Chapter 562: I Will Take Care Of Her Problems

“That’s the demonic successor.” A fiery glow appeared in the palm of a youth with skin the color of candle wax. The hot temperature caused ripples in the air, culminating in a maelstrom.

This was a genius who had won seventy-two matches in a row. He once entered a certain ruin and obtained an ancient legacy.

Everyone became greedy since they knew that this successor had gotten several hundred thousand spirit stones. 

Feiyun didn’t climb up the palace right away. He stood at the bottom and coldly uttered: “I heard there are people who want to cause trouble for Nangong Hongyan.”

“So what?” An arrogant voice answered.

“I’ll handle her problems, come to me instead of picking on an innocent woman.” Feiyun stood on a green boulder with his back as straight as a pillar. He slightly pushed down and his hilt went deep inside the rock.

Ningshuai became worried and quietly said: “Don’t act so cool now, they have more people, all geniuses too, none weaker than you.”

Sneers came from inside. One of them was especially pleasant: “Do you even know what she had done? What’s your relationship?”

“I can handle it.” He responded.

A different person scowled: “You think the demonic being is unbeatable? Don’t use him to intimidate us.”

“I alone am sufficient, no need for anyone else.” He asserted.

“You said it, not us.” Someone smiled, waiting for Feiyun to say these exact words. As long as the demonic being was not involved, they could attack without qualms.

The Firebird Garment and Firebird Sword; one was made from the feathers while the others found in the bones. Some began to think that this was the two were related.

Of course, the more crafty people thought that this demonic successor was putting up an act. He simply wanted the garment as well.

Meanwhile, the geniuses were scattered around Supreme Beauty, not in the same palace.

Among them was a three-story palace with more than thirty inside. Of course, the majority was cultivating or drinking alone, not caring about anything else. They were smart enough to stay away from trouble.

In this palace, more than ten women were hanging from a horizontal pillar on the ceiling by snakeskin ropes. They were good sisters with Nangong Hongyan.

Their cultivation was sealed, battered by whips hard enough to have ripped marks on their clothes. Some had their pretty arms broken by the trauma.

On the ground were eight female corpses. One would be killed every half-an-hour until Nangong Hongyan shows up.

Ningshuai noticed the gravity of the situation so he came to the spirit stone shop to inform Feng Feiyun.

Xue Wu and Yu Chan were tied up there as well. They were desperate, aware of Nangong Hongyan’s personality. She would only show up after they were all dead to kill all of these cultivators. Thus, they were elated to see someone else standing up for them.

Long Shenya sipped his wine. This was his party but the situation was beyond his control now so he pretended as if it was a trivial matter.

He placed his cup on the table and smiled: “This demonic successor is quite wily, doing just about anything to obtain the Firebird Garment.”

“Indeed, I’m sure his power will soar after obtaining it, giving him a greater chance of winning the competition and become the next Divine King.”

“But he’s on Nangong Hongyan’s side though.”

“That’s why he’s wily, trying to earn these girls’ trust so they can lead him to Nangong Hongyan.”

“I see, such a treacherous fella, no wonder why he could take down the gambling hall.”

“Just a hypocrite.”

These youths debated and laughed. They wanted the two garments so they tried to force Nangong Hongyan out by killing these girls.

After hearing them, Yu Chan and Xue Wu felt much worse. They thought a savior had come for them but now, it seemed that he was just another villain.

‘They’re right, who would offend these geniuses for no reason?’ Xue Wu lamented, thinking that this demonic successor was even more despicable than the rest.

Long Shenya smiled: “Blood for blood, life for life. This is Nangong Hongyan’s debts. At least you all are being straightforward and taking responsibility for your actions, unlike this demonic successor, hiding behind the guise of justice.”

He flattered them in order to win the support of their backers.

Feiyun’s hearing was good enough to hear each word clearly. He laughed heartily in response: “Crown Prince, you’re quite good at twisting things, but by doing so, you’re throwing away the face of the royal clan.”

“Bullying helpless women, killing the innocent, even I don’t dare to do something like that, yet you are so proud to admit it. I admire your shameless audacity.” Bi Ningshuai sarcastically mocked, making sure everyone outside could hear him.

Shenya’s expression soured: “I’m simply stating the truth. Feng Ergou, if you don’t want her garment, then why are you here to help her?”

Feiyun pondered for a moment before answering: “I love her.”

“Haha, what a joke, have you ever seen her face?” Someone else interjected.

“No.” Feiyun replied.

Ningshuai stared at Feiyun with doubts, ‘this guy still hasn’t seen her face or got her in bed yet?’

He would believe it when someone else said it, but this was Feng Feiyun. The entire world knew of these two’s relationship. No way Feiyun had never seen her face before. Plus, the guy’s nickname was the nine-dragon pillar and had slept with countless women. No way he would spare Nangong Hongyan.

This was why Ningshuai stared at the guy as if he was staring at a monster.

Feiyun could sense this perplexed gaze from him and answered via telepathy: ‘Sex is not true love, only to satisfy one’s desire. When you find someone you truly love, just embracing her is already the greatest thing in the world.’ 

Sleeping with a woman required no further thought, as long as she didn’t have any sexual illness.

But when it came to one’s true love, this required careful consideration.

“Haha, you haven’t even seen her face yet you claim to love her? Who would believe such a thing, you lying hypocrite! Fine, you’ll pay the price for being a pretender.” Someone in the palace sneered: “If you can withstand three moves of mine, you will earn the right to talk.”

Yellow runes and talismans emerged along with ancient chants. Like a rain, they flew out straight for Feiyun. Each rune was immensely heavy, capable of crushing all inhabitants in a region.

Feiyun’s sword automatically turned into a black ray. It cut through the yellow barriers and flew straight into this palace.

“Boom!” An explosion resembled two metal mountains slamming into each other.

A corner of the palace shattered. A black-robed youth wearing more than a hundred pieces of bones as ornaments fell out. 

These bones still had red strings of blood flowing; all from powerful spirit beasts or Giants, so their toughness was not to be questioned.

These bones managed to stop the sword ray earlier and saved this youth’s life.

Nevertheless, blood dripped from the corner of his mouth. He was completely aghast after being injured and nearly killed by a single strike.

“Whoosh!” The black ray started flying again with greater intensity. A plume of clouds with a firebird in the center descended.

“Bones Altar!” This youth was three-meter tall, a member of the Ancient Jiang. He was at the fifth level of Heaven’s Mandate and cultivated the witchcraft arts. The bones around him flew up and turned into a grave-like altar.

“Boom!” The sword destroyed this altar and pierced through the youth. “Poof!” The firebird incinerated the corpse into ashes.

It then flew back to the sheath before Feiyun while still emitting a frightening black glow.

Feiyun asked: “Anyone else thinks I can't handle her problems?”

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