Chapter 573: Great Beauty

In a prosperous place like the capital, an empty mountain was a rare sight - the one behind Southern Sky Temple.

Inside the valley were dried up trees, bereft of verdant leaves and covered with a thick layer of silvery snow.

Large flakes were still scattering; the winds howled like beasts from the entrance and engulfed the entire area, pushing down the dead trees.

A wooden pavilion, one grave, one memorial tablet.

Feiyun personally dug up the grave before glancing at the beauty trapped in ice. She seemed to be asleep - albeit, never to wake up again. He closed his eyes before gently placing the sculpture down to the grave and filled it up again.

Life was unpredictable, ladened with sadness.

The wondrous talent from the Ji, virtually peerless in her own era with too many suitors to count, would still turn to dust after a thousand years. Who would remember her in the future?

The prestigious and powerful consort basked in luxury, considered to be a deity but all was gone now. She was ill-fated, living for someone else. Perhaps many tears were secretly shed under the moon as she lamented her lack of freedom.

Everyone must die. Those who embark on the cultivation road for immortality must be even more ready for death.

Feiyun crouched down to carve a word on the tablet, Xuan.

She said that she wanted to make it up for Zuo Qianshou. Perhaps burying them in the same grave would be the best way to do so even though she didn’t explicitly state it.

He sat there, unmoving, seemingly pondering. The snow turned him into a snowman again.

Late in the night, he finally stood up as the snow fell down. He glanced at the lonely grave one last time before leaving, never to return.

Every story has an end. This was the end for Ji Lingxuan but he had a long way to go.

Graves existed in everyone’s heart, burying lost friends and families.


Feiyun left Southern Sky and unwittingly visited the dragon vein. The golden spirit energy in this place had nearly entered a liquid state from the density with an aura as cold as ice. It looked just like a dragon swimming below the ground.

The Evil Woman was still meditating on top of a boulder. Her top half was shrouded in an immortal cloud; the bottom half, evil fog. Her forehead had shiny particles just like a group of stars.

Long Cangyue walked over, dressed in a black robe, and coldly said: “Why are you here?”

He stared at her and saw the resemblance between the mother and daughter, almost an identical copy. He smiled: “Just taking a look.”

“Done then?” She stared coldly.

He nodded: “Yeah.”

He left right away after saying this while her eyes became serious, her hand touching her white-snow chin in contemplation. She stared at his departing figure, thinking that the guy was quite strange today.

He originally wanted to tell her about Lingxuan’s death, but after seeing her, he felt as if Lingxuan was still alive since they were so similar. Thus, he decided to leave.

“So used to life and death, so how can I feel this sadness? Is it because of the human body? I’m also inheriting the weakness of human nature?” He stood on the street and stared at the sky before smiling: “Just let it be then.”

It was a short night. Dawn came with the sun chasing away the coldness. A new day and new challenges.

“Feiyun, where did you run off to last night? Someone nearly went crazy looking for you.” Ningshuai stopped wearing his large hat. Since Feiyun was exposed, he didn’t need to hide his identity either.

“Who is in such a rush to see me?”

“A great beauty.”

“Not too many beauties dare to come looking for me. She must be very courageous.” Feiyun laughed.

“I don’t know how courageous he is, but you’ll have a headache for sure.” Ningshuai said.

“Don’t tell me…”

“It’s Long Qingyang. Listen, I’m being forced here.” Ningshuai gave him an apologetic smile before leaving with haste.

A “beauty” dressed in purple with drifting long hair and perfect teeth smiled and said: “Your Excellency, how are you?”

“... I am going to the competition, Young Noble Long, see you later.”

Feiyun really felt a headache coming and wanted to leave. However, a sweet fragrance blew by. The guy’s exquisite figure was before him. Long Qingyang wore a bitter yet flirty expression: “Your Excellency, am I that scary?”

Feiyun’s face muscles froze: “Of course not.”

Longyang’s eyes resembled profound and dark springs; his chest towered forward, clearly padded with several layers of cloth. One could faintly see his pale blue undergarment and exposed, perfect skin beneath his neck. Normal men wouldn’t be able to resist him at all.

He said: “I’m also participating, do you mind if I go with you?”

“I don’t mind.” Feiyun smiled and told people to call for a large carriage heading for the imperial city.

It was large enough to accommodate ten people inside without being crowded.

Feiyun didn’t like Qingyang too much but he wasn’t afraid of the guy’s seduction and sat next to him. He held spirit stones and began to absorb the energy while closing his eyes. The battle today was a big deal so he needed to be at his peak state.

Inside was a bronze table with phoenix and dragon carvings on the surface. An incense burner was on top with fragrance stones turning. The scent was faint, nearly indiscernible.

Qingyang sat next to it with his silky black hair and slender fingers. He held a clay teapot and placed a fire stone on the bottom. The gentle fire quickly boiled the pot.

 His actions were elegant and graceful, completely focused on the task at hand. He showed such commendable expertise; his tea ceremony skill was just as beautiful as him.

“Everyone says that you are the number one genius of Jin, young yet talented and crafty with no rival.” Qingyang wiped the cups with a purple cloth.

Feiyun slightly opened his eyes and responded: “Young Noble Long’s charm is peerless, I heard you only got here for several days and more than seven big shots and two young kings have kneeled before you.”

He chose euphemism instead of saying that Qingyang had slept with them.

Qingyang gave him a sad lover’s stare and said: “Those are only rumors spread by bad people.”

Such a pleasant and gentle voice. People could certainly mistake him for a woman.

In fact, outside of his sex, every other aspect of his were superior to an actual woman. Perhaps he considered himself one too.

Feng Feiyun said: “Why were you looking for me?”

“Drink first.” He sat on the white fox-fur carpet with her skirt becoming disorderly, revealing his fair legs, long and thin. He brought the cup before Feiyun; his eyes round and clear staring straight at the guy. His head nearly rested on Feiyun’s knees.

Feiyun remained calm and natural, accepting the cup and took a sip to enjoy the flavor: “The most common scented tea yet finished without any bitterness, even a sweetness to it. What level of tea mastery is required to make this?”

Qingyang bashfully smiled and took back the cup before handing him another one with anticipation: “Try this one.”

Feiyun accepted and drank it in one gulp.

Qingyang pouted in response: “You’re still on guard against me.”

“Young Noble Long, what do you actually want?”

Feiyun didn’t find a man acting coquettish interesting.

“Don’t call me Young Noble Long, call me Miss Long.” She had a pitiful look.


“Fine, fine, I know you dislike me.” Qingyang got up and sat directly in front of Feiyun then charmingly smiled: “I wish to do business with you, Your Excellency.”

He finally got to the point.

“What business?” Feiyun asked.

“Taking over, of course.” Qingyang said: “You certainly know that the emperor is no longer at the capital. However, he left behind a letter indicating his heir.”

Feiyun wasn’t shocked at all: “How do you know of this top secret?”

“I naturally have my methods.” Qingyang inched closer and whispered next to Feiyun’s ear: “Do you want to know who has this letter right now?”

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