Chapter 577: A Loss?

The heavenly weapon essence was sharp enough to cut through spirit treasures. Even Jingshui’s devil citadel couldn’t stop it. Each slash severed hundreds of roots, but Jingshui’s art was no joke. The sacred tree next to his forehead remained untouchable.

This was one of the top arts in Jin since it came from the Daoist Scripture. The guy was incredible for comprehending this technique from a few pages of the scripture. This comprehension was comparable to cultivators that have trained for several hundred years. The tree continued to fuel energy to him.

“Pluff!” Feiyun made it through Jingshui’s defense for the second time. He used Swift Samsara to get behind the guy and pierced through his body.

Blood dripped down the blade. It had penetrated Jingshui’s spleen. Because of the side of the blade, when it was inside his body, it looked like it was about to tear him in half.

The tree continued to heal Jingshui at a visible rate. A white radiance rushed out of the wound and assaulted Feiyun’s hands, numbing them to the bones.

“Ra!” Jingshui roared before spewing out black clouds from his mouth. They had lightning arcs weaving around them.

Feiyun’s clothes turned to ashes instantly, revealing a set of armor. This was passed down from one Divine King to the next. There was a total of seven: a protective mirror, two wrist-guards, two thigh-protectors, chest plate, and lower plate.

It was made from Fiery Refined Metal, extremely tough. Six thousand years didn’t damage it at all.

With the regalia, his skin turned yellow, looking just like a god of war. He began channeling beast souls through his veins. Their cries could be heard coming from his pores. His bones became clear like precious white stones. He unleashed a punch and a flood of beast souls came out.

This power of 9,998 beast souls could tear the world asunder.

Jingshui was also going crazy. He raised both hands - one condensing an immortal cloud while the other creating an evil cloud - making him look just like a deity.

“Boom!” Their collision created a deafening blast, nearly destroying the four barriers on stage.

The Giant quickly took out a net-like spirit treasure to seal the stage once more right before the total collapse of the barriers.

If this third boss of the Yin Gou didn’t react in time, the shock waves would have killed some of the spectators. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and lamented: “These brats are strong, why wasn’t I that strong when I was their age?”

This didn’t look like a fight between two youths but more like a battle to the death between two big shots of the cultivation world.

The souls of the beast gathered onto a single punch as Feiyun fought directly against Jingshui.

Among the young generation, Jingshui was famous for this absolute offensive power; just one slap could kill a young king. On the other hand, Feiyun was famous for his speed but instead of using his advantage, he chose to fight directly. Many people felt that he was insane.

“Rumble!” The stage quaked from the impact with cracks appearing.

Keep in mind that this stage was made from molten jade with more than ten thousand runes but it was still on the verge of collapsing.

“Feng Feiyun is still one level lower than Jingshui. His body is strong but to go hard against hard like this? He’ll lose for sure.” An old man with a feathered fan sighed.

Scholar Heaven Calculating disagreed: “Feiyun’s power stems from his physical prowess so he has better longevity. Jingshui’s power is from arts and techniques with violet spirit energy as the foundation, he’ll use them up faster. Perhaps Feiyun wants to fatigue the guy’s energy then defeat him.”

The old man shook his head: “At Jingshui’s cultivation, his dantian is as massive as an ocean, capable of containing massive violet energy. All 360 prime meridians are open, acting as rivers to channel worldly energy into his body for replenishment.”

The scholar replied: “He is a dual-cultivation, able to have ten times the force of a regular cultivator, but he’ll use ten times more energy too.”

Jingshui was impressive indeed. Space continued to melt from his attacks. Normal people couldn’t stop the power of the beast souls, but he was capable due to his dual-techniques, unleashing a force of seven dragon-tigers.

Seven dragon-tigers was the force of a half-step but he could already do it at the fifth level of Heaven’s Mandate.

“Feng Feiyun, doing this to waste my spirit energy is very unwise. I’ll have you know that my sacred tree will fuel me nonstop energy. I won’t be tired even if we fight for a month!” Jingshui shouted and unleashed eighteen punches with the force of a mountain, causing the earth to tremble.

Ordinary fifth-level cultivators would need to watch their energy, otherwise they would run out, resulting in lower battle potential. This wasn’t the case for Jingshui. Despite using ten times more energy, his violet central palace was a hundred times bigger than normal.

A historical genius like him didn’t need to worry about running out.

Feiyun smiled: “Didn’t you say that you would beat me within eighty moves? We probably got more than a thousand in right now.”

The two of them were strong enough to exchange that many moves within a short time. Few could actually see shadows; the majority only heard nonstop explosions.

“Then I’ll show you my real art so that you can accept your defeat.” Jingshui became serious and stood up straight. 

The shadow of a devil appeared before his chest with a ferocious expression. Completely black in color, it towered dozens of meters high. Feiyun looked like an ant before it.

“Boom!” It unleashed a palm strike and blew Feiyun flying.

It had the force of eight dragon-tigers. Remember, nine dragon-tigers was the power of a Giant. The difference between seven and eight dragon-tigers might only be one in number, but it was an exponential change.

Eight dragon-tigers would be at the top level of half-step Giants.

“Damn! Jingshui successfully cultivated his devil seed!” A sect master slammed his table in astonishment.

“This seed is far more powerful than the roots. Even few in the Devil Gate during the ancient era could create one. In fact, a successful cultivator would directly become the next lord in line.” 

Jingshui only managed to create an ethereal shadow yet everyone believed that within a hundred years, this seed could become the real thing. Maybe he could start the Devil Gate once more.

The appearance of both the Devil Seed and Sacred Tree in one person? This required insane providence and comprehension.

The big shots glanced at each other and felt the pressure. Dongfang Jingshui would definitely grow up to be an overlord. Perhaps no one else could match him.

The big figure attacked again with an imposing presence. Feiyun used his vessel and Swift Samsara in conjunction. When the hand of the figure brushed by him, he automatically leaped off the stage.

However, everyone thought that he was blown off the stage while vomiting blood.

He got up and wiped the blood from his lips: “Dongfang Jingshui, I didn’t expect you to have a Devil Seed. I accept this defeat. Hmph, but we will meet again!”

He looked pale, seemingly heavily injured, before running off. Despite his words, everyone could tell that he wasn’t convinced at all.

Jingshui felt no joy in this victory. His eyes narrowed as he watched Feiyun leave and felt that something was wrong. 

Of course, no one looked down on Feiyun either. Jingshui’s dual cultivation was just too much for any youth to handle. 

The second battle began - Prince Hongye versus Gu Cuo.

Feiyun left with haste. His color returned once there was no one else around, seemingly perfect now. He turned into the wind and rushed through the palaces to head for the imperial chambers.

Earlier, he clearly heard Long Qingyang talking to Long Shenya and the latter left in a hurry. Not long after that, the Grand Chancellor left as well.

He got an ominous feeling so he gave up on purpose. Otherwise, the fight would last for another one hundred thousand moves even when Jingshui has both the tree and the seed.

Plus, Feiyun also had the bronze vessel. It was hard to predict the final outcome.

“Seems like Long Qingyang told Shenya about the letter. I have to go there now before they seize it or it will be too late.” Feiyun became faster and faster.

He finally reached the main gate. It was open with four powerful generals guarding.

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