Chapter 576: Immortal Sacred Tree

Dongfang Jingshui arrived. Each of his steps had an incredible momentum, causing the stage to slightly shake.

The visible formation barriers were shaking as well. Though they were erected by Giants, his step still managed to create ripples in the air.

Each stage also had a presiding Giant in order to avoid casualties when necessary.

The one for the Heaven stage was a man wearing a tattered robe, full of patches. He smiled happily at Feiyun, pulling up all the wrinkles on his face.

It was the third grandpa of the Yin Gou.

“Feng Feiyun, get off, I don’t want to embarrass you too much.” Jingshui cupped his fist. The sunlight reflected off his armor in a blinding armor, making him look like an armored god.

He wasn’t looking down on Feiyun. The guy was actually being sincere. He only wanted to stop Feiyun from becoming an imperial groom, so it would be best if the guy were to give up to avoid a needless fight.

Feiyun said: “The victor is yet to be determined. I’ve been wanting to fight your dual-cultivation, there’s no way I’ll miss this.”

“Clank!” The gong was struck.

The two of them almost attacked at the same time with Feiyun seizing the first step. A white ray shot out from his palm and turned into a gigantic blade, as wide as a door. This was naturally his weapon essence, capable of severing spirit treasures.

Jingshui flipped his palm and gathered an ocean of clouds. A black fortress made out of steel flew out, growing from the size of a walnut to a great city.

This was his devil root, using a primal evil energy to form a strong foundation consisting of numerous magical roots. 

“Boom!” The saber slashed the city and cut off several hundred roots, issuing loud detonation and fiery sparks falling into the ground and created large pits.

Alas, it couldn’t destroy the devil city completely.

Jingshui’s eyes changed - one was of the divine affinity while the other evil.

The divine eye created a sacred light to create the symbol of taiji. The devil eye created a black cloud with a floating skeleton in the meditating position. It had a strange and impetuous aura.

The two powers shot out at the same time.

Feiyun raised his saber and did a full swing: “Sun Piercer!”

A bright slash flew out of the weapon essence with great sharpness. The cultivators below the stage immediately closed their eyes in order to avoid damage to their vision.

“Ra!” The slash eventually turned into a divine dragon.

The sacred light with the taiji symbol was crushed easily by the slash. On the other hand, the skeleton sitting in the black expanse opened its red eyes and reached out both hands to grab the saber energy.

Jingshui cultivated both the Taiji Eye of the daoist doctrine and Fiendish Eye of the devil dao.

The latter had reached a deified level with the appearance of a skeletal fiend with great offensive power. It absorbed the saber energy to make its bones stronger.

“Jingshui is amazing, using an incomplete devil scroll to derive this art. Even the old sages of the devil faction might not be able to do it.” Scholar Heaven Calculating’s expression changed. He began playing with his fingers in order to predict the outcome.

Despite his name, he couldn’t understand everything in this world. Feiyun was an incalculable person and Jingshui’s devil affinity obstructed his divination.

“Feng Feiyun had only cultivated several years yet he could fight against the top geniuses, he’s pretty much as strong as a half-step Giant now, that cultivation speed is astounding.” Su Yun couldn’t watch the fight but his eyes and divine intents were numerous times more acute than before. He could imagine everything nearby.

“Boom!” Golden clouds oozed out and formed the Regal Supreme image - the coming of a conqueror.

After revealing his qi image, Jingshui’s battle potential surged. This area seemed to be under his control. Only the top geniuses would have these qi images.

For example, ancient treasures would have visual phenomena accompanying them when they come out. This was also the case for true geniuses.

It combined with the Fiendish Eye, boosting its power by a sizable amount. The skeleton in the black clouds grew twice in size and attacked.

“Heavenly Phoenix Gaze!” Feiyun’s eyes turned red and gave birth to two flames. They turned into phoenixes with steel-like beaks, completely on fire. Their wings were more than twenty meters long.

They flew side by side with a scorching temperature, turning the ground into lava.

After reaching the fourth level of Heaven’s Mandate, his vision technique became stronger as well, capable of forming a strand of phoenix soul.

Fiendish Eye was a sacred art of the devil doctrine; few people could finish it, but the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze was far superior.

The birds incinerated the black clouds into nothingness. Even Jingshui’s qi image was affected, seemingly melting with smoke coming out.

“Boom!” The Fiendish Eye’s skeleton crumbled. The two birds finished devouring everything.

“Not bad.” Jingshui remained still and channeled a holy glow. Veined lines emanated from his forehead just like the roots of a tree. A leaf also appeared, only the size of a fingernail and as green as jade. It contained a massive force of life.

A second and third also appeared… Finally, a great tree emerged, three feet tall and as thick as a bowl. Its trunk was white and radiated a sacred, starry light.

The crowd was in awe of this scene - what kind of technique is this?

“This is… the first sacred law of the Dao Scripture, Immortal Sacred Tree.” Li Xiaonan was the first to recognize it.

The Sacred Spirit Palace had three of the eight chapters of the Dao Scripture. They originally had four but one was stolen.

He had the fortune of viewing one of them before on top of doing further research, so he instantly recognized the technique.

“The Daoist Gate used to be so prosperous and widespread across the five dynasties with numerous sects. Unfortunately, internal strife separated these chapters. It looks like the first one is in the Yin Gou Clan.”

The Daoist Scripture was one of the three great canons. Just one page alone would be a precious treasure, more than enough to start a bloody competition.

“We only bought a few pages from a merchant by sheer luck.” The clan master said.

Everyone would covet an artifact of this level, so its owners would try to hide it.

As for Sacred Spirit Palace, it was strong enough to deter everyone.

The Daoist Gate also had one in its Firmament Palace. Though not as strong as it used to be, it still had plenty of experts - its sect masters, two dao magnates, three untethereds, and four constellations.

The three untethereds were prestigious, all Giants at the ninth-level of Heaven’s Mandate who had lived for more than seven hundred years. They didn’t stay in their sect to cultivate but would surely come back to help.

These big shots were enough to protect one chapter of the scripture. The Yin Gou was also rich enough to protect their several pages.

The other four were still missing, but their owners were smart enough to never let the truth come out.

Jingshui stepped into the sky and attacked from above. Feiyun was as fast as a Giant. He turned into a ray and cut through Jingshui’s evil clouds, severing his right arm.

“Pluff!” Blood gushed out. The fierce blade energy also crushed the severed arm into mincemeat.

“With the sacred tree empowering me, I will still come back to life even with my head cut off.” The tree gathered the surrounding spirit energy and poured it into Jingshui. His right arm grew back completely within one breath.

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