Chapter 586: Plots and Schemes

The eight-steps dragon carriage landed before the old spirit stone shop, leaving two deep wheel marks on the ground after crushing the slab.

This was the headquarters of the Divine River Guards.

Two people rushed out from inside, one in gray and the other white. They became cautious and finally heaved a sigh of relief after seeing Feiyun coming out of the carriage. They got on one knee and greeted: “Greetings, Divine King.”

“Rise.” Feiyun entered the shop. The princess recalled the carriage and followed right after him. The gates closed afterward.


At a jade palace in the Grand Chancellor’s Mansion.

The fire of war raged outside but this mansion was still peaceful and serene as ever.

Moshou sat near a pond with a light breeze skirting nearby, causing his robe to flutter. He was painting a picture with spring as the inspiration. A smile appeared after he finished.

The calmest person in the capital right now might be him.

Two beautiful maids walked forward; one carried a basin with clean water and the other a plate with a silk cloth.

He dipped his hands in the water for a careful rinse before drying them with the cloth. He ordered people to take away the brush, ink, and painting before sitting down again: “What’s the situation?”

More than ten Divine Commanders waited outside. They rushed inside like ants on a boiling pan and quickly reported, one at a time.

“The nine main gates have been taken and open.”

“The Martial Army camped outside have entered, led by the three marquises of the Divine King Faction. Two legions are rushing for the imperial city while one is heading for us.”

“At least twenty powers are involved in this conflict, resulting in great damage and chaos.”

Beiming Moshou quietly listened, not surprised at all as if it was going to expectations.

Suddenly, Long Shenya darted inside: “Grandfather! Something bad…”

Moshou interrupted him: “Why aren’t you in the imperial city?”

The war reports didn’t change his expression but Shenya angered him - a feeling of seeing a child not meeting expectations.

Shenya said: “Consort Luo has been murdered so the robe and the letter are missing!”

“What?!” Moshou was furious now and would have slapped Shenya if these generals weren’t present.

The capital’s battles didn’t matter regardless of how well Princess Luofu and Feng Feiyun have set everything up. As long as they could have the secret letter and the dragon robe, they could take over the imperial city and have Shenya ascend to the throne, confirmed by the ancestors of the royal clan.

At that point, Luofu’s struggle would be meaningless. He didn’t expect for Shenya to fail despite bringing so many masters there. Moreover, this brat even ran back like a headless snake.

This chess match didn’t rely on physical forces. He thought he had the advantage since the boy was under his banner. If the boy were to succeed, the match was finished.

Unfortunately, Long Shenya completely let him down.

“And is Feng Feiyun dead?” Moshou calmed down and asked.

“He… escaped…” Shenya gritted his teeth, afraid of Moshou’s fury: “Though the consort is dead, I know who killed her for the two items.”


“Nangong Hongyan.” Shenya spoke, wearing a grimace full of hatred. If it wasn’t for Nangong Hongyan, he would be sitting on the throne right now.

He began fantasizing about ravaging and torturing her after the capture.

Moshou suddenly became relieved with a strange smile: “Oh, her? It’ll be easy then. I’m going to finish them off this time. Feng Feiyun, Feng Feiyun… you’re still too young yet could read through my plans, I can’t let you live this time.”

Shenya didn’t understand. Hongyan had the Cloak of Invisibility on top of the Regal Dragon Robe. Capturing her was harder than capturing Feng Feiyun. Why was Moshou so confident?


The majority of the Divine River Guards was sent out; only four people stayed behind.

This was a secret location suitable for hiding and scheming in the shadows for the entire capital.

“Luofu, you have the Imperial Seal now, can you mobilize the royal clan’s hidden power?” Feiyun took out a scroll on a cabinet and put it down on the table while looking at the map.

“In theory.” She answered.

He seemed to be in charge instead of her: “Then mobilize them right away, win the battles as soon as possible to take over the imperial city. Whoever can do that first will be able to claim the throne. Moreover, we have the Imperial Seal, the symbol of the emperor, so we’ll have all the justifications.”

“The crown prince’s men are surrounding it and if the gates are closed, even your Martial Army can’t break in…” The princess had gotten reports of the imperial city.

Though Feiyun had the absolute advantage in the capital, the areas around the imperial city were still under the control of the crown prince.

Feiyun ordered: “First, let Heavenbattler Marquis siege the imperial city. Second, use your Imperial Seal to call on the power of the royal clan to open the gates. Go at the same time, with haste!”

A guard quietly left to give the order. Princess Luofu wrote a letter and used the special marking of the imperial seal. She sent it towards the imperial city. Who knows if this would work but it was worth a shot.

“If only we have the letter, then I can command the cultivators in the world to work for me.” She said.

Hongyan’s beautiful image flashed in Feiyun’s mind, causing him to sigh.

Suddenly, Ningshuai ran in and nearly fell over: “There’s a huge problem!”

“What? Calm down.”

Ningshuai kept on panting while answering: “I did around earlier and everyone was talking - that the current Divine King was personally killed by the crown prince, and that the crown prince has controlled the entire capital. He’s bringing the king’s corpse to the Divine King’s Shrine now.”

Feng Feiyun was the current Divine King. Someone was clearly making this up since propaganda could be very effective during war. One side could become distracted and falter behind.

The princess started to contemplate. Beiming Moshou was crafty indeed, aware that the princess’s most important ally right now was Feiyun and his camp. This could cause some panic among them.

Feiyun turned pale, realizing something else: “The shrine is three thousand miles away from the capital where the statues of the previous kings are worshipped. This is the most important moment of this war but that prince is actually leaving?”

“Yes! I don’t understand either. It’s one thing to lie, but do they need to talk about bringing your corpse to the shrine? What do they want?” Ningshuai wondered.

Feiyun suddenly thought of something and slammed on the table; his eyes filled with murderous intent: “They want to lead Hongyan out! Goddamn bastards!”

He instantly disappeared and used his Swift Samsara to run out of the capital. His heart was on fire.

Moshou knew that Hongyan had fled from the capital so finding her could be very difficult. Using Feiyun as the bait could draw her out.

However, Feiyun could stop any attempt at bringing her back to the capital, but if this were to happen outside the capital, then it would be too late for him to help. This was Moshou’s real goal.


Today, many cultivators were running from the capital to seek safety.

There were streams of people running as far as the eye can see.

Hongyan was inside an extravagant carriage, pulled by two large rabbits, towering at three meters. They had fuzzy furs and looked very cute; eyes bigger than a fist and seemed quite smart.

She was heading for Steelmountain Town, the meeting place between her and Feiyun.

Though the rabbits had short legs, their speed was quite fast.

She was feeling quite good like a maiden in love going to her first date - a touch of sweetness, anticipation, and shyness.

She thought it would have been very dangerous but it came so easily, hence her excitement.

“Little rabbits, run faster. If Feiyun gets there first, he’ll blame me for not listening to him and will be insufferable. C’mon now, try your best and I’ll feed you more carrots once we get to Steelmountain. I’ve never lied to you two before!” She was in a good enough mood to talk to the mounts.

The two rabbits seemed to understand her. Their eyes flashed as they tried their best to go faster.


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