Chapter 585: Imperial Seal

The targets of the emperor were obviously important characters of the four clans; the ones that would hinder the royal clan’s benefits. Normal people wouldn’t get into his sight.

This showed just how strong the Central Chief Attendant was, to be able to kill these men.

Thus, there was no way of getting the Imperial Seal from this man despite the knowledge.

Feiyun stood outside the palace among the steps to look at the imperial city. The gates were closed with a mountainous blazing defensive formation online.

The flames and screams of war raged on right outside.

In the sky, beasts were flying along powerful weapons. Victims would occasionally fall down from the clouds.

Two rays of light flew out from the inner palace and soared to the sky like two stars. Feiyun saw that it was the two Divine Consorts. 

“How many men do you have in the imperial city right now?” Feiyun asked.

Princess Luofu’s brows furrowed: “Half-step and up experts are outside since this was too unexpected, what do you have in mind?”

Feiyun grimaced as well: “We should be capturing their leader first.”

The princess understood. If they had enough forces, they could rush into the imperial city and kill the crown prince. At that point, Beiming Moshou’s plans would fall apart no matter what.

However, no one expected this development so both sides had to adjust on the spot. The princess’ force right now couldn’t take on the crown prince’s men, let alone killing him.

Only an hour had passed since the start of the trouble. Ordinary people would be panicking but the princess remained cool and collected, a testament to her great mind.

“We need to leave now then.” Feiyun decided.

“We’re just going to give the imperial city to Long Shenya?” The princess asked.

Feiyun insisted: “First, as long as Beiming Moshou’s men can’t occupy the city, it’s fine to let him stay since he can’t do anything anyway.”

“Second thing, his men right now can’t handle taking the Imperial Seal and dragon stone.”

“Third of all, he does have a Giant though, so if we continue to stay here, we’ll only be food. Luofu, persistence is important, but in the grand scheme of things, giving up can also be a type of offense.”

“Fourth, don’t you want to find the letter and dragon robe?”

She was finally convinced and summoned her imperial carriage resembling a magnificent palace. Eight dragon souls rushed to the front, more than ten meters long. They roared thunderously and the carriage began to move.

This was the fastest carriage in Jin; not even a Giant could catch up.

As he was boarding, he noticed a familiar figure jumping over the walls of the palace. His jump was incredible - twisting his waist and arching his chest, legs together and straightened back to turn 720 degrees in the air. He landed without any difficulty and continued with such expertise and mastery.

Bi Ningshuai looked around with his treacherous eyes and confirmed that the coast was clear before sneaking into an alley like a phantom.

“Bi Ningshuai!” Feiyun disappeared from the palace and instantly emerged before Ningshuai in the alley.

Ningshuai looked up and saw Feiyun; his reaction was turning around to flee.

“Whoosh!” Princess Luofu had landed as well on the other side to cut off his escape path.

Ningshuai stopped and straightened his back: “Ah, the two of you must be on a date, hehe, I won’t bother you then, see ya.”

He started walking towards Feiyun, wanting to leave in a cool manner.

Feiyun stretched out his arm to stop the guy and smiled: “My friend, what do you have there in your pocket?”

“Nothing!” Ningshuai covered his body like a young bride afraid of being ravaged. He shook his head repeatedly: “Really nothing!”

This guy snuck around the imperial palace in this manner? He must have snatched some items.

Moreover, Feiyun could see his stomach protruding like a pregnant lady. Who was he trying to fool?

Bi Ningshuai has always been a thief. He must be taking advantage of the chaos to sneak into the imperial city for ill-gotten gains - not surprising at all.

The princess took out a sword with a pulsing glint. She walked slowly forward: “You must be the culprit behind the consort’s death. I will have your head as an offering to her.”

His legs grew weak since he felt guilty about stealing from her house because she was a real princess. He hid behind Feiyun and said weakly: “Feiyun, we’re tried-and-true friends, tell the princess that she got the wrong person. I’ve never been a killer.”

Feiyun naturally knew that Luofu only wanted to scare him so he smiled: “Well… I can’t testify for you since we both saw you coming out of the imperial city, and there’s no feast going on there.”

“I was only… Goddamn it, the two of you are so cruel! Nothing good ever comes out of meeting you, Feng Feiyun. I’m always screwed in the end, fine, take whatever you want!” Ningshuai gritted his teeth and took out a spatial bag, holding it in front of Feiyun.

This bag was a spirit treasure with enough space inside to hold a one-hundred-meter-long palace. It was filled right now with colorful lights oozing out. Just how many treasures were inside?

Feiyun ignored the treasures but he noticed something else inside the thief’s pocket, barely visible behind the bag. It was a square, black badge made of special materials - identical to the King’s Order.

Feiyun stretched out his hand: “Give me the King’s Order.”

“Talking about this? It’s not the King’s Order, just a rare piece of metal that has some strange power. I can’t put it in my spatial bag.” Ningshuai took it out to show its appearance.

It was a square badge, completely black and half a foot long. It was made from the same material as Feiyun’s King’s Order. He mistook it because he only saw one corner.

“That’s… the Imperial Seal…” The princess was ecstatic and immediately snatched it from Ningshuai.

It glowed golden in her hand after feeling her draconic energy. The black order immediately exploded with light and revealed mysterious runes containing dao laws. An imperial aura capable of toppling the mountains and overturning the seas oozed out.

Ningshuai’s eyes almost dropped to the ground. He was forced down on the ground, butt first, because of this pressure.

The princess quickly recalled her energy and the order turned black again. She breathed heavily with an orchid scent, incapable of calming down. This was the thing she has always dreamed about - absolute power and authority!

Anyone could be drowned out by the temptation of authority.

Feiyun quietly stood there and watched the whole thing. Her eyes right now resembled Shui Yueting’s eyes when she killed him with one thrust. Both were women who desired power.

He didn’t care about this. After finding Nangong Hongyan and carrying out another promise, he would leave Jin since he had no attachment to this place.

The princess took a deep breath and calmed down: “How did you get this Imperial Seal?”

Ningshuai wanted to cry. He could become famous in the world of thieves if this news were to break out, but now the princess had taken it away from him.

‘I’m motherfucking blind, shouldn’t have shown it at all.’ Ningshuai thought to himself before replying: “Got it from an old eunuch.”

“What does he look like?” The princess was in disbelief.

“White brows, non-protruding throat, a big mole between the eyes, oh, and hands like two hooks.” He said. [1]

Feiyun and the princess exchanged glances. This person was definitely the Central Chief Attendant. This powerful cultivator still became a victim?

Suddenly, a shout made the sky vibrate: “Little thief! Where are you hiding?!”

This was the voice of this attendant who noticed the aura of the Imperial Seal earlier when Luofu activated it. He was running for this area right now. This massive and fierce aura seemed like it came from a gigantic being.

Feiyun grabbed Ningshuai’s shoulder and threw him into the carriage. He and the princess jumped up there as well. The eight dragon souls broke through the sky and turned into a golden ray.

Meanwhile, a palm strike spanning for dozens of meters descended from the sky. It destroyed the palace above and left a gigantic print on the ground where the carriage used to be.

If they were even half a second late, they would have turned into scraps right now.

1. Non-protruding throat is Adam’s Apple, but it feels weird using it in a Chinese novel. Using scientific anatomical terms are weird too

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