Chapter 57: Ominous Ground

If Feng Jian dared to declare his challenge towards Du Shougao, then he would naturally possess extraordinary abilities.

The energy of his entire body ragingly overflowed, like a winding serpent. He unleashed a thunderous punch, sending forth a powerful shadow fist.

This momentum shocked the spectators. The power of the fist was terrifying, it caused the wind to crazily flutter about.

Feng Feiyun also withdrew his contempt, and he approvingly nodded. This Feng Jian only unleashed an ordinary punch, yet within this punch appeared many different sword energies.

One punch, along with sword energies, came out with exceedingly high spirit power. It was even one step stronger than an expert like Feng Jianxue at intermediate God Base.

“Worthy of the title ‘heaven-defying talent’. If he doesn’t die today in Du Shougao’s hands, then, in the future, he will definitely be a ruler within the Feng Clan.”

Feng Feiyun didn’t blink once. He really wanted to see the outcome of this one move because, from the beginning till now, the assassin Du Shougao had always only used one move.


Feng Jian was indeed very strong. The power of this one fist was enough to cause the debris and dust to blind the sky, but, in a flash, the fist’s energy suddenly disappeared without a trace. The sabre on Du Shougao’s back was unknowingly unsheathed, and the one blade chopped off Feng Jian’s right arm.

Even though it was just one blade, Feng Jian couldn’t avoid it completely.

Too swift!

Feng Jian seemed to not feel any sensation of pain, and his whole body was frozen without movement. At first, he thought he was a genius without peer in this world, but the one blade of Du Shougao shattered all of his confidence.

It was as if he turned into a slow-witted statue. He ignored the blood spurting down his shoulder like a stream, and the spirit in his eyes became increasingly faint.

Feng Feiyun sighed, and he said:

“Feng Jian is useless!”

Feng Feiyun had met many geniuses, but the ones with strong willpower were few in number. Feng Jian was absolutely a top genius, but his willpower was not comparable to Du Shougao.

If Du Shougao’s arm was cut off by someone else, then he would become even more resolute; he was not like Feng Jian who became someone who has currently lost his spirit.

Du Shougao returned his blade, and he said:

“I originally wanted to take your life with this blade; however, you were able to avoid it, and I could only cut off one of your arms. Your cultivation and aptitude is extremely high; if you keep working hard, then, in the future, it might not be impossible for you to kill me.”

Feng Jian remained motionless; it was like he had lost his soul.

Du Shougao coldly glared at Feng Jian, and he seemed to notice the ashes in his eyes; he then said:

“I thought you were a good opponent, so I was going to spare you life; however, I didn’t think that you were already a cripple. If that is the case, then you no longer need to live.”


A lightning fast blade suddenly flew forward, and it directly cut Feng Jian into two pieces.

The moment Feng Jian fell to the ground, the fifteen protectors of the Feng Clan finally reacted. They quickly encircled Du Shougao in the middle.

“Du Shougao, you dared to kill the great grandson of the eighth great grandfather; you are calling a grand calamity upon yourself!”

“The Feng Clan will not tolerate being under this sky together with you! Today will be your funeral!”

Du Shougao remained poised; he glared at the armored protectors, and then he said:

“Only with you guys?”

When those words came out, Du Shougao, who was originally trapped in the middle, suddenly disappeared, leaving no trace behind; this caused others to feel astonished.

Someone exclaimed:

“This is the Earth Shield Technique, one of the mysterious spirit techniques. I can’t believe Du Shougao was successful in learning it!”

Spirit techniques in the cultivation world were numerous, but there were rankings for these spirit techniques from high to low. For instance, Du Shougao’s technique was a mysterious technique that was extremely hard to cultivate. Ten thousand cultivators wouldn’t necessarily have one person that could learn it successfully.

Feng Feiyun truly couldn’t stand the fifteen protectors standing like flies without their heads, so he reminded them:

“He jumped down the crack, and he ran towards the Mortal Life Cavern!”

“Thank you, Senior, for the information. We will go capture this villain!”

There was a protector standing near the crack, and he opportunely saw Du Shougao jumping into the Mortal Life Cavern as well; the fifteen protectors all rushed into the crack, and they went into the crevice of the cavern.

Waiting half the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, Feng Feiyun came forward, and he also crazily rushed towards the crack. At this moment, Du Shougao and the fifteen protectors were leading the way, so he could finally rush into the Mortal Life Cavern.

After his departure into the cave, Dongfang Jingyue had also arrived. The Haotian Spirit Mirror was floating on top of her head, just like a bright moon.

The mirror manifested the scene where Du Shougao and Feng Jian were fighting earlier. Even though it was a simple technique, inside, many tricks were hidden.

“Du Shougao is indeed strong. If I could recruit him for the Yin Gou clan, then, in the future, he could be a god of death.”

Dongfang Jingyue’s sleeves were dancing in the wind, and her immortal presence extended into the distance, carrying along an illusory spiritual influence that moved the hearts of spectators.

