Chapter 583: Escaping The Imperial Palace

The endlessly long brows shined with a layer of frost around them.

A Giant just needed to swing their hand to have an earth-shattering power, akin to a god unleashing their power - such oppressive pressure.

Feiyun could only fly backward or the brows would cut off his neck.

“Whoosh!” The three half-steps rushed forward aggressively. They looked like three swords blocking his path. In the distant, dozens of cultivators took up positions, readied their techniques to attack at any moment.

Feiyun stood on an open field. The branches of the plum trees swayed back and forth from the cold wind. The petals also fell down his head and face.

Long Shenya came out of the resting chamber and stood on top of the stone steps. Behind him was the majestic palace. He looked quite at ease as he laughed: “Feng Feiyun, you’re not escaping today. After I’m done with you, I will capture Nangong Hongyan and take the letter and robe. She’ll be my Divine Consort after I become emperor!” 

He purposely provoked Feiyun. This person was crafty and intelligent. If he had courage and toughness, he would be a great emperor in the future.

Feiyun smiled back: “Long Shenya, do you know why you’re inferior to Luofu? I’ll let you know, the letter has Luofu’s name written on it.”

Feiyun naturally didn’t know and only wanted to provoke the guy back.

“Impossible, I’m as talented as can be, bestowed the role of crown prince ten years ago. That letter has my name!” Shenya nearly shouted. The more he cared about the content of the letter, the more insecure he seemed.

“Your inferiority is irrefutable. Jin Emperor gave the Queen’s Order to Consort Hua and the imperial carriage to Luofu, that clearly shows his intent.” Feiyun went on.

Shenya’s eyes rolled in contemplation. He suddenly laughed out loud: “Haha! All nonsense, Feiyun, you just want to buy time for reinforcement. Unfortunately, I won’t let it happen. Men, kill him.”

“Boom!” A group of palaces nearby crumbled as a cluster of clouds descended.

Consort Hua rode the clouds, wearing her phoenix crest and looking quite elegant. She swung her sleeve and blew away two nearest cultivators from the Beiming Clan. She then finished them off by stretching her hand forward, turning them into drops of blood.

She cultivated the Supreme Refinement Scripture, a great and mighty art. Just a single wave was destructive enough.

Before marrying the emperor, she was an incredible genius. After entering the harem, she became pampered even more with endless resources and personally trained by the emperor. Her cultivation naturally soared.

She had a peerless aura, one befitting of her status. The cultivators from the Beiming became intimidated.

Feiyun felt much better after seeing the reinforcement. The Northern Chief Attendant might not be her match.

However, in another floating golden palace a hundred meter up above surrounded by clouds, a slender and delicate hand came down to stop Consort Hua.

It wasn’t far from here, only ten miles away - the palace of Consort Beiming.

She wore a long gown to cover her snow-white skin, standing in front of her palace. Her black hair draped down and fluttered with the wind.

She looked just like a goddess from above with long ribbons coiled around her arms. She grabbed a group of stars and aimed it straight at Consort Hua.

This daughter of Beiming Moshou used to be the prettiest in her clan. She was talented enough to be a half-step before marrying the emperor. The palaces trembled before her first move.

Consort Hua didn’t relent and rushed to the sky to fight against Consort Beiming.

The other concubines instantly ran away, not wanting to be involved.

Thunder detonated above the clouds along with loud explosions. The battle between these two great women was quite shocking.

Though they served the same man, their relationship wasn’t that good, more like enemies.

In fact, a harem could never exist in peace. There would always be competition and scheming in the background. They wanted nothing more than to kill each other.

Moreover, the throne was on the line as well so they didn’t hold back at all.

“Feng Feiyun, Consort Hua can’t even take care of herself, who can save you now?” Shenya was very confident since he knew his mother’s cultivation.

He gave the order to kill again. Three half-steps went forward with their strongest attack.

Beiming Xiao had lost to Feiyun before so he hated the guy the most, so his attack was the cruelest. He took out his soulbound artifact - a three-meter-long black sword with runes flowing on the blade, clearly made from extraordinary metal.

“Whoosh!” The sword cut through the wind.

Beiming Tong took out a green seal as big as a grinder. A mountain brushed by it instantly cracked and crumbled.

The third half-step was a physical expert with a golden glow on his skin. His attacked rendered the vegetation nearby into dust.

They went all out in order to kill Feiyun as fast as possible.

Feiyun used his ring for protection while attacking with his Ascension Platform and weapon essence.

“Boom!” He gathered his beast souls for a palm strike before getting entangled with the physical-art user. The shockwaves made the pores on the arm of this half-step bleed continuously.

An ordinary cultivator could have ten divine intents but they couldn’t use it at will, unable to exert the full power. Only a Giant could control these intents, using two spirit treasures at once while maintaining full power.

However, Feiyun was only at the fourth-level yet he could multitask so well with his treasures and abilities.

Northern Palace Chief Attendant didn’t join in, only watching to prevent Feiyun from escaping. After all, Feiyun’s movement technique was strange. There would be no catching him again if he were to escape.

“How can he fight against three half-steps? Can he even be stronger than my cousin?” Shenya was jealous. He was considered a historical genius but Feiyun completely overshadowed him.

“His divine intents are strong, capable of multi-tasking with no problem, quite a rare ability but in terms of actual combat, he might not be able to beat Young Noble Beiming.” The attendant answered.

“Then what are you waiting for? Capture him already to avoid any needless complication.” Shenya was worried since he needed to catch Nangong Hongyan before she escapes the capital.

The attendant shook his head: “No need, those three are enough to hold him here. He’s still only a fourth-level Heaven’s Mandate, not a match for three half-steps so he’ll lose within fifteen minutes.”

“I can’t wait that long. Suppress him right now so I can stomp on him!” Shenya insisted.

The attendant had no choice but to gather his power. It awakened just like a dragon.

“Boom!” Right at this second, Feiyun also made his move. The area below his feet suddenly flashed as he shifted to the right to escape the physical-art half-step.

At the same time, he used all of his treasures against Beiming Xiao and blew him flying. He smashed into a palace and got caught up in the ruins.

There was finally a gap in the blockade. Feiyun used his Swift Samsara and turned into a phantom to escape the area on top of barely blocking the attack from the Chief Attendant.

If the attendant didn’t join in, Feiyun wouldn’t have the chance to run since that guy would be able to push him back into the blockade.

However, Feiyun purposely acted cool against the three half-steps so that Shenya would lose his patience and order the attendant to join in. Feiyun was waiting precisely for that split second.

The Beiming cultivators nearby wanted to stop him but he had the momentum and managed to knock them to the ground.

‘I wonder how is it going outside the capital right now.’ Feiyun flew above the palaces like the wind while his pursuers fell behind.

It didn’t take long before they lost him completely. Not even a Giant could match him in terms of speed right now. Trapping him for a second time was prohibitively difficult.

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