still made it all the same.

It wasn’t that easy evading the women here but here he was, standing inside the pagoda.

He naturally didn’t have the skills to do so since his dantian was sealed. However, Rhino helped him distract the powerful nuns, allowing him to come here unscathed.

Wu Qinghua was lying in the prone position below the broken wall. Her dress was a mess; the tying ribbon was ripped so her hair was all over the place.

From the distant, her snow-white skin and perfect curves were right there. Her legs slightly opened in a tempting manner.

“What do we have here? The Buddhist Supreme of Thousand Islands is actually so young and pretty, good sleeping position too.” Feiyun laughed and crouched down in front of her, wanting to take off the ring.

However, a powerful aura surged. His eyes narrowed as he quickly retreated.

“Boom!” The ring flew out of her finger, enveloped by a golden brilliance, and went straight for him.

The distance was too close so he had to block it. The Buddhist power around the ring slammed into his hand, causing him to slide on the ground for thirty meters before dispersing this energy.

He stabilized his stance and grabbed the ring, putting it back on: “That’s a Buddhist Supreme for you, even that wasn’t enough to take you down.”

Qinghua stood up, revealing her beautiful features - long and straight brows. Her eyes turned cold: “Feng Feiyun, why are you here?!”

Her dress was a mess but the holy aura demanding respect remained. She stood with her legs shut tight, an elegant posture.

Feiyun smiled: “I was going to capture you and force you to get me out of here, but after seeing your pretty face, I’ve changed my mind. We need to get to know each other.”

“How bold, looks like you want to die. Your evil affinity is untamable so I’ll be sending you on your way to hell.” Qinghua reached forward and condensed a golden glow in her hand with the shape of a Buddha.

“You think you can scare me? Drop the act, you’re clearly grievously injured. I’ll be undressing you today, to see the beautiful sight this dress is hiding.” Feiyun’s eyes looked completely evil, same with his demonic aura. He began to attack.

He was absolutely certain that she was greatly injured. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have needed to pretend to be unconscious for a sneak attack due to her mighty cultivation. Just one hand would have been enough to suppress him.

Though his cultivation was sealed, his physical strength was no joke. A punch from him could injure a fifth-level Heaven’s Mandate.

Qinghua’s eyes became serious. She remained calm and stood straight, reaching out her delicate right hand to meet his fist nine times. 

Her jade-like fingers were untouched, protected by the golden glow flowing like spirit feathers and scattering flowers.

Despite a clear disparity in size, she could handle his attacks without giving an inch, just like a deep-rooted immortal tree.

“Haha, you’re really injured, the ring has crushed your veins so you can’t move your upper half, only your right hand.” Feiyun could tell.

She had many chances to finish him but because of her immobility, she could only defend.

“Feiyun, even if your cultivation wasn’t sealed, I could still crush you.” Qinghua gathered spirit energy, looking like a glowing fairy.

Waves of warm Buddhist rays flowed on her white, glistening skin. Her lips looked like carved rubies; teeth perfectly white.

She began chanting while spewing out offensive runes.

“Boom!” Feiyun punched the runes flying but was also pushed backward. These runes carried enough power to crush steel.

Another one hundred runes of varying size came flying with considerable force.

Feiyun continued unleashing shockwaves with his punches but he couldn’t destroy them, only pushing them back temporarily.

His eyes turned red. He roared and suddenly stomped on the ground, creating a fissure. He used this force to propel himself onto the ten-meter-tall Buddha statue with eight arms and nine heads. He grabbed the statue’s head before doing a flip in the air to throw it straight at her.

Her chant became faster, increasing the number of runes that fly out. This was an ocean of golden brilliance. It smashed onto the statue and issued clanking sounds like a gong.

“Boom!” In the split second where the statue was going to fall on her, she touched it with her finger, freezing it in the sky.

She was a master of using soft against hard, capable of shouldering a falling sky with a single finger.

Feiyun leaped forward and stomped on the statue’s back. The force pushed down on her.

“Boom!” The statue issued a deafening blast.

If it wasn’t for the formations and seals around the pagoda, this detonation would have echoed across the entire island.

Feiyun did that another twenty times, stomping down on the statue. Qinghua’s injuries worsened. She changed her finger stance to a full palm-strike in order to lift the statue.

Feiyun leaped up in the sky again to gather momentum for a more powerful stomp. The statue’s back was completely penetrated this time. The bottom of his foot met her palm strike, causing her arm to slightly bend back but she managed to straighten it a second later.

“Haha, Wu Qinghua, you call me a monster, so I’ll show you one today!” Feiyun dropped down and unleashed a palm strike on her chest, causing her to slam on the wall for the second time.

The injuries stacked up so she could no longer resist.

The statue finally dropped to the ground, issuing metallic rumblings.

Feiyun walked slowly before her; his eyes completely red with black runes on his face. He grabbed the cloth by her chest and lifted her up, pushing her into the wall. 

As her slender and graceful posture was hanging in the air, she coldly stared at him with her bright, clearly-defined eyes. She didn’t panic despite the current situation.

After several hundred years of cultivation, she has lost the innocence and bashfulness of a maiden. Her mind was powerful just like a flawless sovereign.

Blood dripped from the corner of her lips as she spoke: “Feiyun, there’s nothing good in capturing me. You won’t be able to leave the island. I advise you to give up now and I might spare you.”

He wasn’t afraid of her threat at all and grabbed her chin, sneering: “Two choices, either take me out of here or I will rape then kill you!”

The calm Qinghua felt a chill after hearing his evil laughter and seeing his demonic grimace. Her eyes flashed, quickly trying to think of a method to escape.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to wait and needed to force her to make a choice.

He made up his mind and added a little strength to his grip. The dress was ripped into little pieces resembling white butterflies.

Her pale blue undergarment was revealed along with her white breasts and the tenderness between her legs - quite a stimulating scene.

Below her shapely collarbones were her broad breasts forming a clear cleavage. Though still supported, one could tell that they were firm and upright, causing others to salivate.

Qinghua was a famous beauty when she was younger and traveling the world. Every prodigy thought that she was a fairy from above. Later on, after becoming a supreme, she became holy and untouchable. No one could pursue her.

But now, this Buddhist Beauty was being forcibly undressed by Feiyun in her very own pagoda, pushed to the wall and couldn’t move at all. He even declared his intention of raping then killing her.

Other female disciples of the sect would faint from shock if they were to see this. Feiyun was committing a heinous crime, more than enough to incite the wrath of the entire world.

If Buddha wished to subdue evil, the latter would naturally fight back.

“Yes or no?” Feiyun smirked, his lips nearly touching her face.

The wild breath of a male assaulted her, nearly causing her Buddhist heart to succumb.

“I rather fall than to let you go free, monster.” She said quietly, her breath becoming ragged as he caressed her face.

Feiyun’s fingers had a strange charm, almost like lightning. She sweated as she tried to chant but was repeatedly interrupted by Feiyun as he was touching her most sensitive areas.

Her soft whispers didn’t sound like chanting to Feiyun - more like the seductive moans of a woman in heat.


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