People couldn’t help but to want to worship her!

The image on the Haotian Spirit Mirror changed, and a shadow appeared on its surface. It was none other than Feng Feiyun!

Seeing Feng Feiyun’s figure jumping down into the depths and then rush into the Mortal Life Cavern, Dongfang Jingyue’s expression became even more emotionless. A chilling mist escaped into the air, causing the two disciples from the Grand Development Immortal Gate, who were hiding in valley, to almost freeze to death.

“Feng Feiyun, let’s see how you will escape this time?!”

Dongfang Jingyue turned into a shadow and flew directly into the Mortal Life Cavern.

“Th-This is surely another senior; her strength must be even higher than Master!”

Older Brother Mu was lying face down on the ground, covered in white mist.

“It seems like this female senior and Senior Feng have a great quarrel. Both of them are grand characters; if they fight each other, then it would definitely be heaven-frightening and earth shattering.”

“Inside the Mortal Life Cavern will definitely be a belligerent battle!”

*** ***

The two disciples of the Grand Development Immortal Gate were in awe by Dongfang Jingyue’s presence, and they didn’t dare to remain in the valley a second longer; they quickly headed outside.

After Feng Feiyun entered the Mortal Life Cavern, he felt as if he was entering an icy glacier. There definitely was no signs of Du Shougao and the fifteen protectors; they had obviously entered deeper inside the cavern.

The path was filled with blood and sword markings. Even though he didn’t personally see the battle, he could guess that they were running and fighting at the same time — it was extremely cruel and bitter.

“Their lives have nothing to do with me. The most important thing, at the moment, is to find the cowardly miss, Little Sister Jianxue. This place is scarily eerie, so she must definitely be crying from fear.”

Feng Feiyun quickly rushed forward, not knowing how far he had gone. Suddenly, the front loomed of chantings of a monk; it was as if he was transcending the dead souls.

Why are there monk’s chantings beneath the ground?

Feng Feiyun suddenly paused, and his expression slightly changed. He suddenly remembered the words of the servant boy back at the White Horse Inn.

“The Yin Gou clan’s mine dug out an ominous thing, and there was a temple from a few thousand years ago. The monks inside the temple had underwent Corpse Transformation — living for thousands of years without a change in their bodies.”

“I can’t be this unlucky, right? If the Mortal Life Cavern was connected to that mine, then am I not going straight to the ominous location? If this was the case, then everyone here who stepped inside the Mortal Life Cavern will die today!”

There was cold sweat on Feng Feiyun’s forehead. Compared to others, he understood the most about the dangers of a place undergoing Corpse Transformation. Without a cultivation of the Heaven's Mandate realm, then essentially, there was no chance of survival.

“Heaven's Mandate” was a realm higher than “God Base”. Only the ancestors of the Feng Clan have the possibility to reach this Heaven's Mandate realm.

The people at the Immortal Foundation and God Base realms were considered experts, but they were ten thousand miles behind Heaven's Mandate cultivators.

Feng Feiyun really wanted to turn back; however, he thought of Feng Jianxue shivering in fear, so he gritted his teeth and continued forward.

There were many paths underneath this cavern that extended in all four directions. They were filled with corpse gas all year round, so any early Spirit Realm cultivator intruding this place would be poisoned by the corpse gas within an hour.

After knowing the dangers of this place, Feng Feiyun became even more cautious. After every path, he used spirit energy to carve a rune into the walls as a tracking marker.

“The chanting is becoming more clear!”

Feng Feiyun leaned towards the wall and focused on listening.


Suddenly, a violent explosion came about from the wall that almost shattered Feng Feiyun’s eardrums.

“Someone is fighting! Also, it is the sound of a girl; could it be Jianxue?”

The sound of the cavern intensified, and it sounded like someone wanted to destroy the entire Mortal Life Cavern. Feng Feiyun’s feet stomped on the ground, and he quickly headed towards the battle location.

“Shit, why is it this damned woman?”

Feng Feiyun said.

Three ancient monk corpses, wearing tattered monk robes, were in a grand battle with Dongfang Jingyue. Even the walls were broken into little pieces!

The bodies of the three monks were half-rotten withered bodies with hollow eye sockets, and their foreheads were filled with bloody scars.

They were chanting verses while forming Buddhist palm marks. Their cultivation was extremely frightening, causing Dongfang Jingyue to be trapped in a dangerous situation. Even when she summoned her Haotian Spirit Mirror, it was knocked away by a monk corpse, cornering her into the rocky wall.

“Haha! Dongfang Jingyue ah! Dongfang Jingyue! This day finally happened to you?”

Feng Feiyun hid to the side while watching the show. He felt a great sense of joy.

Of course, he was also secretly admiring the powerful cultivation of Dongfang Jingyue. To be able to fight three one thousand year old ancient corpses; if it was someone else, then they would have been eaten by them much earlier.

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