Chapter 591: The Demon’s Coming

Feng Feiyun stood among the clouds with black runes flowing around him. His eyes were as red as blood. The runes fused together with his body. His left cheek had green veins slightly protruding upward. In his hand was the heavenly weapon essence.

Long Shenya had a shocked expression: “Feng Feiyun.”

The guy was truly frightening and made him sense fear. He thought about Nangong Hongyan’s death and if the guy was here for revenge.

After a bright flash, Feiyun unleashed a slash with both hands, full of ferocity.

“Impudent monster, daring to assassinate the Jin Emperor?!” The Northern Chief Attendant snorted before rushing forward to stop him.

He was a Giant and created a divine seal in his palm.

“Pluff!” The seal shattered and the eunuch started falling down. Feiyun stomped down on his chest before pushing his saber down on the guy’s head, from the top to the nose.

A line of blood appeared.

“Boom!” The two of them fell onto the stone steps. Feiyun strengthened his stomp and crushed both the eunuch’s chest and the five steps below.

Meanwhile, the saber continued dragging across his body, dividing the victim into two halves. Blood spattered on the steps and started to burn.

A Giant had just fallen to his blade.

This scene petrified everyone; they could sense his murderous intent and hatred. What the hell happened to him?

Who was the target of this hatred?

Long Shenya’s complexion turned gray as he faltered backward. He couldn’t face this monster even with the Regal Dragon Robe and wanted to escape…

“Whoosh!” Feiyun appeared before Shenya; his bloody eyes locked on to the target.

Shenya’s legs grew weak from the pressure stemming from the evil aura. He dropped to the ground, unable to stand straight. If it wasn’t for his pride and arrogance as a royal member, he might be kneeling already.

Feiyun reached out and grabbed the robe before sending him flying. Shenya spun six or seven times in the air before rolling down the stone steps.

Feiyun began walking down the steps; his red eyes still fixated on Long Shenya.

Beiming Moshou and the royal ancestors finally calmed down. Moshou shouted: “Feng Feiyun, quite bold you are, daring to kill in the Highest Shrine, do you not give a damn about the forefathers of the royal clan? Everyone, his demonic blood has awakened, he is a bloodthirsty monster now! We need to suppress him together or a calamity will descend upon the capital!”

Two royal ancestors leaped up together; each unleashing a golden palm strike with a dragon image dancing inside.

Feiyun didn’t even bother to look at them. He turned and swung his blade, directly decapitating the two ancestors. Their corpses fell down, hot blood oozing out from the neck.

This successfully intimidated the scene; no one dared to take a step forward.

“Feng Feiyun, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have refined Nangong Hongyan, please spare me!”

Feiyun was now standing before Long Shenya.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” He unleashed more than three hundred slashes and turned the prince into mincemeat. Not even a complete strand of hair was left behind.

The stench of blood permeated the scene. His face was covered in blood but he didn’t care.

“Kill, kill this madman!” Moshou gave the order.

Seven masters from the Beiming jumped out. They have all lived for more than two hundred years, part of the clan’s upper echelon and were high officials of the court. They knew that Feiyun was a monster right now so they prudently took out their soulbound artifact.

The seven were extremely strong and had spirit treasures as well, using them to suppress Feiyun. These treasures looked like seven resplendent suns releasing a massive amount of energy.

Feiyun crazily fought - one versus seven. His evil affinity was even more intense than the spirit treasures.

“Boom!” The first master was blown flying with a hole in his stomach, scooped out by Feiyun’s hand. Around eight bones were ripped off.

The second was thrown outside with blood flowing from all seven offices after being struck behind the head, leaving a caved down area with blood and pieces of brain coming out.

Then the third, the fourth… and the seventh! All suffered a gruesome death.

Feiyun was bathed in blood with at least ten open wounds. Each step of his would leave behind a bloody footprint.

Those seven were true masters so they left behind injuries. Nevertheless, Feiyun’s aggressiveness only intensified.

Even Beiming Moshou felt a prick in his heart and took one step forward.

“Ready to die?” Feiyun spoke with a hoarse voice while coming for Beiming Moshou.

Moshou had two Super Giants behind him, the two marquises of this branch. They snorted and prepared to attack Feiyun.

However, they only got one step forward before Heavenbattler Marquis forced them back with a punch.

He stood there proudly and declared: “Who dares to stop the Divine King from kill? I’ll have their head!”

He was a Supreme Giant with enough power to fight a half-step Enlightened Being, so he was the top dog here. No one would dare to help Beiming Moshou right now since it would be suicidal.

He was tricked by Moshou and nearly got killed as a result, so vengeance was on the table. The moment he knew that the emperor was no longer here, he actually thought about making his way into the capital and kill Beiming Moshou.

If Feiyun couldn’t do it today, he would finish the task himself.

Beiming Moshou calmed down and said: “Brat, you think it’ll be this easy to take me down?”

Everyone knew that the Beiming has a Dominating Armament, found in an ancient ruin in Jin by an ancestor Enlightened Being. After a thousand years of refinement, it finally returned to its peak.

The name was - Glacial Severer. [1]

Some said that the Beiming’s Northern Profound Law came from the surface of this item. Its original name was Glacier Art.

Even Heavenbattler might not be able to kill him since he has this weapon.

The power of one was incredible. There were less than twenty in this region - truly unbeatable.

Moshou was confident about leaving this place unscathed. With his clan’s power and history, he would still be a lord later on.

However, he chanted but the item didn’t come out. He became nervous and continued to search for it to no avail.

Everyone didn’t know what the hell he was doing. What was he trying to find?

“It got stolen!” Moshou was panicking now.

He didn’t expect this development at all despite all the planning.

Who the hell stole it? When?!

Feiyun didn’t give a damn about what he was doing. He came killing with his heaven essence, using the power of his demonic garment. The spine on his back turned black and exuded an unstoppable power.

Beiming Moshou wasn’t afraid of a junior like Feiyun even without his weapon. He climbed to his current status through power. Of course, he wasn’t the strongest in the clan but could still contend with his generation. He was an eighth-level Heaven’s Mandate, a Super Giant.

“Boom!” Feiyun destroyed the spirit treasure shot out by Moshou. The sharp blade aimed his hand and turned into saber energies filled with the images of beasts. Moshou’s sleeve was skirted by it and turned into ashes.

How could a fourth-level junior be so scary?

This power wasn’t inferior to a Super Giant at all.

“That’s… the legendary spine of Yama, and the power of ten thousand beast souls too.”

“What a monstrous physique, it must be more than ten times stronger than a regular Historical Genius.”

“Not just that, the demonic blood flowing in his body contains the power of an Enlightened Being. It’s still there, giving him such a mighty force.”

“Oh? No wonder why he can kill people far above his level.”

“When this power dissipates, he won’t be as strong.”

“Not necessarily. His demonic blood is fully awakened. Look at this cloak too, that’s the Nine-doves Gown! A demon has come into being today.”

Feiyun was shrouded in an evil affinity with a dragon image behind him - allowing him to take on Moshou. Each time he shouted, Moshou had to retreat.

The moment he shouted for the seventh time, his slash destroyed Moshou’s ice armor and cut down the guy’s crest. 

Moshou’s hair draped downward, all over the place. Blood dripped from the corner of his lips - looking quite pitiful.

Feiyun’s eyes turned redder as he roared for the eighth time.

1. I believe I’ve come across this term before but forgot what I named it then. I can’t find it…

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