Chapter 569: Top Thirteen

“What’s he talking about?” Ningshuai stared at Potian’s tough departing figure before turning back at Feiyun with gleaming curiosity: “Your relationship with Princess Luofu?”

“We’re just friends.” Feiyun responded. Potian’s intelligence was not to be underestimated and had figured out some clues. ‘Looks like I have to kill him.’

The three free rounds didn’t happen by chance; the princess had done something in secrecy.

This all went back to last night. Because Feiyun figured out that the Beiming has been summoning forces to surround the capital, he wrote seven letters, one to the princess. Thus, she knew of his identity and they have prepared the plans for today.

For example, there were ninety-nine participants but two couldn’t come. This was Feiyun’s doing. One was assassinated by the Divine River Guard, while the other grievously wounded, unable to join the competition.

If there were ninety-nine participants, Feiyun would be able to skip the first round but not the second since there would be a total of fifty, including him. Skipping one round alone wasn’t that beneficial but because of this plan, he would be able to skip until the semifinal.

In this case, he would have plenty of time to study his opponents’ techniques and habits, allowing him to come up with sufficient counter-strategies.

Furthermore, the princess could have picked a groom candidate, but she couldn’t pick him because it would expose his identity. They had to settle on Dongfang Jingshui because Feiyun believed that this guy would refuse for sure, the only person who would do so.

Next, Princess Luofu couldn’t see through the fire shrouding the balls inside the cauldron, but he had the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze, capable of seeing through this visual barrier. He told her each time, allowing her to pick the right ball with his name.

Of course, doing this before the Three Directors was risky. They didn’t dare to use telepathic communication, only unique code words to inform the princess of the ball’s positioning. Because of this restraint, he couldn’t affect the bracket as much or he would have let Beiming Potian and Li Xiaonan fight already.

Feiyun was never one blessed by fortune, so without cheating, he would be bloodied and battered by now getting to the next round.

Nevertheless, the free rounds still made Potian wary of his identity.

The next round was finished; thirteen participants were left.

Ningshuai gave up so Long Qingyang was one of the winners. The list includesd Feng Feiyun, Beiming Potian, Dongfang Jingshui, Li Xiaonan, Prince Hongye, Long Qingyang, Mu Xingzi, Gu Cuo, Ji Feng, Yan Ziyu. The remaining three were unknown to Feiyun, but they were quite powerful.

Why didn’t these strongest geniuses fight in the early rounds? There seemed to be a hidden force purposely spreading them out - this was their divine providence protecting them from injuries and bad luck.

These so-called “geniuses” were naturally favored by the high heaven. All were powerful and some have never lost before. In a fight between two tigers, one would fall. This would be decided by their own strength. Unsurprisingly enough, Feiyun got another free round.

The competition was heating up, same with the excited crowd. The six stages were filled with people. The combatants were arrogant and confident about their victory.

The biggest fight was none other than Li Xiaonan versus Long Qingyang. One was considered the number one expert of the Jin Dynasty, the other was the most “beautiful” in Qianlong Dynasty.

Ten thousand cultivators waited even before they made it on stage. Not even a fly could get past this thick crowd. One-third of all members in this imperial palace were present.

On the contrary, Feiyun didn’t care too much and walked over to the Earth stage, where Yan Ziyu faced Prince Hongye.

The two have fought back at the Yin Gou and Ziyu lost within thirteen moves. This was his toughest defeat, nearly shattering his confidence.

“How many moves will Ziyu be able to hand?” Bi Ningshuai followed Feiyun as well.

“Ziyu was the number one of Wanxiang, able to reach the eighth level of Immeasurable Tower to become a historical genius. In terms of battle power and wits, he’s not inferior to Potian and the others by much. There is a reason for his defeat last time.” Feiyun analyzed.

“Which is?”


“...” Ningshuai’s expression became unnatural.

Feiyun went on: “For cultivators, the spirit weapon’s grade, to a large degree, affects their overall battle power. This is even truer for an even fight. Back then, the prince had a third-ranked spirit treasure, Heaven-raising Rod, while Ziyu’s most suitable spear, the one he trained with his whole life, White Swallow, got stolen by you. No wonder why he lost so badly.”

“Ahem… I have returned White Swallow to him, I only… borrowed it to play around.” He felt quite bad because Ziyu was humiliated and disgraced before the crowd.

“He didn’t try to kill you?”

“Scholar Heaven Calculating gave it back to him for me.” Ningshuai had also stolen a millennium root from Ziyu before and was chased for a long time. So if he were to return the spear in person, it could have been a fatal event.

Feiyun held his weapon essence even tighter right now. If this thief were to steal it, he would chase the guy forever as well.

Ziyu was the number one of the Hundreds’ List at Wanxiang, representing this holy ground. Only he and Ji Feng were left in the top thirteen, so the members of the school came to support him. Feiyun was here for that as well. He saw several familiar faces.

“Yan Ziyu, I love you! Bring glory to Wanxiang!” A girl and her friends from Pill Tower organized a rally.

Wang Meng was present as well with his Junior Brothers from Martial Tower. They made their way to the front of the stage and pinned two spears on the ground with a banner in the middle, “One thrust for Hongye’s blood and screams!”

Wang Meng was crazy and started shouting: “Ziyu, Ziyu, I love you! One thrust for Hongye’s blood and screams!”

“Ziyu, Ziyu, I love you! One thrust for Hongye’s blood and screams!”

Feiyun was speechless, this guy was something else, chanting such nauseating words. Ningshuai also shook his head, wanting to dig a hole and hide.

Another exceptional student was there - Scholar Heaven Calculating, dressed in a white robe, hair tied with a white ribbon. He hid his hands in his sleeves, looking leisurely with a faint smile.

Su Yun sat next to him. If he wasn’t blind, he would be in this competition right now. Alas, he had a new perspective in life, satisfied with spending a carefree life with his companion.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!” Two figures finally jumped on stage.

The prince was unreasonably tall; his legs looked like two pillars, hands as tough as steel. He wore a battle gown, showing off his muscular chest filled with hair. His skin had a black luster, brimming with explosive power.

This was a monster in the shape of a man. One punch from him could split the earth.

Yan Ziyu looked fragile in comparison. White daoist robe, long ribbons tying up his hair. This time around, he held his white-jade spear, seemingly one with his weapon - full of confidence.

“A loser like you dares to fight me again?” Prince Hongye’s head was three times the size of a normal man, his eyes four times the size. Just a glare could scare beasts away.

Ziyu didn’t lose his confidence and declared: “If you can beat me within thirteen moves again, I will kneel and kowtow.”

The princes sneered: “I didn’t go all out last time, so just ten will be enough. Get ready to kneel…”

“Ziyu, Ziyu, I love you! One thrust for Hongye’s blood and screams!” Wang Meng ordered the crowd to roar again.

Ziyu stood there with his spear resting on his shoulder, shrouded with a white glow. He looked like a jade statue; his power became pure and had no openings.

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