Chapter 58: Big Brother Feiyun

Three one thousand years old monk corpses — each had an adamantine-like body that was impervious to damage and legs as hard as steel. Plus, the spirit energy in their bodies was always being channeled, and their dantian was occupied by a treasure stone as big as a fist, emitting a dense black light.

They had died for several thousand years, so, not only did their bodies undergo Corpse Transformation, even their God Base that they had cultivated was changed into a Corpse Base.

“Does Little Girl Dongfang Jingyue require me lending a hand or not, ah?”

Feng Feiyun leaned on the rock wall, and he laughed by the side.

Dongfang Jingyue’s status was extremely prestigious, and her cultivation transcended the mortal boundary. No matter where she went, there would be countless numbers of people prostrating themselves to greet her; no one ever dared to call Dongfang Jingyue a ‘little girl’.

However, at this moment, she was surrounded by the three monk corpses, and her jade hands were stained with blood. There was a claw wound from one of the monk corpses, creating a line that would pain others to look at. With a more careful observation, her slender neck also had a wound, and the black corpse poison had entered her skin, corroding her energy.

“Feng Feiyun, if you take action and help me, then all of the grudges between us will be erased!”

At this moment, Dongfang Jingyue had been backed into a corner. After the three monks were exposed to the blood on her body, they became even more violent, their battle power increased.

Feng Feiyun happily smiled:

“I heard that the Yin Gou Clan was unbeatable in this world, and the status of Dongfang Jingyue was unreachable. If I could hear your gentle voice calling me 'Big Brother Feiyun', then I will definitely get you out of danger.”

Feng Feiyun naturally wouldn’t save Dongfang Jingyue. This girl, no matter if it was her cultivation or intelligence, exceeded others. The younger generation didn’t have many people that could keep up with her. By saving her now, the first person she would want to kill in the future would be Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun knew that she was extremely prideful and she would absolutely not call him “Big Brother Feiyun”, so he decided to tease her.

It would be better if this ferocious and damned woman died to avoid being chased by her for three days and three nights!

“Big Brother Feiyun!!!”

The beautiful voice fluttered through the blue sky, and it was gentle like the surface of a river. After hearing it, any man would be numb to the bones.


Feng Feiyun almost fell head-first to the ground. She actually said it! Plus, the voice made it so that others couldn’t refuse, just like two lovers calling each other.

“Ahem… This…”

At this moment, Feng Feiyun had a hard time standing straight. Only the heavens would know that Dongfang Jingyue didn’t care for this trivial matter; this time, Feiyun made it hard for himself.

“Feng Feiyun, what are you waiting for? Do you want to be a person that can’t keep his words?”

The voice of Dongfang Jingyue suddenly changed. It was filled with coldness and no longer had the hint of gentleness from earlier.

“Of course I will save you! A man will stay true to his words!”

Even though Feng Feiyun was filled with regret, he had to make a move out of moralistic ideals. In the worst case, he would just have to save her, and then he would drag her to an isolated place, killing her afterward.

Naturally, Feng Feiyun couldn’t be like a brute and rashly fight against the three monk corpses. He gathered a faint light on his finger and engraved incantations down on the ground. Each runic word connected with others, and it slowly became nine palaces of incantations in the same place, turning into a nine parts altar.

Ordinary offensive means could not be used to deal with these thousand year old corpses. One would need to engrave corpse refining incantations in order to form a corpse refining altar.

Use the power of the altar to refine the ancient corpses!

Feng Feiyun’s heart was aching as he took out the True Brilliant Spirit Stone, lamenting:

“I didn’t even hold it long enough to warm my body, and it is already gone!”

A large amount of spirit energy was required to activate the corpse refining altar. Feng Feiyun’s current cultivation was extremely lacking, so he could only use the spirit stone to activate the altar to refine these three ancient corpses.


After placing the True Brilliant Spirit Stone onto the altar, it was like the altar came into life; it quickly rotated under the control of Feng Feiyun, flying towards the three ancient corpses.


The power of the altar, supported by the True Brilliant Spirit Stone, became increasingly stronger. A devouring force escaped to the outside causing the extremely powerful monk corpses to be sucked in.


Feng Feiyun suddenly jumped up from the ground, and he stomped on the altar, creating an explosive sound.

The three ancient monk corpses were finally suppressed. The light on the altar was still shining, and the chanting of the three monks could still be heard. This was not enough to refine the three ancient monk corpses!

Even though Dongfang Jingyue was still as cold and emotionless as before, her white robe was stained with blood; beads of sweat rolled down on her long black hair. It was clear that she was severely injured, and the corpse poisonous gas had corroded her spirit energy.

Even though she was still wearing the concealing veil, Feng Feiyun knew that she was pale as a piece of paper.

