Chapter 563: Going Alone

Those who could make it past the first round were great prodigies, real monsters.

One of them was cut down so easily after two moves. Even his ancient witchcraft art couldn’t stop the Firebird Sword.

The bones on the ground belonged to Giants or millennium beasts. Some were broken by the sword energy and had white smoke coming out from within.

Ordinary bones would have been crushed to dust; only bones of Giants were this tough.

Ningshuai didn’t hold back at all and took all of them. They originally belonged to the priests of the Ancient Jiang, so there was an innate witchcraft power in them. Selling them to wisdom masters specialized in witchcraft would yield a handsome sum.

The entire place was shocked at this development.

The prodigies who were closing their eyes to cultivate opened them, revealing a flash that could see through walls to spy on Feiyun.

Long Qingyang sat on the second floor of this palace, very close to Xiyue Lanshan. The two of them were holding hands, seemingly quite intimate. The latter had his tongue cut off by Long Cangyue but a master from his clan had asked the First Disciple of the Grand tutor to reattach it.

Nevertheless, the scar there would forever remind him of the humiliation.

“Feng Ergou’s cultivation tripled in power in just several days.” Lanshan leaned closer towards Qingyang and whispered.

Despite being a historical genius with strong mental fortitude, he couldn’t resist Qingyang’s charm and became a second “guest” after his uncle. He became trapped quickly after having sex with Qingyang just once. He lost control completely since Qingyang was even more seductive than a woman.

Qingyang asked softly, looking quite beautiful with his pearl eyes and long, thin brows: “So who is stronger, you or him?” [1]

Lanshan’s expression became awkward: “My talents is better, surpassing him is only a matter of time…”

“Then what else is there to say? Why should I follow you if you can’t even beat him?” Qingyang pushed him away and coolly left.

“Qingyang!” Lanshan was shocked like someone dumped by their girlfriend. He chased after Qingyang but the guy waved his sleeve, causing Qingyang to fall and his head on the ground, bloodied.

His eyes were full of despair. Qingyang was disappearing from his sight without any reluctance.

“Whoosh.” Feiyun landed on the second floor and saw the guy crying out of his mind: “A man losing his mind over a woman is called a hopeless romantic; a man disappointed over losing another man is called an idiot.”

Feiyun stopped caring since this guy has been ruined by Long Qingyang. So what if he was a historical genius? Declination was inevitable and he’ll fall into obscurity.

“Boom!” Feiyun’s palm destroyed the three-feet thick wall of the jade and made his entrance into one of the halls.

More than thirty geniuses were drinking. Half of them looked at him while the others kept on drinking, seemingly indifferent.

The place was full of smoke and mists stemming from a lotus pond on the first level, making this hall seem like a scene of the immortals.

The girls hanging on the ceiling were already weak. With their cultivation sealed, they would fall and die just like any mortal woman. The process was excruciating and terrorizing for these courtesans.

A bunch of corpses below had broken bones. Perhaps some didn’t die instantly and suffered in agony for quite some time.

“Animals!” Bi Ningshuai also arrived and saw this sad scene.

He ran with all of his speed to find Feiyun but he was still too late, resulting in this tragic scene.

Feiyun’s expression turned unsightly. A few of these girls have served him before in Supreme Beauty, personally preparing tea and playing music for him. They were mere corpses now.

“Nangong Hongyan is to be blamed for this, she killed my Martial Uncle and stole our defining treasure. If she doesn’t return it, these girls will suffer. This is already the nicest punishment for them.” A man wearing white-jade armor coldly said.

Besides him was a woman adorning the same type of uniform - starry eyes, long hair - as pretty as someone in a painting. She said: “Our Martial Uncle suffered a horrific death. His eyes clawed out, skin flayed, and nails all over his body. She crucified him on a tree and incinerated both to a crisp. When we got there, his skin was fastened to a branch, bloodied and fluttering in the wind. One can’t get over seeing something like that.”

These two were descendants from an ancient sect. This power hasn’t interacted with outsiders for nearly a thousand years now. They used to be comparable to the four great clans.

