Chapter 575: Tough Opponent, Dongfang Jingshui

The innocent and pure princess on her throne stared at the seven-colored mirror and gently rubbed it with her fingers. A seal with multiple waves of ripples appeared. One could faintly see runes of various geographic bodies as if there was a world inside.

Ningshuai became even more tempted after seeing this; his eyes nearly leaving their socket: “Little Sister, that’s a priceless treasure from an ancient ruin for sure, let me take a look, maybe I can find other uses of it.”

The five-meter-tall man with a lion-like form and golden hair laughed, easily seeing through Ningshuai’s treacherous intent. He lifted the guy like a hawk capturing a chicken: “You dare to scheme for our Little Princess’ treasure, I’ll tear you in half.”

The guy was immensely strong with a grip capable of crushing Black Tortoise Steel. Ningshuai’s bones were cracking, wracked with pain as he said: “Boss, it’s just a misunderstanding! I’m a treasure-seeking master and found that nameless mirror to be interesting with more secret abilities.”

“Haha! A treasure-seeking master, huh? Then you deserve to die even more.” The man grabbed Ningshuai by the ankles with one hand and his neck with the other.

Ningshuai looked like a baby still wet behind the ears compared to this massive man.

“Crack!” his bones continued to move as his body was turning to a ninety-degree angle: “I… I’m not a treasure-seeking master… just kiddi…”

The man had a cruel smile on his face and strengthened his grip. Ningshuai was on the verge of crying.

“Stop! Who are you? The imperial city forbids killing!” Feng Feiyun landed from above. His voice carried nine different sound waves, enough to make the ground tremble.

The man loosened his grip but still didn’t let Ningshuai go. He coldly uttered: “Your Excellency, this brat dares to covet our Little Princess’ treasure, I have the right to kill him.”

Ningshuai heaved a sigh of relief: “No way, I was just talking about the competition with her.”

Feiyun knew that this was a lie. This thief must have gotten captured in the act.

The princess stared with amusement at Feiyun: “Jin Yu, let him go.”

The golden-haired man let Ningshuai down and patted him hard on the shoulder: “Brat, you alright?”

This pat carried the force of a mountain, causing Ningshuai internal organs to shake. He almost fell to the ground, pale, and couldn’t say a single word.

Feiyun stared at the group before pulling Ningshuai away.

He activated his crimson eyes and saw that the thief was greatly wounded with cracks on his bones, nearly torn to pieces. He took out a third-ranked white pill and fed it to him then waited for recovery before speaking: “Are you tired of living? Don’t you know who they are?”

The white glow dispersed around Ningshuai as the medicine spread around his body. It took a while before he could speak again: “Tell me who they are, I’m going to make them regret ever living.”

“If I’m not mistaken, they are from the Yang World with several Supremes among them, I can sense the aura of Abnormalities.” Feiyun said with a serious expression.

Ningshuai dropped on the ground, thinking that he had just been through hell and back, lucky enough to survive after interacting with these Supremes.

“Why is the princess and Supremes of the Yang World here?” He didn’t understand.

“Hard to say, the astronomical phenomenon encompassed the Jin Dynasty, spreading to the Yin and Yang World too, perhaps they are here for fun or some secret missions.”

Ningshuai had stolen the Blood-being Exalted Pot from the Yang King, so he was very wary of these inhabitants, thinking that they were here for him.

“You good? I need to leave to participate in the next round.” Feiyun’s battle intent was surging in the form of bright beast runes.

Ningshuai got up from the ground and said with surprise: “You didn’t get a free win this round?”

Feiyun nodded: “Now that I’m exposed, all eyes are on me, including the Three Directors, so I can’t give hints to the princess. The one who got a free win this time is Long Qingyang.”

He could trick others when he was just the demonic successor, but now, everyone was on guard and watching his every move.

Of course, Feiyun wasn’t afraid of fighting and has been wanting to fight these top geniuses already.

“Who is your opponent then?” Ningshuai could tell that the incoming battle would be tough judging from Feiyun’s expression.

“Dongfang Jingshui.”

“What? Water head?! You’re done, man, it’s over.” Ningshuai couldn’t count on Feiyun since Jingshui has been famous for a long time, fortifying his spot among the top three of Jin and had never lost before.

First the daoist doctrine, then the evil art - a dual cultivator.

On the other hand, Feiyun made his debut several years ago. Despite being the number one genius of Jin, he was still too young.

Heaven battle stage.

Jingshui wore a silver armor made out of rhino skin, standing tall and intimidating. His red cloak fluttered like a banner, giving off a bloodthirsty yet still heroic presence.

“Sis, don’t worry, he’s only daydreaming about marrying the princess. I’ll take him down so he can’t marry anyone.” Jingshui wore black wristbands made out of steel, eager to fight.

Many prodigies from the Yin Gou were present, and Jingyue stood among them like a crane among a flock of chicken. Dressed in elegant white while holding a pipa, she replied: “He has matured after just four years.”

“Indeed. Just a hairless brat four years ago, but now…” Jingshui replied.

“Enough for you to be serious, even going all out might end up in your defeat.” Jingyue said.

“I will defeat him in eighty moves if I go all out.” Jingshui was extremely confident. His Supreme Regal qi image rushed to the sky, able to change the atmosphere.

An old man was present among the youth, the second grandpa of Jingyue and Jingshui. He rode a mountain goat while holding a wooden stick: “Yue’er, don’t worry, I’ll definitely make sure that brat loses.”

Her third grandpa with patches of gray hair also pushed through the crowd, looking quite destitute: “Yue’er, do you want him to win or lose? If you want him to win, I’ll cripple your older brother right now.”

The fourth and fifth grandpa also came out; they all looked quite sorry with tattered clothing and began to argue.

No one could see tell that these were the bosses of the richest clan since they looked like beggars.

The second one said: “You don't know shit. Yue’er obviously wants him to lose. If that brat wins and marries a princess, what is our Yue’er going to do?”

“Then I’ll break his legs right now so he can’t get on stage.” The fourth one angrily glared at Feiyun.

Their attitude wasn’t much better than their appearance, no different from a group of hoodlums.

Jingyue sighed, feeling a little exasperated. She saw Feiyun’s arrival and nodded towards him with a smile. He returned the gesture.

Numerous spectators were present at this stage. Some came from Jingshui, other for Feiyun. This was a highly anticipated battle.

One was the third-ranker of the upper list; the other was third on the lower list. The betting grounds paid great attention to this fight.

The Three Directors personally presided over the situation, looking just like three gods in a shrine. No one could see through their brilliance.

The prodigies of Wanxiang were present to support Feng Feiyun as well. After all, he came from there, the only one left. If Feiyun were to lose, then the number one sacred ground would lose as well.

The beautiful Princess Luofu and gallant Long Shenya were also present, occupying their own corner with many officials and big shots behind him.

Jingshui was truly too famous and defeated his previous opponents within just three moves. People were worried about him; the princess was no exception.

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