Chapter 580: One Man Alone

Trespassing in the imperial harem was a great crime of insolence so they couldn’t leave anyone alive.

“All dead.”

“No, one more here, still one breath left.” A cultivator dressed in black with a cruel gaze decapitated a dying maid with one swing of the sword.

“Consort Luo has some influence, these maids and eunuchs are all stubborn experts, I wonder if His Excellency, the Crown Prince, manages to capture her yet?”

“The emperor has entered seclusive cultivation so the capital is under his control right now. Once he wears the Regal Dragon Robe, control the imperial seal, and take in the providence of the dragon spirit stone, he’ll be in charge of the dragon vein below. If anyone dares to object at that point, they’re dead men, hah-”

The laughter stopped because they saw Feng Feiyun coming in from the entrance, walking on top of the piles of corpses and blood.

A wind, stained with the stench of blood, skirted by the plum blossoms by the wall. The red petals fluttered back and forth before falling down on the streams of blood, floating just like tiny boats.

“Feng Feiyun, you dare to trespass in this forbidden ground? This is the palace of Consort Luo.” One of the men stood on top of a boulder while holding a bloody sword to stop anyone from entering.

Feiyun didn’t want to waste time speaking and unleashed a large palm strike right on this guy’s head.

“Crack!” The man’s neck broke so he fell head-first backward. 

These five had more than a hundred years of cultivation but they had no chance to resist before Feiyun.

“Brother Peng!” The second got his neck crushed by Feiyun and got thrown outside. The corpse struck a great bronze pillar and was eviscerated.

The remaining three retreated continuously with dread due to Feiyun’s merciless killing methods.

Feiyun rode the wind and pointed forward. The tip of his finger gathered a five-colored ray - red, black, white, green, and yellow. They shot out and pierced the forehead of two more combatants, leaving behind a hole as large as a finger with red liquid oozing out.

The remaining cultivator was scared out of his mind and started fleeting while wanting to call for backup. However, the moment he opened his mouth, a white sword came from behind and thrust out of his mouth.

Feiyun put away the weapon essence and increased his speed for the inner palace.

This place was massive due to its master being a Divine Consort. He crossed through seven halls and killed thirty people before reaching her residing palace at the center.

Dozens of cultivators guarded outside. Some wore a black robe while others had the armor of the inter guards. They had sharp gazes and powerful auras.

The essence turned into a large saber resembling a white, crescent moon. Feiyun rushed through the well-groomed garden straight for the sleeping chamber.

Corpses and burnt marks scattered all over the garden. These burning spots on the ground looked as if they had been struck by lightning. Some trees were still burning as well. The flame had spread to a few corpses.

“You Beimings are quite bold, daring to come to the imperial palace and massacre the harem? Your nine lines deserve death!”

Feiyun was unstoppable and looked just like a god of war.

Upon closer inspection of the battle marks, the Beiming only got here recently. These cultivators weren’t that strong, only half-steps at best. This group was hastily formed; otherwise, some Giants would have joined in for such an important objective.

Long Shenya had entered the sleeping chamber. The guards outside were led by four half-steps.

Beiming Xiao laughed: “Your Excellency, you’re here too. So your Feng’s nine lines are also implicated.”

Xiao was a supreme elder of the Beiming. Though he looked like a middle-aged man, he had cultivated for 430 years. Despite his “polite” address, he didn’t care for Feiyun since the guy was still too young.

When he was rampaging the world, Feiyun has yet to be born. This hairless brat, regardless of how talented he might be, was just a junior.

Feiyun nodded and smiled: “Way to twist black and white. You must know that although the emperor is training and doesn’t care much about the competition, if all of you get out of line, there will still be punishment, such as forcing a Divine Consort. You won’t be able to handle the consequences.”

“You don’t need to worry about that. First, you think you can get out alive after knowing so much? But more importantly, once the crown prince becomes the next emperor and obtains the providence of the dynasty, he’ll be the main decider. And our Beiming Clan has existed for more than ten thousand years, we’re not weaker than the royal clan. The emperor needs to think twice before touching us. Feiyun, you’re still too naive, things aren’t as simple as they seem.” A different half-step Giant from the Beiming stood on top of a wall with both hands placed behind his back.

The Beiming naturally had a rich history and great power at Jin. Feiyun already knew that the royal clan didn’t trust and wanted to deal with them. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find the right opportunity in the past.

In fact, this event was a chance for the royal clan to weaken the four great clans.

This chaos was a test prepared by the emperor for Princess Luofu to see whether she could keep her throne.

Feiyun stood there and smiled: “There’s nothing else to say then, I will go in there and you can’t stop me.”

He turned into a white specter and crossed through one hundred meters in the blink of an eye.

Ten old men from the Beiming have been waiting there to create a great formation. The array itself was floating in the sky. In the split second when Feiyun made it there, the formation instantly attacked.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The formation was carved with 81 spirit stones to fuel its energy. Several hundred purple lightning bolts as thick as an arm rushed out.

These old men were powerful formation masters so this formation was quite incredible. The ground also had holes with lava gushing out of them.

Feiyun created a silver barrier with his weapon essence to cover himself. The lightning bolts were assimilated before being released back straight on the lava to repel them.

The old men retreated quickly but some lava still hit their sleeves and turned it to ashes.

This brat was something else - they thought. This formation could kill a half-step but it couldn’t touch him at all. 

“Hmph! He must have been able to sneak past Zhuo Luo to get here, he’s not bad.” Beiming Xiao was only twenty paces away from Feiyun but didn’t intend on joining in.

He was a big shot, a member of the Beiming’s main branch, and looked down on fighting against a junior since it was detrimental to his status.

Zhuo Luo was obviously the gray-robed man earlier. He assumed that Feiyun had gotten away from Zhuo Luo, not expecting a youth to be able to kill a supreme elder from the heretical dao.

“He’s just courting death. I’m sure there is a big reward for whoever takes his head.” A different half-step said.

A few cultivators became tempted right away. Killing Feiyun was definitely a big contribution, maybe enough to train in the clan’s secret realm for ten years.

“I got him.” A thin man walked out - a user at the fifth level.

He opened his central palace and a broken spear flew out. It was only a meter long, spotted with rust, but there was still a gentle luster with flowing runes.

This was a broken second-ranked spirit treasure. Despite its tattered state, the spirituality and formations inside have been repaired by Beiming Mulin for the last two hundred years.

The spear had restored thirty-percent of its power, comparable to a first-ranked spirit treasure. 

Mulin activated the spirituality of his strongest weapon. A sky-engulfing power erupted and crushed the nearby walls while cracks appeared on the ground.

Feiyun was fighting against the ten formation masters and suddenly felt this power coming from behind him. His brows slightly furrowed before he released a ring out of his thumb.

“Boom!” An even stronger power erupted and cut the spear into several pieces, sending it back straight at Mulin.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” Mulin didn’t expect for Feiyun to be so strong and couldn’t react before these fragments pinned him to a yellow wall. His blood began streaming down.

“That asshole has a third-ranked spirit treasure!” Beiming Xiao became greedy.

He was a half-step but didn’t have a single spirit treasure. After all, the clan had too many experts and not enough treasures. Not to mention a third-ranked one, he didn’t even have a first-ranked one! He even coveted that spear from Mulin, let alone Feiyun’s treasure just now.


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