Chapter 581: Resting Quarter Of The Consort

Starting from the beginning, Feiyun spent less than ten minutes to reach the inner chamber of Consort Luo. Meanwhile, quite a storm was stirring outside.

Princess Luofu had received Feiyun’s message while watching the fights. Her expression quickly changed after reading the content and brought her officials towards a palace floating in the sky.

“Mother, the situation doesn’t bode well.” She entered the chamber alone with a hurried pace.

Consort Hua sat on a phoenix throne with her eyes closed, seemingly meditating. She opened her eyes and calmly said: “I’ve taught you many times to always stay calm no matter the situation. What happened?”

Luofu threw her jade talisman into the consort’s hand.

After reading the content, the consort stood up with a changed expression: “So fast.” 

She began musing, her expression shifting back and forth. Nevertheless, her composure returned quickly: “What is your plan?”

The princess was old enough to make her own decisions.

“Going all out and take power by force.” The princess decisively said, looking like an empress.

“Then go for it.” The consort’s eyes flashed as she turned her attention towards the inner chambers. Her body suddenly disappeared. The next second, it was right outside of the imperial palace. She then sped for the harem.

The princess stayed behind and sent out ten orders to her troops, still keeping her wits.

Numerous battles began around the capital, especially the nine main gates. These positions were the first to be taken over.


In another important town in the outskirts, 80 million troops were camping outside. With a resounding gong echoing for 800 miles, this army quickly gathered. They readied their spears and chariots before marching to the capital.

Everything happened within several frantic minutes. They were prepared and waited for the order, just like fireworks waiting for the ignition.


The battle waged on inside the imperial palace.

Beiming Xiao was an early half-step but was still stronger than Zhuo Luo. He was the better talent so he had greater comprehension and physical constitution.

He unleashed cold energy, creating frost on the ground all around Feiyun.

This was the Northern Profound Law, the ultimate technique of the Beiming!

Though he didn’t have a spirit treasure, just his arts alone could destroy a city.

“If you want this third-ranked treasure, have at it!” Feiyun went on the offense. The Infinite Spirit Ring spewed out a dark expanse of clouds.

Just the shockwaves of this treasure going all out instantly pierced the chest of three cultivators, leaving a head-size hole. They fell down instantly.

At the very center, Beiming Xiao felt a great pressure as if there was a mountain pressing down on him. His Northern Profound Law was forced back to his dantian so he spat out a mouthful of blood.

‘How could this kid be so strong?’ He was in disbelief. The brat had a third-ranked spirit treasure but he was still a half-step. His 400 years of cultivation wasn’t a match for Feiyun’s several years?

The other three half-steps of the Beiming also felt that something wasn’t right. Feiyun was far stronger than their expectations on top of possessing that ring. Ordinary half-steps weren’t enough to fight him.

“We can’t let the kid lives. He’s only twenty and can fight half-steps already. Just a few more years and even Giants have to make way.” 

A black claw came from the sky, around eight meters long with black hair. Its nails were as sharp as a sword.

“Ra!” Beiming Youyang rode a three-headed cat. It was gigantic, more than twenty meters tall. It had cultivated for 900 years, on the verge of becoming a spirit beast.

It was an ancient breed, capable of changing its size. When not in battle, it would be normal-sized, cute and obedient. In battle, it was as fierce as a primal beast.

Feiyun’s beast souls roared. They appeared behind his back while he took out his weapon essence and unleashed a brutal blow, cutting and leaving behind a deep wound on the cat’s claw with blood gushing out.

“Meow!” The cat issued a cry no different from a wailing ghost, quite a frightening sound.

The other two half-steps were exceptional and instantly joined in. They used forbidden techniques to create two mountains right above Feiyun.

“Boom! Boom!” Feiyun punched with both hands and destroyed the mountains, giving him enough time to retreat.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Beiming’s cultivators attacked him from behind with countless lightning bolts.

Feiyun used Swift Samsara to evade. The spot where he was standing before exploded into a pit with smoke and lightning currents oozing out.

These cultivators knew that Feiyun was no joke so they went all out to stop him.

Feiyun was strong indeed but due to his limited cultivation, he could only fight against a half-step. However, the Beiming had four half-steps here with dozens of powerful experts. Their offense made it impossible for him to keep dodging.

“Feiyun, you think you’re a Giant? Daring to come here all alone?! So suicidal.” Beiming Youyang rode his cat and took the vanguard, unleashing a pulsing ray that brushed Feiyun’s shoulder.

Smoke burned from the contact spot. If it wasn’t for his golden armor, he would be seriously wounded now.

“I’m not even a half-step but that’s more than enough to kill you!” Feiyun’s eyes shot out two large phoenixes straight for Youyang.

“Boom!” The phoenixes were slashed by the cat and exploded in a blinding manner.

Feiyun easily darted through the flame and aimed for Youyang’s head with his weapon essence.

“Boom!” At the same time, he took out the Ascension Platform in his dantian. A large, black tablet flew out and pushed down on the cat, causing it to cry: “Meow, meow!”

The weapon essence brushed by his neck, leaving a wound half-an-inch deep. If he didn’t dodge in time, his neck would have been done for.

He touched his neck and still felt fear then decided to tell his black cat to leave. Jumping in front of Feiyun was a huge mistake.

“It’s too late now.” The Ascension Platform flew up with eighteen figures trembling on the surface. A sound of the dao resounded above Youyang’s head. As the figures continued to flicker, the power increased.

“Boom!” The large cat couldn’t handle this force and got down on the ground, causing Youyang to fall off.

He wanted to propel himself back up but a power pressed down on his chest.

It was Feiyun’s foot. Next came the sound of bones breaking. Feiyun’s entire foot got in.

“Who’s suiciding now?” Feiyun was merciless since doing otherwise would result in his death. Next, he crushed Youyang’s heart.

His shoes stained with blood slowly left Youyang’s chest. Beads of blood continued to drip down the front.

Another half-step had fallen to Feiyun. He didn’t slow down at all and continued heading for Consort Luo’s chamber. The ten formation masters created seven formations to stop him again. This was enough to trap a half-step to death.

“Amateurs.” Feiyun jumped up and stepped over these formations, creating water-like ripples without actually activating the formations.

He made it through the first, second, third… then the seventh. The old men were shocked. They took their time craving these formations but Feiyun passed through them like nothing.

“Die now!” He waved his sleeve and the essence turned into thousands of tiny swords, directly piercing through these old men. They fell down in a pool of blood.

The pursuers behind him didn’t stop but the seven formations blocked their path. They had no choice but to break them one by one.

Feiyun kicked the main door to the consort’s sleeping chamber. His eyes narrowed after seeing the scene inside.

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