Chapter 56: True Brilliant Spirit Stone

Feng Feiyun opened his eyes wide. With faint flames in his eyes, he quickly accepted the yellow stone; he then smilingly said:

“Another True Brilliant Spirit Stone, ahem… This little token is definitely not small.”

Feng Feiyun gripped his hand, and he instantly crushed the yellow stone, turning it into yellow sand; within the yellow sand shone a five colored light.

A small spirit stone the size of a pinky came out. The surface was extremely smooth and cold to the touch, continuously emitting a white mist.

This was not ordinary mist! Because the density of the spirit energy had reached a certain level, it allowed others to see the energy with the naked eye.

Older Brother Mu of the Grand Development Immortal Gate quickly took out, from his chest, a small jade box, and handed it to Feng Feiyun. He became even more respectful as he said:

“Senior is indeed a grand character. To be able to see through the yellow stone and know that inside it was a True Brilliant Spirit Stone, could it be that senior is an honorable Treasure Seeking Master?”

Hearing the three words “Treasure Seeking Master”, even the disciple to the side felt a sense of respect. One has to know that the status of a Treasure Seeking Master in this world was extremely high. Even one with the lowest rank would not be lower than an elder!

The amount of Treasure Seeking Masters were even fewer than Wisdom Masters. In the vast Grand Southern Prefecture and the wide kingdom, to be able to find ten Treasure Seeking Masters, was a very difficult matter.

Regarding treasure seeking, it was the search for treasures, dragon veins under the ground, ancient godly remnants, spirit and ore mines, and so on… This matter was very demanding, and it required the mastery of peerless vision, meteorology, celestial reading, ancient literature, calculations, and so on and so forth…

One could say that Treasure Seeking Masters were among the wealthiest in the world. This was also the most mysterious group as they traveled in the deep mountains or grand valleys, prowling in the ancient forbidden burials, fighting against fierce beast, challenging deadly spirits, and were ready to face the challenges of nature and ancient sealing sanctuaries.

Of course, to become a Treasure Seeking Master also required the Iron Order of the Wan Xiang Pagoda; there was no exception within the five grand mysterious masters.

Feng Feiyun’s ability was not weaker than first rank Treasure Seeking Masters, but he didn’t know how to obtain an Iron Order from the Wan Xiang Pagoda. He couldn’t confirm nor deny the two, so he just smiled and placed the True Brilliant Spirit Stone into the jade box to prevent the spirit inside the stone from dissipating.

The True Brilliant Spirit Stone was one of the eighteen mysterious stones, and it was also one of the most ordinary within the eighteen. It was formed from the pure energy of the world, and, even though it was only as big as a pinky, the spirit energy inside was enough for a cultivator of the early Immortal Foundation to use for three years.

Using spirit stones to cultivate was double the speed of simply absorbing the world’s energy.

In other words, using this True Brilliant Spirit Stone to cultivate for three years was equivalent to the result of another cultivator practicing for six years.

Even though the True Brilliant Spirit Stone was the most ordinary spirit stone within the eighteen types, it was still considered priceless. If one wasn’t a talented character of a big clan, then they couldn’t own one; it was even more expensive than magical treasures.

“You two are way too polite. It’s our first time meeting, yet you already gave me such a great gift; how could I accept such good will?”

Although Feng Feiyun was saying this, he already placed the jade box inside his chest, and he slightly pulled his robes together — it was naturally impossible to take it back out.

Older Brother Mu was also a wise person, so he smiled:

“We can’t fool senior. There is a mine of the Grand Development Immortal Gate in Jing Huan Mountain. Each year, it can produce more than one hundred spirit stones. We brothers have been guarding the mine for fifteen years, so taking out a spirit stone to give to senior was not a difficult matter.”

The two people’s cultivation had reached the early Immortal Foundation, and they could be considered to be experts of one domain; for them to protect a mine, they were more than sufficient. Looking at them up and down, they only seemed to be twenty years old; could it be that they had come here since they were only five?

Feng Feiyun naturally didn’t believe that the people from the Grand Development Immortal Gate would send two children to guard the mine, so he asked:

“How old are you two?”



More than thirty years old!

Feng Feiyun suddenly remembered that humans with higher cultivation could be youthful and immortal. It was no wonder why they called him ‘Senior’ even though Feiyun looked so young. It turned out they thought Feng Feiyun’s youthfulness was due to his cultivation, and that he reversed the natural order to turn his white hair black.

“Senior is a grand character, successful in the dao; do you know what big matter happened in this valley that caused the light to fill the blue sky and pierce the heavens?”

Older Brother Mu asked.

“This… There was indeed a big event that happened. I predict that within a few days, there would be a ferocious demon coming to the world.”

Feng Feiyun wanted to scare the two away. In the end, there was an unimaginable power inside the Mortal Life Cavern; if it came to life, then even with the strength of the entire Jin Dynasty, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to suppress it.

Feng Feiyun was a person who sees far and wide, understood the matters of life, and he was seemingly able to depict a scene of blood painting one thousand li.

“So there is really a ferocious demon coming into this world; we need to immediately report this to the sect’s elders.”

Older Brother Mu took out a Flying Jade Talisman from his chest, bit his fingertip, and he used his blood to draw on the talisman. Once finished, he activated the spirit of the talisman, turning it into a white light; like a flying sword that flew straight to the nine heavens, it disappeared amidst the white clouds and blue mountains.

