Chapter 568: Best Defense

The princess wasn’t an emperor so she lacked the same imperious temperament. Nevertheless, someone of her status wouldn’t lie.

“This cauldron is personally created by our dynasty’s founder, representing its authority. The balls taken out are also his will, no one can change it.” She stood proudly with forty-five strands of draconic energy around her: “This is the bracket for the third round, the next dissenter will be construed as questioning the founder.”

No one dared to say anything since the princess had brought the founder into the fray. If anyone was dumb enough to do so, it would be a crime of disrespecting the royal prestige.

Feiyun walked leisurely around the different stages during the third round. The fights became fiercer since everyone had to go all out, unable to win as easily as before.

On the Heaven stage were Big-head Buddha and Long Qingyang, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many spectators were present.

In the previous fights, the mysterious Buddha used two destructive moves and became known as a dangerous and treacherous person, a danger to himself as well.

Qingyang was as beautiful as ever. Many cultivators have never seen such a pretty “woman” before so they became his loyal fans.

Feiyun stood beneath the stage, shrouded in black. His aura made everyone stay the hell away.

Ningshuai and Qingyang were on stage, far away from each other. Ningshuai’s battle presence was inferior. He stood next to the edge as if he could jump off at any moment.

Feiyun noticed several big shots being around - a supreme elder of the Xiyue, the seventh vice lord of Senluo, Furious Marquis… These were bosses of their areas. Six or seven of them came to support Qingyang with a strange look in their eyes.

‘This Qingyang fella is something else, only here for several days yet he managed to seduce these big shots already. If he were a woman, the world would fall into chaos.’ Feiyun could judge from their expressions that they have been conquered by his “beauty”.

A woman knowing how to use her beauty to conquer men was definitely frightening. A man knowing how to do so? Even scarier.

No one was at fault here. Who was to blame for him being more attractive than the number one beauty in Qianlong? Plus, he understood men better than the fairer sex.

“Hey handsome, why don’t you take off your hat so I can see you?” Qingyang quietly asked while walking closer.

His steps were soft; draping black hair and snow-white skin, his eyes filled with sadness and emotions in a titillating manner.

“Don’t, don’t come over here or I will jump off right now!” Ningshuai staggered closer to the edge with half of his foot hanging in the air, not daring to be closer to Qingyang.

The guy’s charm was unreal. Several Giants have fallen for him so Ningshuai had no confidence about staying in control.

Qingyang didn’t stop and smiled, revealing his cute dimples: “Don’t jump or I’ll be very sad.”

“Fuck it, I’m jumping!” Ningshuai closed his eyes and shouted. However, he still didn’t jump, unwilling to give up after getting this far.

“You would be cruel enough to leave me all alone on stage? How heartless.” Qingyang was next to him. His figure had no flowing spirit energy and was as soft as can be, seemingly harmless. He emitted a sweet fragrance like a night orchid, looking just like a budding, young miss.

Ningshuai squatted down and gritted his teeth: “Fuck it, you win, I’m done!”

“Bam!” Ningshuai jumped off the stage and ran for his life. After making a safe distance, he crouched down and panted heavily as if he had just gotten away from an army.

Feiyun came over and laughed: “You gave up just like that?”

Ningshuai glared in response: “What else can I do? Fighting against that crossdresser will be even worse.”

Feiyun consoled: “You made the right choice. Come, let’s go to Black.”

This stage named Black had a raging battle. The entire place was enveloped in cold energy, even the hundred-step stairway.

One could hear a tiger roar amidst the snowy gales.

The snow was limited to the stage, clearly created by the battle.

“Beiming Potian is using Northern Profound Law to create an ice armor. This is the number one defensive technique, no one at the same cultivation level as him can break it.”

One of the combatants was Beiming Potian. His foe was a mysterious genius, shorter than five feet, seemingly made up of mud. Even his eyes looked like stones, lacking a luster.

“His opponent’s name is Niren Mu who killed a fifth-level cultivator with a single palm strike, turning him into mud.” 

“It’s an ancient technique not seen in a very long time. His background must be something.”

Despite being a silly guy, Ningshuai was also very knowledgeable: “Niren Mu’s offensive power is considerable, among the top ten even, but he can’t get through the ice armor.”

Potian cultivated in the heavy sword dao but offense wasn’t his forte. If one couldn’t break through his defense, he would stand undefeated.

As for Feiyun, he was best as speed, then offense, and lastly - defense.

If Potian had the best defense among the young generation, Feiyun would have the best speed.

“How certain are you in breaking that ice armor?” Ningshuai asked.

Feiyun shook his head: “I don’t know how strong it is without actually fighting him.”

“True, at your level, there are other factors to consider, it’s hard to predict a winner.”

Numerous horrific techniques from these two top geniuses ravaged the stage. Potian seemed to be invulnerable and continuously forced Niren Mu back.

In terms of destructive power, they were on the same level. However, Mu could only push Potian back with a palm strike while Potian could injure him with the heavy sword. 

“Niren Mu will lose within ten moves.” Feiyun confidently said.

Sure enough, Potian used a sword variation resembling a rolling mountain and blew Niren Mu off the stage.

His muddy body fell on the ground with blood mixed inside. The guy couldn’t get up.

Suddenly, auspicious clouds appeared with a shade of gold; a massive statue was inside.

This statue was majestic just like a deity. It reached out and lifted Niren Mu up before flying towards the horizon. These top geniuses always had hidden masters as their protectors.

After the tough fight, Potian still looked gallant and imposing, unstained by a single speck of dust.

He walked off the stage and the servants of the Beiming came to meet him. However, he headed for Feiyun and stood before the guy: “Three free wins, quite lucky, aren’t you? Looks like the princess favors you, so I’m 70% certain that you have feigned your death.”

Feiyun stood there, still nonchalant: “What are you talking about, Brother Beiming?”

“Hmph! You and Princess Luofu can fool others, but not our clan! Even if you can get into the top four, we’ll meet and I’ll force you out.” Potian declared.

“Haha, then good luck to you, Brother Beiming. Maybe I’ll really be lucky enough to get to the top four without fighting.” Feiyun chuckled.

Their exchange attracted the attention of the crowd.

“I hope you won’t lose too badly then, or Princess Luofu will be mine.” Potian left with his red deer in order to rest inside one of the palaces.

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