Chapter 557: Final Victor

“I was asked to come and kill you, Ergou. If you die to my hand, please don’t blame me.” Long Qingyang sighed deeply while slightly rubbing his chin. The word “kill” came out so softly from him.

Meanwhile, Li Xiaonan and Dongfang Jingshui were surprised too. The guy was too beautiful. Even powerful men would be seduced by him.

Feng Feiyun stood near the guy and could smell the faint fragrance coming from him. If he were to be a woman, he would be on the same level as Princess Luofu and could lead someone to their death through temptation.

‘So another invited by the gambling hall.’ Feiyun thought to himself and wondered why does the gambling hall have so much power, capable of inviting prodigies from the seventy-two tributaries on top of another expert of Long Dynasty.

There was only one explanation. The backing of this place was one of the four great clans - the Xiyue.

They were the only one with influence across Western Prefecture, the seventy-two tributaries, Long, and Qian Dynasty.

“This pervert is here too.” Prince Hongye arrived with golden armors and four old men. [1]

Prince Hongye had shocked the entire capital by defeating Yan Ziyu within thirty moves. He was considered to be on the same level as Jingshui and Xiaonan - able to fight against a half-step Giant.

Both he and Xiaonan were God Disciples of Sacred Spirit Palace.

“You know him?” Xiaonan asked.

Hongye always wore a fierce expression with bell-like eyes: “Qingyang is very famous among the young generation of Long, among the very top. However, the reason for his fame is due to his beautiful face, not his talents and cultivation, even prettier than the number one beauty of Long. He is involved with many big shots there, so he had plenty of backing. If he wants someone dead, even a Giant would die.” [2]

A few cultivators were listening to this conversation and swallowed their saliva. This Qingyang guy was indeed unique. If he were a woman, he would be the sluttiest of them all. Alas, one couldn’t deny his boundless temptation, capable of wavering someone’s sexual orientation.

Feiyun felt his scalp tingling. Being below versus on stage was completely different. Luckily enough, his willpower was strong enough right now. Anyone else standing on stage with Qingyang right now would be seduced instantly.

Only ten minutes left before sunset.

Qingyang took out a miniature water palace and held it in his palm. It started floating and turned into a gigantic palace looming above Feiyun.

This was a massive power. He looked feminine but this attack was mightier than any other experts’.

The four old men on stage braced themselves and began to create seals in order to fortify the formations here again.

“This ladyboy is actually this strong?” Feiyun activated the 9,969 beast souls. Beast runes emerged all over his skin.

“Firebird illuminating the world!” He unsheathed his sword, releasing its demonic energy and a blinding light that eventually turned into a red firebird.

Qingyang smiled, still at ease. He pointed forward and a black hole appeared at the tip of his index finger. It directly swallowed the firebird and its flame.

“He defeated the demonic sword, maybe he’s strong enough to defeat this disciple of the demonic man.”

Feiyun also became serious since the guy was no joke, surely at the fifth level of Heaven’s Mandate. Moreover, even if he could go all out right now, the ring and vessel still might not be enough to take this guy down until after taking in another two core pills to reach the fourth level.

“I’ll lift your veil and see just how handsome you are.” Qingyang split into eighteen images in a line and instantly appeared before Feiyun. His delicate and long fingers reached for the hat.

However, he only got air because Feiyun was even faster than him, seemingly drifting across the flat surface.

“Haha, that’s more like it.” The water palace in the sky poured down water all over the stage.

“Splash!” Multiple streams spilled down just like waterfalls.

The water filled the stage but due to the surrounding formations, it didn’t gush down below. Nevertheless, it accumulated because of this, turning the place into a pool dozens of meters deep. It wouldn’t take long before reaching one-hundred-meter deep, resembling something like an ocean.

The water palace was definitely a great treasure; who knows what this guy did to obtain it?

“Essence Softwater!” Feiyun wanted to leap up to the sky but a strange force in the water forced him back down.

“Oh? You know what it is, then you should also realize that there is no escaping today.” Qingyang walked in this water, unaffected by any pressure.

The water made him soaking wet. The water started creating pearl on his snow-white face.

His legs were better sculpted than a woman’s. His clothes stuck on his body, showing off his curves even more. Without looking at the upper half, one would mistake him for a beauty walking in the water.

“What a strange fella.” Feiyun took out his sword and continued the next variation of the firebird technique.

This art was no joke. Though Long Qingyang was quite powerful, the sword art had enough offensive potential to force him to dodge.

“Ergou, how much longer can you hold on for?” Qingyang asked with a smile.

More and more water poured out of the palace, increasing the overall pressure. Each second added ten thousand pounds of force.

Qingyang had no desire to fight a direct battle with Feiyun. He just needed to wait for enough water to crush Feiyun completely.

Feiyun naturally understood this and hastened his offense. He unleashed more than a thousand rays at the same time, creating that same number of firebirds flying through the water.

The blue water and the red fire energy had a contest of power.

Qingyang had no choice but to fight now due to the overwhelming sword technique. Unlike his appearance, he was strangely strong and didn’t seem to be at a disadvantage fighting bare-handed against Feiyun.

“This Feng Ergou’s guy has so much spirit energy, it’s virtually unending. He fought more than thirty experts yet could still unleash more firebirds.”

Many cultivators thought that Feiyun would run out of strength soon, and that his defeat was assured fighting against someone like Long Qingyang. However, he managed to surprise all of them. This battle exceeded the limitation of the young generation. Some of the older cultivators here knew they were inferior.

More and more water came on the stage with enough pressure to crush a piece of metal into scraps.

“Bang!” Feiyun’s sword was broken by Qingyang’s fingers. They had two spirit rings on them, giving them sufficient power.

“You still want to fight with a broken sword?” Qingyang smiled.

Feiyun held what’s left of his sword and uttered coldly: “One last move. Winner survives.”

His aura reached its apex and threw away the sword. With a white glow, he summoned a white dagger.

This was made from the weapon essence, capable of cutting through spirit treasures.

Qingyang knew that Feiyun was going all out, but he was undeterred, having gotten a good gauge of the guy’s cultivation after the previous exchanges.

Something white flashed just like a lightning bolt.

Qingyang was about to take out a treasure to stop the incoming attack, but the dagger shifted and attacked the formation behind him instead, resulting in a large gash.

Keep in mind about the great pressure of the water. This crack alone became the focus of the currents.

“Boom!” This massive pressure happened right next to Qingyang.

He was startled and couldn’t recall his water palace before getting blown out of that hole down the stage.

Meanwhile, Feiyun had ample preparation with a broken sword pinned on the ground that he had thrown down earlier. He held onto the hilt with both feet, not to mention his distance from the hole. Thus, the current didn’t take him out of the stage.

After the water had flown away, Qingyang jumped back on stage and declared: “You cheated, again!”

“Sorry, you have fallen off the stage and are no longer qualified to fight me today.” Feiyun looked at the western gate: “The sun is down now. I am the victor of this battle stage.”

Qingyang had never lost before, especially not in this humiliating manner before a large crowd.

Nevertheless, the last sunray had disappeared over yonder. No one could deny Feiyun’s qualification to the second round.


1. The word for pervert is censored, so I’m just guessing

2. “Involved” here can imply anything, including sex.

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