Chapter 595: The Ten Branches Of Beastmaster

Beastmaster Camp was one of the oldest lineages in Jin. It had numerous ruins scattered across the mountain range. Numerous Buddhist sages have come out of this place and shocked the world with their might.

“This is Greatheart Convent, consisting of eight mountains, the seventh branch of this place. Greatheart Abbess personally wrote the Greatheart Scripture and started this branch.” 

Rhino brought Feiyun around the ten branches while explaining each one.

Though it wanted to teach Feiyun a lesson, it didn’t dare to stimulate him too much, especially his evil affinity. Tan Qingsu would not be pleased.

“This is Thousand Island Pond, the third branch. It has been around for nearly 30,000 years and is still the strongest branch here, with 3,000 inner disciples. It’s quite rare to see something prosperous for such a long time in the entire cultivation world.”

Beastmaster Camp only had female disciples. Moreover, their recruitment was very stringent - requiring virginity, great talents, and exceptional mental state. That’s why having 3,000 disciples was considered prosperous.

An inner disciple could cultivate in the sect, the opposite of an outer disciple. The latter wasn’t qualified to train here and had to deal with the vulgar world, carrying out certain tasks.

“They’re all women? All 3,000?” Feiyun asked.

“Obviously, the first requirement is not being a male.” Rhino stopped and answered with a sad voice. It glanced towards the Thousand Island Pond with trepidation before rushing: “Let’s go to a different spot!”

It was strange to hear sadness from a spirit beast.

Feiyun had no intention of leaving and stared at beast’s behind: “You’re not a male?”

“Not anymore, males are forbidden here, even for regular and spirit beasts.” Its voice became sadder.

Feiyun took a deep breath and looked at its groin to find something before shaking his head: “This place is really inhumane. That grandma Tai Qinsu is so evil, to actually neuter you and ending your line.”

“Boom!” Rhino stomped on the ground, leaving a huge pit behind. The rocks beneath Feiyun were crushed from the vibration.

“Brat, I know that your evil affinity is out of control and you wish to escape this place. However, do not blame the wrong person. Camp Master Tan is merciful and benevolent, this has nothing to do with her.” Rhino threatened, really wanting to stomp Feiyun’s head.

Meanwhile, Feiyun stood there with evil runes on his face along with a bloody glow in his eyes, looking quite demonic. He wasn’t scared in the slightest.

A spirit beast was frightening but wasn’t enough to scare him.

Rhino continued: “Brat, why are you asking me this? I’m warning you, the female disciples here are nuns, pure while cultivating their mind and body. If you dare to have any ideas about them, I’m gonna kill you.”

Rhino was comparable to a Giant so it wasn’t just all talk. Despite being a rhinoceros, it had intelligence and knew that Feiyun was a heinous monster, so it was relatively vigilant towards him.

Feiyun smiled deviously: “I’m not that type of person.”

Having said that, he jumped onto one of the islands there, dozens of miles in size. It was full of purple trees, the smallest one being as thick as five people with their hands connected. Its leaves were also purple. One could instantly sense the spirituality emanating from the trees and leaves.

This was indeed an old lineage - these Violet Iron Trees have lived for ten thousand years. They were the recorders of time, living far longer than humans.

He walked along a gravel pathway in a forest and could hear the bells and chantings.

Rhino was scared out of his mind - what the hell does this devil want?! Don’t go crazy now!

It spun its tail and gave chase. 

“Brat, don’t be insane. The Buddhist Supreme of Thousand Island Pond, Wu Qinghua, is a fierce one, she doesn’t even give a damn about the camp master. I accidentally came to this place once and she castrated me, throwing my thing into the water to feed the fish.” Rhino blocked Feiyun’s path in order to kick him off this island.

It didn’t wish to stay here for a second longer due to its history. It was also afraid of Wu Qinghua. Just standing there made it shiver and felt a chill, especially in the groin area.

The camp had a total of ten branches, independent of each other. All of the founders were incredible sages.

The current sect master of each branch was called a Buddhist Supreme.

In order words, outside of Camp Master Tan Qingsu, there were ten other supremes.

