Chapter 578: Loyal Combatants

The imperial chambers were deeper in the city, serving the emperor and his harem. No one could enter without an official summon.

Heavenbattler, the leader of the marquises, nearly got flayed as a punishment for rushing into the harem.

Feiyun felt a strange, austere atmosphere after reaching this place, seemingly hiding a trace of bloodthirst.

The gates towering at several dozen meters were wide open. These armored guards stood in front, their armor plates covered everything about them, including their eyes and mouth. These were four monsters of steel.

This was the heaviest metal on the world - Black Tortoise. Moreover, they were empowered by battle talismans. Once activated, these armors would be unbreakable, capable of withstanding the strongest attacks.

“Stop, this is a forbidden area. No trespassing.” One of them with a great spear shouted. The voice carried an imposing aura from within the armor.

Though their eyes were blocked, their divine intents could sense even a fly.

Feiyun has been here before and was familiar with the forbidden guards. The aura of these four wasn’t the common draconic one; it carried a chilling sensation instead. They clearly weren’t the original ones.

He sniffed the air and could sense a faint hint of blood. There were marks of a battle on the ground too. A formation master has tried to conceal it but this was useless against the phoenix gaze.

There was indeed a problem!

A hawk-faced eunuch saw this and ran deeper inside the harem.

Feiyun shouted: “How impudent! Do you not see that I am the Divine King?!”

“My apology, Your Excellency. Please show the King’s Order or I’m afraid I can’t let you through.” The guard discretely gathered energy on his spear.

Feiyun obviously didn’t have the order since it was inside the palace right now. Plus, given the current situation, he wouldn’t be able to enter even with the order.

Shenya clearly had entered the harem. If he were to take the letter from Consort Luo, he could change the content then publicly announce it to become the next emperor. At that point, Feiyun and Princess Luofu’s actions would be considered rebelling.

Who knows how long he has been in there for? He could already have the letter.

It was too late to call for backup so Feiyun needed to go by himself.

“Fine, I’ll show it to you.” Feiyun reached in his pocket with a friendly smile.

The guard hesitated, clearly aware that he didn’t have the order and wanted to attack. He gathered power with both hands while his talismans lit up.

He began walking towards Feiyun; the other three realized this and started to glow with energy, ready to fight at any moment.

They were loyal soldiers of the Beiming; powerful and keen enough to smell the danger.

“Whoosh!” When the first guard got within three steps, Feiyun finally revealed his hand to shoot out a destructive white ray. The guard also thrust his spear at the same time.

Knowing that Feiyun wanted to kill him was one thing, but being fast enough was another.

Feiyun had lightning-fast speed and went all out. His weapon essence cut through the spear like butter then penetrated the Black Tortoise armor and the guard’s heart. He then flipped his saber and severed the guy in two halves.

Blood shot out like a beautiful flower.

“Clank! Clank!” The two halves of the spear fell down, one pinned on the ground with a still-moving blue glow.

Feiyun boldly walked forward with his weapon essence; his golden robe stained with blood: “I will not show mercy.”

The three guards lined up, ready to fight. They were all top experts. If it wasn’t for his speed and the sharpness of the essence, Feiyun couldn’t have killed one of them so easily.

“Feng Feiyun, you’re too late. The crown prince had entered for a long time, he probably has the entire place under control now.” One of them said.

“Fool.” Feiyun raised his saber and unleashed a dragon-like slash engulfing over the three.

“Feiyun, we are virtually half-steps, you think you alone can beat us?” Another raised hand while a gluttonous demon appeared behind his back. It was more than ten meters tall with long hair and sharp fangs.

When he unleashed a claw strike, the demon behind him also used the same motion against Feiyun.

Feiyun stood up straight and punched the guy’s hand. Next came the sounds of broken bones and the scream of the gluttonous demon.

This guard’s arms broke into five sections. The 900-year beast soul behind him was wounded as well.

“Boom!” Feiyun created a massive image of a golden palm and then pushed it downward like a Buddha. The winds howled as this insane pressure pressed down on the wounded guard’s head, pushing the entire thing down his body.

The guard eventually dropped to the ground. What was left was a palm indentation on the ground, more than ten meters wide, and a messy man-shaped puddle of flesh.

The second guard had fallen.

These were loyal combatants of the Beiming who didn’t fear death. They also participated in the attack on the Divine King’s mansion and killed many maids and servants. Thus, Feiyun didn’t hold back against them at all.

“Die!” He turned the weapon essence into a thousand tiny swords and turned the third guard into a sieve. Blood oozed out of the little holes.

He got up next to him and unleashed a palm strike, causing the corpse to explode into several pieces.

He didn’t slow down at all and continued to head deeper into the harem.

The fourth one continued to attack, undeterred by the death of his comrades. He thought that his death would be worthwhile if he could slow Feiyun down by a mere second.

These trained loyalists only cared for their master and were ready to die at any moment.

Feiyun paused and released 9,998 beast souls. This ocean of beasts slammed into the guard.

Only a skeleton was left behind. Even pieces of the Black Tortoise armor were eaten by a few strange beasts that enjoy devouring metals.

“Boom!” They returned to Feiyun’s body and issued a loud blast with blinding lights. His bloodlust was at an all-time high.

He didn’t care at all since this was a key moment. Infiltrating the harem was just fine.

This place was massive with numerous palaces. First-time visitors would certainly be lost, but this wasn’t his first time here.

He soared with great speed on the wide street paved with jade pebbles towards the center where the four consorts were located.

Along the way were marks of war. It looked like Long Shenya planned to take over with force. Perhaps Beiming Moshou left to mobilize his troops outside the capital in order to aid the coronation.

Feiyun didn’t have a good feeling about this. Everyone was preoccupied with the groom competition while the Beiming had started their plans for the throne.

“A bloody battle is about to begin.” His eyes flashed brightly as he increased his speed. At the same time, he threw out thirteen jade talismans. These messages pierced through the sky like meteors towards different locations in the capital.

Among them were the seven secret guards of the Divine King’s faction, the three marquises outside the capital, Princess Luofu…

After receiving his message, they all began to act.

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