Chapter 564: Catching A Sword Bare-handed

The red deer seemed to have blood flowing on its skin. The two antlers were towering just like two mountains of black steel.

This was Potian’s mount, Crimson Deer, an ancient spirit beast with enough power to move a mountain. It had cultivated for nine hundred years, only eaten precious grass given by Potian so its cultivation speed far exceeded other spirit beasts.

Normal cultivators would be intimidated by its aura instantly but Feiyun stood there holding his sword to his chest, opposing the auras without yielding half a step.

More prodigies opened their eyes inside Supreme Beauty. They didn’t look at Feiyun but rather Potian. After all, only two or three men right now could compare to him in this generation.

“The demonic successor can definitely be among the top ten, but he should still be weaker than Potian.”

“Potian can fight against big shots of the last generation now, no youth can match him.”

The cultivators outside were excited as well. Potian was their star, legend, and goal.

“Buzz.” The gigantic sword behind his back began to quake, issuing destructive sounds. Who knows exactly how heavy it is? Definitely more than a mountain. It wasn’t only his weapon but also his tool for training.

It fell to the ground and created a huge crater. Next, he lifted it up with both hands and unleashed a purely physical strike.

Nothing beautiful about it, just a simple slash.

Feiyun didn’t try to dodge, looking like an ant on the verge of being crushed.

“Even Jingshui and Xiaonan wouldn’t take this slash from the heavy sword dao directly, I bet the guy will be heavily wounded.”

“More than that, he might turn into a pulp.”

This sword towered for dozens of meters high without a tip. Nevertheless, sharpness wasn’t the killing aspect here.

Not only did Feiyun not try to dodge, but he also didn’t even take out his sword and simply reached forward while assuming a strange pose, ready to catch the heaven with one hand. Sure enough, he stopped the awe-inspiring blow.

“Boom!” The sword was held up by Feiyun’s hand and started to shake violently.

This shocking scene made everyone’s jaw drop to the ground.

Even the geniuses in Supreme Pavilion were shaken. Some slammed on their table and stood up in astonishment. This exceeded all reasons and logic.

Potian’s slash was brutal. Even a half-step Giant would find his back breaking if he were to stop it with his hand. No, all of his bones would turn to dust.

But the demonic successor was able to? Was he made from divine stones? His spine is that of a divine dragon?

Feiyun cultivated the Immortal Phoenix and Myriad Beast Physique, two top physical-refinement merit laws. Plus, he had refined Yama’s spine in the past and polished his bones and body with the phoenix blood. His toughness was beyond their imagination. Though this move was slightly reckless, the margin of error remained acceptable.

Potian lifted his sword up again and placed it behind him; his expression became serious. Earlier, he saw thousands of beast souls around this demonic successor, only for a split second. That was a scene of the primordial era, truly horrific.

Feng Feiyun was the only one who could do so in recent history, so Potian thought he was seeing things.

He stared at this mysterious man with a tinge of surprise in his eyes: “You are indeed one of the top experts of the young generation, but I only used fifty-percent of my strength just now. Just because you can stop that slash doesn’t mean you can stop my heavy sword dao.”

“I also didn’t go all out.” Feiyun responded.

“This sword dao is not my strongest ability. If you wish to observe my true power, we’ll do so on stage tomorrow.” Potian was confident like an unstoppable general.

“You want to stop here?”

“If you are strong enough, we’ll naturally meet during the competition. I’m sure I’ll force you to use your real abilities then.” Potian answered.

Feiyun lamented in his mind, ‘seems like the guy had noticed something, he might be suspecting my real identity.’

It was impossible to hold back against someone of Potian’s level. Just one technique and Feiyun had to do it. In a real fight, Potian will know right away after a hundred exchanges or so.

After he left, the ground where he stood started to crack before exploding completely with debris flying everywhere. He had channeled the power of the slash down to the ground. This massive force finally erupted afterward.

“Damn, how did you become so strong?” Bi Ningshuai stared at Feiyun in amazement.

“Beiming Potian didn’t go full force.” Feiyun answered Ningshuai before turning towards Xue Wu: “Tell me the truth, did Hongyan leave the capital?”

Xue Wu lowered her head in silence, but this was already an answer.

“Where is she now? What does she want to do?” He pressed on.

She contemplated for a bit before speaking: “She said she’ll be at Steelmountain to wait for you and hope that you will be true to your words.”

He couldn’t do anything and stopped prying. He then brought them to a secret mansion of the Divine River, arranging several guards to escort them out of the capital today.


There was more news about the current turmoil at the capital. Great powers were on the move, so the uninvolved could sense the danger and began to evacuate.

Everything was shrouded in secrecy; only the upper echelons knew about the incoming events. The weaker cultivators thought that the capital was just fine and that no war would break out as long as the emperor was around.

“The girls from Supreme Beauty have been escorted out of the capital last night by our guards, they’re safe now.” Qu Changyin reported to Feiyun.

Feiyun sat on a wooden chair, a small bronze table next to him had a glazed-tile lamp. The fire inside actually painted a cold atmosphere.

He was reading a jade-scroll depicting the recent movements of the top powers. Occasionally, he would start adding a red banner to important locations on a three-meter-long map above the strategic table.

The map consisted of buildings, streets, gates, secret locations, army garrisons… Ordinary people would have a headache while reading these tiny symbols and markings, but Feiyun kept on for the last three hours.

Changyin stood in front of the table, waiting patiently.

“That old fox, Beiming Moshou, is so influential here. He had begun three days ago with planning.” Feiyun’s eyes became serious.

Changyin responded: “Impossible, we haven’t gotten any information on that. The main branch of the Beiming hasn’t maneuvered.”

Feiyun shook his head: “The fox is crafty and insightful enough. We can’t see his overall strategy, or even know when he’s starting.”

He took out another five marking flags and pinned them down. Beiming Moshou’s dispatch suddenly became clear. He had surrounded the imperial city, ready for a possible usurp.

Changyin saw the hints and became eager to battle: “I will have responses ready.” 

“No need, someone else has seen through his plans.” Feiyun said.


Feiyun held another mark with two fingers and pinpointed it at the dragon lake.

“The Yin Gou!” 

Feiyun nodded and mused: “If Beiming Moshou dares to surround the imperial city with his troops like this, does that mean the Jin Emperor had left for the royal sacred ground?”

“Impossible! He should be waiting until at least after the groom competition.”

Feiyun shook his head: “When I came out of my own training, I could feel the divine providence of the capital weakening but I didn’t have time to care then. Now, it looks like the emperor is no longer there. Beiming Moshou’s daughter is one of the four consorts, so he’ll be the first to know about the emperor’s absence.”

Nevertheless, he’ll certainly leave behind his royal decree and seal. The question was - who has them right now?

Feiyun once again schemed and gave seven letters to Changyin, wanting the messengers to go without rest tonight.

“Tomorrow will be the second round of the competition when the real battles will start.” Feiyun put away the map and walked towards the bookshelf. When he turned around, he suddenly froze for a bit, noticing a hot cup of tea placed on the table. The fragrance was distinct with very little steam.

The door was still closed. He only turned away for a moment just now and this cup appeared out of nowhere.

With a faint smile, he sat down and took a sip before closing his eyes. 

She was here.

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