Chapter 559: Fall Of The Gambling Hall

This old path was full of abandoned buildings with no one around. The owners here have died several hundred years ago so the area was desolate.

Places like this weren’t uncommon at the capital. After all, cultivators couldn’t stay in one spot forever. They would go out to train and might not ever come back, leading to these abandoned mansions.

The gambling hall was at the bottom. Normally, it would be full of people but today, they could sense that the atmosphere became different so they stayed away.

Only Feiyun walked on this sad path.

“Boom!” A door engulfed in flame opened in the sky. Out came a massive claw aiming straight at him.

An expert from the last generation had taken action.

Yao Ji stood at a distance, watching the sky being destroyed with her apricot eyes. The entire world seemed to be burning.

Feiyun acted as if he didn’t see the claw and continued onward. The claw loomed right before his head before a wind destroyed it.

Loud explosions came from the sky as if a great battle was happening.

A while later, a rain of blood descended with a corpse in the middle. It fell on the ground right behind Feiyun, causing dust and debris to go everywhere.

The corpse was of an old man, nearly decapitated.

Feiyun ignored this and trod forward. 

Meanwhile, Ningshuai sat on a ten-meter-tall tree and looked like a laughing Buddha: “Guards from Divine River are protecting him, the gambling hall is about to get it today. So many experts will die.”

Despite being few in number, the Divine River Guard was the real fighting power of the Divine King faction.

“Rumble!” A bronze spear as thick as a pillar with carved runes came killing with massive power. It spanned for dozens of meters.

Feiyun didn’t change his pace even when the spear was right next to him. It suddenly exploded into several pieces that flew towards different directions. Sparks went flying everywhere.

Next, ten sabers in the sky slashed down in unison. Each slash contained the total power of a half-step Giant, so when all ten came together, the resulting might was insane. They all cut deep into the ground. More howls and noises of battle resounded from below.

A while later, they rushed up to the sky again after a loud explosion.

Feiyun looked at the chasm and could see a corpse being lacerated in multiple places. Spirit energy was still coursing through this body; his bones were still shining - signs of a master.

Nevertheless, this master was still killed in such a sad manner.

He jumped over the hole and continued forward, looking quite dashing as his sleeves fluttered to the wind.

“No wonder why he is so confident. There are some monstrous people protecting him.” Both Yao Ji and Princess Luofu were frightened.

Those blades earlier could split the earth open and take down all foes.

“Boom!” The entire area began to quake. Many palaces and forts suddenly floated up from the ground. Who knows what kind of monstrous force was capable of this.

All of these buildings suddenly flew straight for Feiyun.

This momentum was shocking - it was as if the sky was falling to destroy the world. Only a Giant could do something like this.

Feiyun still didn’t stop. Sure enough, the buildings suddenly became still the moment they got close to him. There seemed to be an invisible power freezing space. Everything else stopped outside of Feng Feiyun - truly a magical scene.

“Bam!” The old buildings couldn’t handle the pressure and collapsed like plaster being stomped on. Clouds of dust and broken debris fell to the ground. Not a single speck could touch Feiyun due to the invisible barrier.

“Rumble!” Another shocking battle waged in the sky.

This battle lasted for a long time, blotting out the moon. Crazy energy currents surged everywhere - fireballs, lightning bolts, boulders, light arcs…

Apocalypse was the word to describe this. 

The battle finally stopped once Feiyun made it to the entrance of the gambling hall.

A rain of fiery blood descended in such a beautiful manner, adding a red shade to his black robe.

Only the blood of a Giant would result in a fire of this color. The death of a Giant shocked all the spectators nearby.

It didn’t take long before he came out with his spoils of victory.

Ningshuai ran over and smiled widely: “So?”

Feiyun said: “220,000 spirit stones, 6,000 millennium spirit grass, the total value is around 300,000 stones.”

“You probably took everything there?” Ningshuai laughed happily at this monstrous sum.

The hall couldn’t be that rich either. This money must have been the betting money of everyone recently; all were taken by Feiyun now.

Perhaps they would face bankruptcy after this, unable to pay their debts. The bettors would lose out as well. The Xiyue Clan couldn’t handle this loss either.

Sure enough, many cultivators rushed to the hall, only to find an empty mess. Everything was taken by Feiyun, not a single stone or jade piece could be found.

The hall lord of this place was crucified on the roof. His blood has yet to dry.

Only a few slaves and maids were left behind. This demonic successor purposely spared them.

There was nothing they could do outside of getting ready to cry. A few cultivators that went all-in started to bawl. Who the hell were they going to complain to?

Ultimately, the hall was destroyed by these furious cultivators and became history.

“I feel that the entire treasury there should be more than 300,000.” Ningshuai looked skeptically at Feiyun: “So many bettors came for this tournament, it can’t end at 300,000 stones.”

“I’m telling the truth, not one coin more, not one less.” Feiyun smiled.

“Only an idiot would believe you.”

“You should, I only took what belongs to me.”

“Bullshit! The spirit pills and ingredients from the Grand Tutor’s mansion weren’t yours but you took them anyway.” Ningshuai gave him a dirty glance.

Feiyun righteously said: “That’s just one exception.”

“This is another exception, I bet. Just how much did you get from that place, just tell me! I will not covet it, a moralistic person like me won’t steal from you.”

“Only 300,000.” Feiyun repeated.

He suddenly stopped and looked ahead.

The Eight-step Imperial Carriage slowly halted in front of him. Yao Ji sat in the front with a whip made out of snakeskin. Though she was the driver, she was certainly more beautiful than anyone else, like a fairy from heaven.

This carriage was seven meters tall. She sat above on a pavilion looking like she’s from a painting.

“Young Noble Feng, you are indeed a dragon among men. You alone have destroyed the gambling hall with several thousand years of history. Yao Ji smiled. The mist around her slightly dispersed, allowing others to see her flawless features.

“You still want to work with me?” Feiyun asked.

“Of course.”

“Why should I work with you?”

“Why are you participating in the competition?” She smiled.

“Of course it is to become an imperial groom and marry Princess Luofu.”

“Her Highness is before you.”

He teased: “Does she wish to offer herself to me?”

Yao Ji glared at him: “Stop daydreaming. You’re smart enough to know what I’m implying.”

“I see no sincerity from the princess. No need for us to work together. Let’s go.” Feiyun and Ningshuai left without any hesitation.

Despite acting nonchalantly, he was pretty happy. The princess was still, more or less, his woman. If she were willing to do any act, including selling her body, just to become the empress, he would be truly disappointed.

“Princess, this person had taken the resources of the gambling hall. This is enough to buy plenty of manpower to defeat the Crown Prince.” Yao Ji said.

“This person is too greedy, it’s fine not to work with him.” The princess said coldly. Alas, she was lamenting her fate. Was there nothing else she could do?

She has never felt so helpless before, only able to watch the situation deteriorates towards the worst. She suddenly thought about Feiyun and became angry: ‘If he’s still alive, what the hell is he doing, why hasn’t he shown up yet?’

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