Long Shenya wanted this sect’s help so he allowed her to come in. Otherwise, she wasn’t qualified to be in this place despite her brilliant cultivation.

“Pah!” Xue Wu sneered: “Your despicable Martial Uncle was overwhelmed with lust so Sister killed him. Taking that treasure is only after-the-fact, but this is the cultivation world. Everyone has done it before.”

“Hmph! My Senior Uncle had cultivated for 600 years and is a Giant, if Nangong Hongyan didn’t scheme against him, how could she even take him down?” The woman retorted.

Xue Wu coughed out a mouthful of blood due to her injuries, strained by trying to talk: “My Sister needs to scheme? All she needs to do is take off her veil. Not to mention a Giant, even an Enlightened Being would instantly prostrate before her. Unfortunately, no man has been able to see her face, but despite wearing the veil, plenty of people is more than willing to become her slaves. It’s too bad that none had earned her good grace.”

“You dare to insult my Martial Uncle?! Die!” The woman’s hand flashed and a whip as thin as a hair materialized, spanning for a hundred meters.

The swing of the whip looked like a tiny thunderbolt. 

Xue Wu knew of this whip’s power, capable of punishing someone’s soul. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes.

Surprisingly enough, the pain didn’t come. She opened her eyes and saw the demonic successor catching the whip.

“Who do you think you are? Siding with Nangong Hongyan is the same as opposing everyone.” Both the man and woman took out a spirit treasure.

They knew just how strong he was and didn’t dare to be careless. They worked together to suppress him.

Feiyun unsheathed his black sword and a blinding flame appeared, blowing both the two and their spirit treasures slamming through the wall.

Their white armor engraved with formation runes had gap everywhere and started to crumble. Two more big holes appeared on the thick wall.

They rolled outside to the courtyard paved with bluestones. Several bones were broken while blood dripped from the corner of their mouth.

Just one slash alone was all he needed to defeat these two prodigies. They stood outside, not daring to come back in.

The power of this successor far exceeded their imagination.

Feng Feiyun let the woman hanging on the ceiling down. However, they showed no sign of gratitude, thinking that he was also scheming like the rest.

Feiyun sent a telepathic message to Xue Wu, telling her about his identity. She was the only woman aware of this so her eyes flashed like two stars. She became relieved after finding this out.

“All of you, come with me right now.” Feiyun said.

The unaware women were on guard, afraid that he might do something cruel later.

Xue Wu started to think and knew that he couldn’t defend himself right now: “If you dare to do something to us, Sister Hongyan will not spare you, you’ll suffer a fate worse than death.”

Feiyun smirked, understanding her intention.

The women followed Xue Wu’s lead and followed him. He led them out of the palace but was interrupted by a man riding a red deer. His weapon was a sword as an unreasonably large sword.

Beiming Potian rubbed his deer’s head as if he was caressing a lover: “Quite courageous to enter the dragon’s lair alone, but you think it is this easy to leave?”

A massive pressure descended, heavier than numerous mountains.

Feiyun remained leisure and smiled: “Your heavy sword dao has reached the “heavy over light” level, but this is only the bare surface. Once you reach the “light over heavy”, then that will be a little accomplishment on this path.”

After reaching the fourth level, Feiyun could finally spot the Potian’s sword dao level.

“That’s more interesting.” Potian said: “Nangong Hongyan had killed a genius from my clan and took our defining merit law, Northern Profound. Will you shoulder this feud in her stead? Can you actually handle it?”

Feiyun knew this because she had given this merit law and a spatial stone as a first-meeting gift. Unfortunately, this merit law couldn’t enter his sight. He gave it to Long Cangyue later, who knows if she had trained it or not?

Feiyun told Ningshuai to take the women away. He waited until they left before replying: “Of course I can handle it. I will take responsibility for all her mistakes and debts. If anyone wants to fight, I’ll be waiting. I’ll handle her problems until my last breath, my last drop of blood, and will take down anyone who tries to find her.”

1. I kept on almost using she/her for Qingyang instead he/his

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