Chapter 574: Little Princess

Long Qingyang was extremely confident, staring at Feiyun with his perfectly-shaped eyes.

It looked like he was telling the truth - the emperor had left behind a letter before leaving the capital.

Feiyun smiled and lifted up the teapot to pour himself a cup: “Divine Consort Beiming has it.”

“Don’t be like that, if you want to know who has it, you must pay a heavy price.” Qingyang tilted his head while slowly rubbing Feiyun’s chin.

A flame as red as blood surfaced on Feiyun with extreme temperature. Qingyang was hurt and quickly pulled back before biting his lips: “You don’t know how to treat a woman at all.”

The guy sat up straight and said: “Fine, I’ll stop playing around. I want 300,000 spirit stones.”

“Haha, 300,000? You might as well become a robber.” Feiyun replied.

Qingyang sneered: “Please, how long will it take to rob that many stones? Frankly, I’m selling the entire dynasty to you, a great profit.”

300,000 stones was an exorbitant sum, comparable to an entire mining operation of a great power. However, everyone knew that Feiyun had robbed the underground gambling hall and had at least that much.

There was no way Qingyang would go easy on him.

Feiyun said: “You should know that it’s not hard for me to kill you at the capital.”

Qingyang brightly smiled: “Your Excellency, you are indeed untouchable at the capital and can easily take me down, quite a terrifying force, but if you do so, you won’t know who has the letter. When it is revealed, the new emperor… well, your days in Jin won’t be that easy.”

“Sigh, the scariest foes are those who don’t fear death.” Feiyun smiled: “Fine, I will give you 300,000 stones. Give me the information.”

“I have your words?” Qingyang was ecstatic. This amount was enough for him to start a sect.

“My words are final.” Feiyun took another sip.

“Divine Consort Luo.” Long Qingyang sent a telepathic message: “She’s the only one who isn’t participating in this political struggle on top of being very powerful. The moment this competition ends, she’ll read the content to the crowd and announce the next successor. Moreover, the emperor had given her the Regal Dragon Robe as well so that she can pass it on.”

“Regal Dragon Robe.” Feiyun’s eyes narrowed. This was the symbol of authority, one of the five legendary garments. It contained considerable power.

“What is the content of that letter?” Feiyun asked.

“I don’t know.” Qingyang shrugged.

“How did you find out?”

Qingyang started to blush: “The consort’s maternal side is the Luo of Central Royal. The clan master there had a long talk with me one night…”

Consort Luo might not tell others but she would definitely let her clan master know so that he could pick a side.

Each consort had their own backers or they wouldn’t last in the imperial palace. She definitely knew who the next successor was.

Feiyun thought that he should make time to meet her eventually: “Young Noble Long, you have a lot of friends.”

Qingyang stretched her snow-white hand forward and smiled: “Your Excellency, isn’t time to pay up?”

Feiyun chuckled with no intention of handing the stones over.

“Your Excellency, you enjoy a high position in Jin on top of being a famous genius, are you actually reneging?” 

The carriage stopped at this point right outside of the imperial city. Feiyun said: “Get off.”

Qingyang’s smile froze: “Feng Feiyun, do you not care about your reputation, I can destroy it within three days.”

To which Feiyun responded with a laugh: “Lady Long, go ask people who you are dealing with first. They will laugh at you if you tell them about your threatening me with reputation and honor. Remember, get your money first next time when doing business before handing over the goods.”

Without any warning, he punched and directly blew Qingyang out of the carriage before continuing on.

Qingyang fluttered like a leaf before stabilizing his stance. His hair was a mess now; face filled with dust from the carriage leaving while shouting: “Feng Feiyun you bastard! This is not over!”

The imperial city’s guard became more vigilant for the incoming round. Few spectators could come in, only those with enough status.

The seven were: Divine King Feng Feiyun, Prince Hongye of Qian, Long Qingyang of Long, Dongfang Jingshui of the Yin Gou, Beiming Potian of the Beiming, Gu Cuo, and Mu Xingzi - the young lord of Dark Realm.

Each had their own tales and fortunes with talents far exceeding their peers.

They looked like seven stars standing on stage, extremely resplendent - representing the top fighting force of the young generation. 

“Who do you think will make it to the next round?” A five-year-old princess asked with a pair of bright eyes and a seven-colored spirit mirror in her soft hand. More than ten old men crowded around this curious kid.

She wasn’t a princess of Jin or any other dynasty and country nearby. Her background remained a secret but these old servants were quite powerful.

One of them had gray hair and three eyes. He activated his heavenly gaze and stared at the qi images of these geniuses: “Judging by their qi image, the strongest one is Dongfang Jingshui with his Regal Supreme image and an evil aura, clearly from cultivating an ancient evil art.”

Another servant took out a throne-like chair and placed a soft rug on top. The little princess easily jumped up on this tall chair and began watching with anticipation.

A different man with a crimsonflame armor, towering at five meters tall just like a great lion statue spoke thunderously: “In my humble opinion, Prince Hongye will move on. He cultivates the Golden Sacred Scripture and had reached the seventh level, possessing the strongest offensive capabilities among them. Plus, his body has been strengthened by heavenly treasures, so his defense is great too.”

“Beiming Potian has the Northern Profound Ice Armor, that’s the real number one defense, no one can break it.”

These servants had amazing insight. Some knew astronomical signs and treasures; others had great heavenly gazes…

They all had strange forms - three eyes, extremely tall, metallic tails, or moving on all fours like a monkey…

Of course, no one found this surprising because Jin was so large.

“Please, what do you know?! The only one moving on for sure is Feng Feiyun.” Ningshuai came over while fixing his robe. He stared at the little princess on her high chair, eyes fixated on her mirror.

The little girl’s eyes glimmered with curiosity: “Why is that?”

“This is actually a secret that I paid big money for, the truth is…”

He couldn’t make it to the chair before two men whose head were as big as a stone grinder stopped him. One of them yelled: “Brat, scram!”

Ningshuai gave the princess a helpless shrug.

The princess immediately ordered the two men to back off before speaking to him: “Tell me, tell me, what secret???”

“The truth is that Feng Feiyun and Princess Luofu had sex already, so she will purposely let him get to the semifinal. This is a big secret, I’m only telling you because I like you.” Ningshuai stood beneath the high chair and occasionally glanced at the mirror with a greedy expression.

Of course, he was only blindly guessing and actually got it right. The two of them truly had sex, but their relationship didn’t stop there.

The old men next to the princess wanted to slap the crap out of him. She was only five yet he told her this inappropriate matter? Nevertheless, she was very interested so they could only glare angrily at him, seemingly wanting to eat him alive.

Ningshuai’s expression looked like an uncle trying to trick a child: “I even know who will be the final winner to marry the princess.”

“Who?!” She blinked cutely.

He changed the topic: “Oh? That mirror of yours is very familiar, I think I’ve seen it before, mind if I take a closer look?”

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