Chapter 567: Purification Rime

Bi Ningshuai was grievously injured with extraordinary frost powders everywhere. Just one grain alone could freeze a mortal’s bloodstream completely.

Ningshuai shuddered and screamed: “Can you save me?!”

The two alchemists checked before frowning. The older one stroked his beard and said: “ Purification Rime ails you. Normal cultivators would freeze to death from a single strand.”

“I’m finished, finished! I got struck by more than ten strands, even an iron man would turn into frost powders.” Tears started to drip. The blood near his lips was frozen by this point and became shiny rubies.

“Purification Rime is considerably stronger than Netherflame Talisman. According to the records, the Jin Dynasty doesn’t have this level of frost since it exists only at the bottom of the Purification Sea. Obtaining it is especially difficult. I can’t believe someone is actually using it here, is it a devilish genius from Purification Sea?” Feiyun had read the library of the Feng. Though it wasn’t as comprehensive as the older clan, it contained many mysteries and tales.

Ningshuai nodded with a funeral-like expression: “Yes, that sea is countless miles away from here at a different continent, few could actually reach it.”

“Just who defeated you then?” Feiyun had a serious stare, thinking that it was quite strange for someone else to bring a foreign item to Jin. These continents might be connected, but they were separated because of certain barriers. Even Enlightened Beings would have a hard time. One of them was called the Ancient Forest, inhabited by monstrous beasts. Another was the Endless Desert Of Death, so much bigger than Jin. Dark Realm was another one, the congregation of evil and monsters. They were not places for humans to tread.

Humans only lived in small areas, similar to islands among the vast ocean. Feiyun still didn’t have a good idea of the five dynasties’ location on the grand scheme of things.

Feiyun has been to the great kingdoms of humans in the past and had never heard of these five dynasties. He speculated that they were located in a remote and desolate region.

Compared to these great kingdoms, Jin was comparable to a primitive village, a drop in the ocean.

Purification Sea was naturally far away. An Enlightened Being flying nonstop for several hundred years would be able to make the distance, if they didn’t die in the sky ruins or treacherous marshes, or becoming food to monsters. Teleportation portal was crucial for long-distance traveling.

More amazingly, even this expanse was only a corner of the human’s kingdoms. Some cultivators from Purification Sea have traveled here before and left behind writings.

‘Just who the hell traveled through that expanse to reach this competition?’ Feiyun thought. This was akin to an ant crawling from one city to another a thousand miles away.

“No one beat me! I got him good!” Ningshuai said.

“...” Feiyun didn’t know what to say again: “Don’t tell you’re the one who used this chill energy again and hurt yourself in the process?”

Ningshuai became awkward: “I didn’t… think that this Purification Rime was so powerful…”

“Where did you get it?” Feiyun almost kicked him off the bed.

“An old man gave it to me.” 

“As if something good like that will happen for no reason. I’m about to throw you out.” Feiyun lifted the frozen guy up.

“No, No! Alright, fine, I stole it.” 

“From whom?” Feiyun dropped the guy down.

“O an old man I saw worshipping a statue by the Jin River. He wore something strange, clearly an outsider, an easy target, ya know? So I couldn’t help checking a little bit and found this bottle, nothing else, so I thought he was just a poor old man. I pitied him enough to think about returning it, but I looked back and he was nowhere to be found.” Ningshuai sighed and shook his head.

“Which statue?”

“The massive goddess outside of the convent.”

Shui Yueting!

A hush fell over. If Ningshuai was telling the truth, then this old man was a cultivator on a pilgrimage to experience the toughness of life. Someone like this was definitely a great sage, never stopping in one place and rarely appearing in civilizations.

Why would this old man stop to worship Shui Yueting’s statue? Could her statues also be in faraway continents? A Buddhist would still worship Buddha at a different kingdom and stop to pray at a temple or shrine.

Feiyun became disappointed at not being able to meet that old man. His cultivation was surely incredible so he wouldn’t be around any longer. Perhaps he had crossed through the treacherous plains for another land. Jin was only a short stop.

Nevertheless, the injuries were external for Ningshuai and didn’t touch his organs and bones. He just needed a third-ranked pill before the ice melted away and the pink returned to his face.

“Haha! Something good will come after a disaster, I’m in the top twenty-five now, although the next fights will be tough.” Ningshuai laughed.

It was noon when the two of them left the palace named Heaven. The gentle sun rays melted the snow in the city, illuminating them with a golden glow. Not a single speck of dust stained the air. While standing on the steps made out white jade, one could see the old architecture in the capital.

A rainbow crossed the sky just like a divine bridge. It has been a while since the weather was so nice after the start of winter.

Twenty-five geniuses gathered at the stage. They were ready to fight and have convinced the crowd of their supremacy. The only exception was Feng Feiyun who didn’t participate at all.

“People are staring at you.” Ningshuai said.

“Let them then.” Feiyun chuckled.

He was really too lucky today after getting two free wins, so becoming public enemy number one was inevitable. Nevertheless, no one questioned his power because he caught Potian’s sword with his bare hands not long ago. People enjoyed talking about this and wanted to see his full power.

Some familiar faces were seen, such as Long Qingyang, the beautiful crossdresser. His fights always had a full crowd.

“Oh god, don’t let me fight against that guy or I’ll just give up right away.” Ningshuai murmured.

Unfortunately for him, the minister announced: “Heaven Stage, Big-head Buddha versus Long Qingyang.”

Feiyun had to contain his laughter.

Ningshuai turned and met Long Qingyang’s stare. The guy gave him a charming smile, causing his thighs to shake like crazy, nearly dropping on the ground.

Feiyun was going to get another free win. This time around, someone finally objected. Qingyang spoke with a voice more pleasant than any woman: “Why is it always Feng Ergou? His luck is ridiculous.”

“Getting to the top ten without fighting? That’s too unfair.” Another added.

The princess stood in front of the cauldron and solemnly said: “The balls are taken out under the supervision of the Three Directors, so no one can cheat. Plus, choosing a candidate in the beginning was meant to avoid this situation, but Dongfang Jingshui demanded to fight, resulting in this dilemma. I don’t wish for this either.”

Potian said: “He can’t get it again. Someone with a fortuitous providence won’t win the final battle if he’s not strong enough. Since people are unconvinced, Princess, you can pick another person.”

“Yes, yes, do it!” Bi Ningshuai shouted, not wanting to fight against Long Qingyang.

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