Naturally, he was reporting the matter that happened here to the Grand Development Immortal Gate.

“Senior, you can rest assured that the disciples of our Grand Development Immortal Gate are all true heroes, and they would not be frightened by a mere evil demon. I have already reported to the sect’s elders. At the very most, within six hours, the experts of the sect will ride the wind and arrive here.”

Older Brother Mu had a smile on his face, but he was secretly thinking that with regards to this ominous ground, along with godly treasures coming into place, this senior just wanted to scare them away; he definitely wanted to seize the godly treasures alone! Heh heh, once the elders in the sect arrived to claim the godly treasures, they would have accomplished a great contribution.

Feng Feiyun couldn’t help but to smile. These two earlier were so scared that they called for their father and mother, yet they still dared to call themselves true heroes. He wanted to persuade these two cowards to quickly leave this place so that they could save their own lives, but he did not think that they would stay and even report to the elders of the Grand Development Immortal Gate.

It would be a miracle if these elders could oppose the ancient power in the Mortal Life Cavern!

The only outcome would be adding a few more old corpses!

Feng Feiyun knew more than anyone else about the terrifying force coming from this ancient power earlier. If there was really someone who rushed out from the Mortal Life Cavern, then even one hundred elders wouldn’t be enough for them to slay it.

“Someone else is coming!”

The three quickly hid in a corner of the valley.

A person wearing a gray colored robe jumped down from the top of the valley. He didn’t borrow the momentum from stomping on the rocks of the wall; he only directly jumped down to the ground. Plus, he didn’t make a single sound; it was as if he was a leaf falling down.

His clothes were very worn down, his age was around seventeen, and there was a skinny sabre on his back, making others feel pressured by an invisible aura.

There were ghost shadows rushing towards his direction, but he didn’t move once. The sabre from his back emitted a blinding light, and it directly shattered the ghost shadows into many pieces.

“Truly amazing power! This is also another senior!”

Older Brother Mu quietly whispered.

“If he wasn’t a senior, then he wouldn’t have such powerful strength.”

The little brother continued.

Feng Feiyun remained silent. It seems like these two had lived in the mines for too long. Could it be that they didn’t know that there were many young talents in this world that were even stronger than the elders?

“He is the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace’s assassin, Du Shougao!”

Feng Feiyun verbally warned them.

“Pin-Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace!”

The two shiveringly took a deep breath. They were clearly in awe by this name, and they didn’t dare to look over towards Du Shougao’s direction. They then stopped breathing in fear of being discovered by Du Shougao.

Feng Feiyun knew earlier that Du Shougao had arrived at Jing Huan Mountain. This was a young talent that could kill an elder in one move; if he rushed into the Mortal Life Cavern, then this was not a good event.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

More people were coming, and it was not a small number!

“Du Shougao, the sixteen protectors of the Feng Clan are here, you need to take a trip with us!”

Sixteen figures jumped from above the valley. They were all wearing black armor, and they had heavy sabers the size of a wide door that radiated a silver aura. Their falls impacted the ground, creating sixteen deep craters.

The killing intent from their bodies combined into a chain, turning into a mountain, suppressing Du Shougao’s own killing intent.

“Oh heavens, sixteen protectors from the Feng Clan. Rumor has it that they are the elites of the elite; they have frightening battle prowess! How did this Du Shougao offend the Feng Clan and even cause the sixteen protectors to mobilize?”

Older Brother Mu seemed to understand these big characters, and he was quite alarmed.

Feng Feiyun’s mind was also clear of the fact that Du Shougao brazenly entered the Hidden Dragon Courtyard and killed four elders from the Feng Clan. It would be strange if the Feng Clan didn’t send experts to deal with him.

The sixteen elders had powerful ox-like figures, and they were all characters of the elder rank. It seemed like today, Du Shougao was ten parts death, one part life.

Feng Feiyun, with a piece of grass in his mouth, smiled, and he observed the sixteen protectors. He noticed that within the sixteen protectors, there were some older men with white hair; however, there were also some with jade eyes and refined brows — their ages definitely did not exceed twenty in appearance.

Especially the youth standing in the middle of the sixteen protectors; he was even more exceptional. Even though he was wearing an armor weighing a few hundred jin, his feet did not leave a mark on the ground; it was as if he was standing on a flat water surface.

His eyes carried an ominous aura, but his pupils were extremely deep. Even the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze of Feng Feiyun couldn’t completely see through him.

‘Could he be one of the heaven-defying talents within the Feng Clan?’

Feng Feiyun thought in his mind.

Du Shougao was still gallantly standing there. He was without a hint of nervousness when he saw the sixteen protectors; he nonchalantly said:

“What can the likes of you do against me, Du Shougao? Your Patriarch sending you here was only to make you accept your death.”

“Hmph! Du Shougao, you think too highly of yourself. Today, this Feng Jian will be renowned for killing you. No one else take action; I want to see just how much skill a Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace’s assassin possesses.”

The heaven-defying talent from the Feng Clan’s name was Feng Jian, and he unexpectedly wanted to fight one on one versus Du Shougao! This courage and confidence was quite convincing to spectators.

Feng Feiyun, standing to the side, contemptuously smiled:

“Challenging a genius assassin; isn’t this courting death? It seems like the natural intelligence of the heaven-defying talents of the Feng Clan is too low, ah!”

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