She deserved to be called an extraordinary woman. She used her powerful cultivation to forcibly suppress the corpse poison in her body, still wearing an arrogant expression. She coldly snorted, and she said:

“Feng Feiyun, I didn’t think you would be able to use this mysterious technique. Your talents, compared to the heaven-defying geniuses of the Feng Clan, are many times greater. However… no one has ever dared to bully me, so you must die today!”

Dongfang Jingyue felt that she was extremely humiliated today. Then, she was also coerced by this Feng Feiyun to call him “Big Brother Feiyun”. This was truly… This matter gave her the urge to puke!

If this matter was spread, then she absolutely wouldn’t have the face to meet anyone!

She gently flipped her hand, and the Haotian Spirit Mirror that was initially stuck in a wall flew back to her hand. An ancient energy that overflew from her fingertip caused the godly energy of the Haotian Spirit Mirror to activate.

The power of a spirit treasure was enough to destroy the heaven and earth. Once activated, it could shatter and tremble an entire region.

“This damned woman really wants to destroy the bridge after crossing the river.”

However, Feng Feiyun suddenly felt that the corpse refining altar under his feet was violently shaking; it was as if the three ancient monk corpses wanted to break the altar and rush out.

“Little Girl Dongfang Jingyue, stop messing around. The ancient corpses of this place had reached the second level of Corpse Transformation. This corpse refining altar simply can’t refine them; they are about to escape!”

Feng Feiyun’s expression changed. This was much more serious than before!

He initially thought this place was just an Ominous Ground. Even with some ancient Corpse Transformation, he would still be able to find a way to live. However, he didn’t expect that the ancient corpses in this place had undergone their second Corpse Transformation — this was too frightening!

What the hell was this evil place?

Even though Dongfang Jingyue didn’t know what a second Corpse Transformation was, she also noticed that something was wrong; she saw that the altar underneath Feng Feiyun’s foot beginning to collapse, crack after crack appeared.

“Mother ah! Run away!”

Feng Feiyun turned around and ran. All of the spirit energy in his body was channeled, and his speed reached its extreme.


A shattering explosion came from behind. The three ancient monk corpses broke the seal, and they rushed outside. Their corpse energy became even more consolidated, and their body turned as dark as coal. Their mouths were full of fangs, and they suddenly coughed out a large breath of corpse poison.

They lifted their heads, and they deafeningly shrieked; they then chased towards Dongfang Jingyue’s direction.

Even though Dongfang Jingyue was holding the Haotian Spirit Mirror, it couldn’t penetrate the invulnerable adamantine bodies of the monk corpses. At most, it could only knock them flying away, but then they would immediately rush back on the offensive.

In the end, she didn’t have another choice outside of running away.

“Dongfang Jingyue, don’t follow me. Do you want to kill me as well?”

Feng Feiyun was fleeing for his life in the front only to find out that Dongfang Jingyue was chasing right behind him; the three monk corpses were also ferociously moving towards this direction.

“Feng Feiyun, even if I die, I will pull you under with me!”

The corpse poison inside Dongfang Jingyue’s body was starting to spread. Her wound began to bleed black blood resulting in the pathway being dyed a blackish red.

And the ancient monk corpses were following the smell of blood to chase after them, so it was impossible to leave the corpses behind.

Feng Feiyun was angry to the point where he wanted to curse at someone’s mother, but he clearly knew that cursing at Dongfang Jingyue’s mother wouldn’t have any effect at this moment. The only important thing was to quickly escape this place.

On their escape path, they didn’t know where they were running to. The road ahead became increasingly wide and open; it was as if they were going into a valley. An underground lake appeared before them. Except… the water was the color of blood.

Feng Feiyun, without any hesitation, rushed forward. In reality, the three ancient monk corpses were chasing too fast, so he didn’t have the choice to wait.

He wanted to stomp on the water surface and rush over it; however, beneath the lake was an unknown power with a powerful suction, and it directly dragged him into the water.


Dongfang Jingyue also followed his steps and fell into the lake of blood, directly hitting Feng Feiyun in the head, almost rendering him unconscious.

“Fuck! You damned woman, did you do it on purpose? Oh mother, they are here again!”

Feng Feiyun struggled to float towards the top of the water; however, right at this moment, he saw the three monk corpses arriving. Their bodies were half rotten, but their monk robes were still brightly golden; they wanted to catch Feng Feiyun.

He quickly pedaled in the water with his body leaning backward. One of his hands grabbed the sash of Dongfang Jingyue, who was swimming behind him, and he suddenly pulled, wanting to borrow the momentum to retreat and escape the ancient monk corpses.

However, he used too much strength! The white silk sash of Dongfang Jingyue was pulled straight down, and her entire body was revealed. A large portion of her snow white bosom was revealed — simply too alluring.

It’s over, another great calamity was brought forth!

This damned girl Dongfang Jingyue was already a very narrow-minded and petty person; he simply forced her to call him “Big Brother Feiyun”, yet she was already shouting about wanting to kill him. At this moment, he had pulled down her entire sash — it would be a miracle if she didn’t lose her mind!

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