Chapter 558: One Foot In The Grave

The sun had already set but the red glow of dusk remained. The cultivators beneath the Golden stage still didn’t leave. This was a strange scene - did they not leave because of Long Qingyang’s beautiful face or to see if a fight would continue?

Even the older cultivators remained interested.

He was simply too beautiful, especially his moon-like eyes with a pair of bright, crystal pupils. His body was soaking wet but he didn’t look pitiful at all. This only added to his charm.

No man could be this perfect.

The Fifth Disciple of the Grand Tutor, Daoist Ling Luan, took out a red badge then handed it to Feiyun: “You have passed the first round. This is the badge of a prince candidate, a certificate to fight in the first round. Take care of it.”

This powerful old man exuded a deep light from his eyes like two flashing stars.

He accepted the palm-sized badge. It weighed around one hundred pounds, created by a special bronze alloy. He looked and saw the words “Feng Ergou” carved on it. It carried a rhythm unique to Daoist Ling Luan and couldn’t be faked.

After putting it away, he turned his focus towards Long Qingyang who stood there like a victimized woman. This glance only took a second. He quickly averted his attention and walked down the steps.

“Feng Ergou, we’ll meet again on the stage, you won’t be as lucky next time..” He spoke begrudgingly.

He didn’t accept this loss since he never got the chance to show his true power.

At the bottom, Wang Meng and several other disciples from the martial tower came over. The big guy revealed an honest smile: “Thank you, Brother Feng, for saving me. Haha, I’m also a disciple from Grand Southern.”

Too many eyes were here so Feiyun couldn’t say anything that could jeopardize his disguise: “We’ll meet again.”

He then waved towards Ningshuai and the two left the imperial city.

“Brother Meng, that guy is too rude! You’re a disciple of the Martial Tower Lord, he should show some respect.” One disciple said.

“Forget it, let’s go drink at Supreme Beauty.” Wang Meng laughed happily and brought his group towards a different direction.


Feiyun was quite tired after battling everyone on the stage for an entire day. He ate a spirit-replenishing pill and began to recover.

Ningshuai smiled and interrupted him: “What did you think?”

“About what?” 

“Long Qingyang, duh! Quite sexy and beautiful, and you’re the only one who made contact with him. Be real now, were you tempted?” Ningshuai said with excitement.

Feiyun stopped and said: “Tonight, I’m going to capture and throw him on your bed.”

Ningshuai shuddered after hearing this: “Don’t! You can’t do this to your friend!”

A man like Qingyan was too much to take. Not many men would be able to resist him, so being in bed with him would turn Ningshuai to an animal instantly.

Feiyun also raised his brows: “This woman, cough… this man is indeed unique. If I’m not mistaken, as an embryo inside his mother’s womb, he was a girl but a cultivation expert reversed the yin and yang to change his gender.”

“That’s possible?”

Feiyun nodded: “Before the fetus takes form, one could use an art to channel the source power of the world to change the baby before a physical manifestation of the sex.”

Ningshuai sighed: “Oh pitiful parents of the world, any big clan would want to have a son to inherit their legacy. His mother must have given birth to many women, so they had no choice but to use this art to have a son, sigh…”

“If he actually has sisters, they must be gorgeous. You need to grasp this chance!” Feiyun teased.

Ningshuai’s eyes lit up but this excitement quickly went away: “What if they’re ladyboys too, I’ll be screwed!”

Feiyun smiled and stopped speaking. This conversation wasn’t too flattering for cool men like them.

The evening light was gradually replaced by darkness. A half-moon lingered above the night sky.

This particular street led to the underground gambling hall. The wind was cold, blowing away the dried leaves on the ground. 

Ningshuai felt his legs becoming weak as he looked around and nervously said: “You think they won’t send supreme experts to kill us?”

300,000 stones were the equivalent of a large mine, enough to nearly bankrupt the gambling hall.

“Perhaps.” Feiyun didn’t seem to care.

A lightning bolt as thick as a bucket suddenly split the sky, carrying a massive power.

But Feiyun was faster than lightning and evaded to the side. The bolt left a large hole where he was standing with cracks continuing to spread, some a meter wide.

Ningshuai also tried to dodge but was still brushed by the bolt. He became scorched with black smoke coming out, his hair standing straight up.

He began shouting: “It’s over, it’s over. They really want to kill us, we’re finished!”

“Such keen awareness, capable of escaping a corpsebolt talisman. That’s the demonic sword successor for you.” Yao Ji came out of an ancient building, dressed in white and shrouded with a holy glow. She walked elegantly just like a fairy.

“Motherfucker, you ambushed us just now?!” Ningshuai rolled up his sleeves, ready to fight.

But after seeing her smile and features, his soul was robbed instantly. He quietly retreated and whispered to Feiyun: “Watch out, this woman won’t be easy to deal with. So damn pretty, luckily, my mind is tough enough to stop her seduction.”

“Oh? Then why are you back here? Go fight her.” Feiyun retorted.

Ningshuai confidently said: “Of course I’m not afraid of her because my willpower is insane, I’m just worried about you since you have zero self-control and will probably be seduced from a single glance.”

Feiyun chuckled and continued forward.

Ningshuai ran further back while shouting: “Be careful!”

Yao Ji casually smiled: “I simply wanted to test your cultivation, Young Noble, I hope you don’t mind.”

“But I do mind.” Feiyun was only three steps away from her and could smell her faint yet sweet fragrance - a lily in spring.

Yao Ji spoke with her pleasant voice: “Then how are you going to punish me?”

It sounded as if she was being coquettish and flirty.

Feiyun slightly tilted forward: “Speak, what is your purpose?”

“There are supreme experts waiting ahead. You won’t make it to the gambling hall alive.” She revealed.

Feiyun replied: “I know. 300,000 stones are worth it for them to invite an entire sect to kill me.”

“Work together with me and I guarantee you will make it there to get your stones.” 

“You alone?”

Yao Ji was floating in the air now: “I’m not that capable, but my backer is.”

“Your backer?” He was skeptical.

She moved to the side as a golden carriage emerged behind her, dragged by four ancient beasts - the eight-step dragon carriage.

One would know who was inside right away after seeing it.

Feiyun chuckled: “So your master is her. I suppose she can indeed get to the hall with her influence at the capital.”

“That’s why you must work with us.” This demoness and saintess in one was trying to lead Feiyun straight to hell.


“We shall help you get your stones, but you must let us borrow them.”

Feiyun laughed out loud, aware of the princess’ goal. She wanted to use this resource to buy many people in order to seize the throne. Perhaps this could change her disadvantageous state.

“Sorry, I won’t be working together with you.” Feiyun smiled and said.


“Because I don’t need your help to get those stones.”

Feiyun walked forward without fear and only stopped briefly next to the carriage to give a quick glance at the carriage’s fluttering curtains.

Yao Ji walked closer and said: “He doesn’t want to live.”

“I actually want to see how he’ll make it through.” The princess’ voice came from the carriage, seemingly unpleased.

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