“Wu Qinghua seems so arrogant then, daring to cut off your balls. People say look at the master before you beat the dog, she really doesn’t care for the camp master then.” Feiyun chuckled and tried to instigate: “Are you actually swallowing this anger? She doesn’t respect the camp master, you don’t want to teach her a lesson?”

Smoke puffed out of Rhino’s big nose. It licked its lips, fully realizing what Feiyun is doing:” Brat, first of all, I’m a rhinoceros with the bloodline of a white qilin, not a dog.”

Feiyun mocked: “A ball-less rhino is inferior to a dog, but that’s not your fault. What’s lamentable is your lack of manliness. Sigh, I guess the white qilin rhino tribe are a bunch of cowards.”

Rhino obviously hated Wu Qinghua but it was guided back to the light by Tan Qingsu - its hatred became less and less. Today, Feiyun’s comment truly shamed it, bringing back this terrible anger. A spirit beast still had pride and shame.

Feiyun could sense the change in Rhino. He came over and patted its thigh: “We’re men, right? We don’t let our enemies run free. Keep holding this grievance inside and you’ll be no different than a woman!”

“But Wu Qinghua is very strong and had cultivated an incomplete version of the Golden Silkworm Scripture, she’s ranked third among the ten supremes, we can’t take her on.” Rhino became tempted but was still afraid.

“Your cultivation is strong too, why the hell are you afraid of her, millenium spirit beast? Wait a min, did you say an incomplete version of the Golden Silkworm Scripture?” Feiyun narrowed his eyes.

Golden Silkworm was one of the three holy scriptures of Jin, on the same level as the Dao Scripture and Grave Palace Treasure-seeking Record.

Rumor has it that those who cultivate the Golden Silkworm Scripture could come back to life via a cocoon transformation. It contained the most sacred laws and techniques of Buddhism - the ultimate artifact for Buddhists.

However, due to the chaos during a very long time ago in this faction, it disappeared completely from sight.

Rhino said: “Yes, the previous supreme of Thousand Island Pond traveled the world. She came to one of the eighth ancient ruins, Bronze Furnace Mountain, and saw a golden avatar of a Buddhist Master who had trained with the scripture. The supreme meditated before this corpse for a hundred years before understanding one-tenth of the scripture. She then came back to the camp and spent another thirty years to write this incomplete version. The moment the book was complete, she also died from mental fatigue.”

Feiyun murmured with a serious expression: “Golden Silkworm Scripture…”

“Brat, don’t tell me you want this scripture? Wu Qinghua will kill you.” Rhino could see the guy’s eyes shifting back and forth, clearly up to no good.

Feiyun smiled: “Of course not, I’m not interested in Buddhist laws, I’m only coming up with a plan against her. Give me a moment… Got it!”

“Seriously?” Rhino shuddered from excitement before calming down: “No, Wu Qinghua is terrible but she is still a supreme. If we go overboard, the other masters will take us down. Even the camp master can’t protect us at that point.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be just a little payback so that you can feel better. I’m not a bad person.” Feiyun took out an ancient yet heavy ring, completely black and made of rare material.

He said: “I have a third-ranked spirit treasure, it is also evil in nature. If she wears it, it’ll suck her blood and she won’t realize it at all, regardless of her cultivation.”

“Just suck out a little blood from her? That’s all it will do and not detectable at all?” Rhino didn’t believe it.

“Of course, why would I lie to you? You can try it then.” Feiyun patted its thigh again before bending down to look for a toe.

Rhino quickly pulled back while cursing inside, ‘Damn demon, possessing such a treacherous treasure. Hmm, but it is a third-ranked treasure, even Enlightened Beings would want one, Wu Qinghua will want it.’

Feiyun was naturally tricking it. This was the Infinite Spirit Ring, not a bloodthirsty artifact. It had accepted Feiyun as a master. If others were to wear it, they would suffer a backlash from the five diagrams.

Feiyun sighed: “But the key point is how to get her to wear it without being cautious?”

“I have an idea!” Rhino’s eyes also rolled back and forth in contemplation.

“Really?” Feiyun’s eyes flashed with a red glow before laughing heartily: “Congratulations, congratulation! At least this is a little payback for your enmity. You’ll feel much better.”

Rhino twitched and felt uneasy after hearing this laugh, thinking that this laughter was quite strange.

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